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andrea, that sucks. i got really really sick with my last pregnancy around 6 weeks, so hopefully i have almost 2 more weeks of only slight nausea. one thing that really helped with noah was unsalted almonds. now i'm eating them preventatively. i just have a big bag around the house and grab a few every now and then. i'm sorry you're so sick and i hope you are able to find some relief.
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Andrea, I am using the bands, have been for over a week. They work, but I have noticed if I leave them on too long, they don't anymore. I take them off at night or when I can lay down and they seem to work again. We (by we I mean me and DH) read for the millionth time that protein helps. My dh works out and takes a natural protein powder after lifting, I checked and the ingredients are normal, so I tried that about an hour ago. So far so good.....It tastes a little like that Carnation Instant Breakfast, which I also tried but was too sweet.

Okay, this stops after the first trimester normally, right?? With my second baby, I had it all through my pregnancy. Yuck...

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Hey