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Welcome Meridith!
There are a number of us here with past miscarriages, so you are not alone. Don't worry yourself about the couple of beers! After all............ you can't exactly change anything and look at how many women drink before they know and everything is just fine!
Enjoy your long stay with us!!
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Hi everyone. I am back! I cannot believe how much I missed here being gone a few days...
WELCOME to all the new mammas. So good to have you here. I am expecting on the 14th.
Shannon-you had me laughing outloud with your throwing-up-in-the-grocery-store story. I am sure it was not as funny for you, but it will be with time!

Jen-When you mentioned that about people questioning your choice of midwife, it reminded me of when my close friend (married to a conventional doctor) found out we had a midwife for our other babies. She said something like, "Yes they are quite sensitive and caring about feelings, aren't they?" Okay, that may be true but it really irked me that she could not see that a midwife is a professional who is highly specialized in her/his field. I liken it to having skin problems: you can go to your regular doctor, but wouldn't you choose a dermatologist?? Likewise, why choose a OB-GYN when you can have a midwife who specializes in pregnancy and birth?? All that to say, we have had midwives before and will again. I live in Sweden and here we have a midwife for all prenatal care and possibly one doctor's appointment if it is felt necessary by mother or midwife. I could request more time with the doctor but probably won't. I have been very happy with midwives up to this point. I will not have my same midwife when I give birth but rather whoever is at the hospital at the time. But with my last birth, I felt like I was so much into my own thing that the midwife was more like a support who only intervened when I requested it. I want that again.

I am having very few symptoms, it seems. I feel very tired, have huge boobs, and have slight waves of nausea now adn then. I can't decide if that is good or bad.
The other night my 4-y-o patted my tummy and said, "Mamma, have you got a baby in there??"
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Welcome Meredith...don't worry about those beers, the baby isn't supported by your placenta yet, so you are safe!

That is cute Bee...my kids are waiting for the abby to get big so they can see it! Speaking of cute sibling stories, I was laying down with my 2 year old yesterday and she kept kicking me. She was just being restless, so I told her she needs to be careful of Mommy's belly. She asked me because of the baby? I said yes. So she asked if she could talk to the baby..of course I said yes and gladly let her get down to my stomach..I was picturing a Hallmark moment.....NOT. She gets down close and whispers "Baby, I am going to kick you". Man, sibling rivalry already!!!

Hope everyone is feeling good..

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LOL, she's a fiesty one Caroline!!!

Today I'm a little iffy, been cramping most of the weekend but worse today, that alone I could get over but I had a tiny bit of spotting on Thursday, so naturally my little personality has me worried sick. I have a dr.'s appt today anyway, so hopefully she will be able to settle me down a bit:
Good news I suppose is the morning sickness is still here strong, that was my first clue something was wrong with the one I lost, I had just horrible sickness and then one day it just disappeared, so everytime I run to the bathroom or have to lay down in hopes of keeping something down, I just smile to myself. (alright exept for the time I puked in the grocery store!!)
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Hello Ladies! First of all, Welcome to all of the newcomers! Congratulations! It is wonderful to have you all here and I look forward to getting to know you all!

greenbeing! I am so happy to see you here, HUGE congrats to you, I am so happy for you! (greenbeing and I were April mama thread buddies and had our losses close to each other, so I feel a special bond with her, you)

I was so lost without these boards all last week! I was in need of you all! I had a major freak out after a baby dream. I dreamt that my baby was talking to me and said that he/she couldn't get enough nourishment from me. I didn't think much of it at first, but the next day I didn't have any nausea and my boobs weren't very sore, so I got really upset about the prospect of another loss. Called my midwife and talked about options. After lots of talking I decided that I would feel best to try natural progesterone cream, an herbal formula (wild yam, black haw and false unicorn) and some vitamins (800 IU of E and 1000 mg of C) per her suggestions. That has eased my mind so much, as well as the continued (however fluctuating) sore boobs and nausea. I feel a lot better now, like I am doing something at least and not just sitting back, I guess I needed to feel more involved/active in the whole process.

We are planning a homebirth too, this will be our first child. I am very excited about it, dh too, I think that for me, home is the best place to be.

We haven't told anyone yet, except for my mom. We plan to wait until after the first tri, with the exception of my two best girlfriends, who I am waiting for the right time to tell. Because of that, we won't be dealing with other points of view on our choices for a bit, I am sure that will be interesting, I am collecting good rebuttals.

I forget who has the displaysia, but something I learned when researching whether I would have a pap during pregnancy or not, was that very often pregnancy will clear up cervical abnormalities. I totally understand your worry with the biopsies, I don't know much about those risks, but wanted to let you know that you may not have to worry about the displaysia at all once you have your baby.

I hope you are all doing well, at least as well as can be expected!
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unpleasant dream for hilarious reason

Good morning,

I dreamt last night of my own son being born by c-section. I watched the dr cutting me open, and the baby being pulled out, looking quite angry about the whole thing. After that my dream progressed to him not wanting to nurse, just crying, squalling constantly. When I finally woke up from this nightmare, I found that my dear partner's breathing was whistle-y and sounded just like a baby crying!!!

Boy was I glad to wake up from THAT one!

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Hi everyone!
Glad the boards are back up again!

I am in the Mpls area, too! I am due September 2nd or so. Haven't been to the Dr. yet. I go tomorrow.
This is my 4th, and I am considering a homebirth, but don't think we can afford one. We'll see. What birthcenter are you using? Hcmc? I am a former doula, and my first birth was at the hcmc birthcenter. It was great!

My nausea seems to be lessening, as is the metallic taste in my mouth, so that's good.
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Caroline! That story about your daughter talking to the baby is so funny! Must be somewhere to publish that!
We actually still have not told our boys because as talkative as they are with friends as well as complete strangers, the whole city would know by tomorrow. That is why I was so surprised when my son asked about the baby. Hmm. He was also singing a liitle "booby" song tonight. "I want boobies, breasts! breasts! breasts! I want boobies!" so he definitely is noticing something going on.

I said I had few signs, but then I thought about it and one thing I have noticed is this extreme sensitivity. The other night I went to bed early and just cried, thinking it was all wrong, everything was wrong, everything would go wrong, etc. etc. Two days later, I could not really remember why I was so sad. So there must be some hormone action going on. I also had a near-vomiting spell after too much gelato. But I suppose that could happen anytime. Shanno, sound like your hormones are working fine.

Come to think of it, I am starving. :LOL Better go.
(See you this weekend--I have a work conference this week. May be good to think of something else a few days)
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Thanks for your input on the cervical dysplasia. I got my biopsy results back today and was very relieved to find things were not nearly as bad as we had thought. The Dr. did mention that I might want to consider an early ultrasound to make sure the biopsies that she did of the endocervical canal didnt interfere with implantation or anything. She said she was very aggressive trying to get a good tissue sample and shes not sure how far up she went. So, hopefully tomorrow I will talk with my midwife and see what she thinks about the situation.

I had been tossing around the idea of a sono anyways, because I really dont want to go all the way to 12.5 weeks and find out something is wrong again like last time.

Sorry to be such a downer!
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Sorry to hear you had such a scary dream. Where will you be giving birth at again? When I was pregnant with my 2nd child (and my vbac) I had dreams where I was forced into a cesarean constantly. I was so scared it would really happen.
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Hi everyone! I'm due Sept 7th - I think... I've got an OB appointment on the 29th and I can't wait to go and see what he thinks.

I would love some input from any of you on how far along I might be. Here are the details: I'm breastfeeding my 11mth DS and have not yet had PPAF. I took a pregnancy test on Dec 3 and it was neg. I took a preg test on Jan 5th and it was pos!!! afew weeks prior to the pos test result I was feeling nausea and pregnacy symptoms but I can't remember when they started - I just figured they were my hormones gearing up to start ovulating.
So, I'm just guessing that I ovulated around the 15th of Dec? But it sure would be great if I was even further along - I always feel like first trimester is scary due to the higher miscarriage rate.
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Great first midwife appointment

Hi all,

Met with midwife today for 2 HOURS! Holy cow. I feel like I had every blood test under the sun - they drew 5 tubes - but it was more to get the tests on my chart so that they could stop asking. (Testing me for strange childhood diseases that I could have encountered as a teacher like Fifth Disease, etc.) I also had a pap, which I can't quite understand, after the fact, as it made my cervix quite angry, but the bimanual exam confirmed that the embryo (nearly a fetus!) is situated in the uterus and that it doesn't feel like twins. We were unable to hear any heart sounds yet, but that's ok. It's still early.

3under3 (sorry, but you didn't use your name), We'll be going to the Birth Center at Methodist.

Lynsey thanks for your positive comments about my scary dream. We will be at a Birth Center which is very supportive of the midwifery model of care, but it is in a major hospital and I guess I just get worried that my labor and birth is going to be subjected to people who will think it's too long, or too slow, or that I'm one of those obnoxious pushy patients who insists on not having an IV and things like that - my friend who is a med. resident there says that many of the OBs don't like patients who want to give birth "their way". That's why we've got a midwife! The one we met with today seems to have a totally level head on her shoulders... *and* she's pregnant!

And my midwife said today that I still have 12 weeks of inline skating before I should lay off! Whee!

Best to you all - it's been a good stomach day! -

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Hi! Jumping on board here! We just found out last week that I did not have a stomach virus or a new strange allergy to toothpaste . Baby #3 looks to arrive sometime in early September. I'm nursing my almost 15 month old, and had only had one cycle....surprise I'd been hoping to lose the few last baby pounds in the next few months....but from the looks of things, that might not happen since I AM STARVING all the time, but most food seems disgusting! Well, I know it will pass. Best wishes to all! My last was born in October, so I remember quite well being really big through the summer. Lots of swimming!

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Jen, thats neat that our midwife is pregnant. Did you happen to ask where she will be giving birth at? It would be interesting to find out what her birth plans are. I know that my midwife didnt have a homebirth until her 3rd child. I was very surprised when I found out!
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Welcome nmm and georgia!

Lynsey, good to hear the biopsy results were good, hope the procedure didn't cause any problems. Keep us updated.

Jen, sounds like a comprehensive appt!

So what are you all eating? I need to go buy some food today and I can't think of anything that I might want to cook (and eat!) for dinner. Any ideas? I have been a pretty big carb fiend, wanting pasta, potatoes and bread like crazy, but there's only so much I can do with that before getting sick of it, argh. I made steak last night and had like 4 bites, but devoured my baked potato and zuchinni.

So what else is going on out there? Hows things girls?
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I find myself going to the fridge and being hungry for everything, but not wanting any of the choices at hand. And I find myself with nausea/indigestion after 8pm until I go to bed.
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Hi! I'm in the same boat as georgia - I have a sixteen month old, had one cycle and BOOM. Tested positive on the 15th and am guessing I'll be due around mid September. Hopefully not on dd's birthday. Feeling more nauseous than last time - pretty queasy all the time, though no puking (yet). Can't wait for the 2nd trimester! Will probably start spreading the word on the 24th.

Nice to meet you guys!
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wild yam, false unicorn & black haw

What exactly do these do and how much do you take of them? Or do they come together?

Also do you know how Vit. E can prevent a miscarriage?

I am planning on doing some research sometime today. I am so preoccupied with worrying that I will lose this baby too. I cant take another heartbreak.

I dont know how people get through the 1st trimester of a pregnancy after a loss.
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I know the feeling Lyndsay, yesterday my doctor gave me like 10 blood requistions and told me to have them done whenever (as long as it wasn't more than every 2 days) she is hoping that my constantly knowing the Hcg is rising will help calm my shakey nerves. I think once I get past this week (which is where we lost the last one) I may feel better. Also I have an appt with the OB tomorrow and my doc has recomended that the ob do an u/s so that I can maybe see the heart--that will make me feel SO much better, otherwise I just can't keep from obsessing about maybe loosing this one.
Good news though, the beta level I had done yesterday came back very good, it seems I am confident for a few days after KNOWING it's going up then I start to wonder again. Hopefully my doc's plan of letting me do bloodwork whenever I want will work and I will calm down.
As for what am I eating.....it seems to vary day by day. Pasta is good, but not with tomatoe sauce. Toast seems to be what I want before bed--but plain old white bread which is weird cause I don't like white bread. Last night we had sausages on a bun and I started out really wanting that but got bored after 3/4 of one. Raw veggies seem to be sitting well which I find a little weird, apples and cheese are a good lunch. Cereal I just can't stomach anymore, nuts I can't stand. I seem to crave something with a little spice at night, which I'm sure doesn't help my terrible heartburn. What can you do??
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Its nice that your Dr is being compassionate about your feelings. You are so lucky you only have 1 more week to get farther along than before. 10 weeks is kindof when Im waiting for, even though the miscarriage wasnt until 12.5 weeks.

Okay. Im not going to obsess about this anymore right now. Actually Im just really glad I have someplace I can come to obsess, because no one IRL undersands.
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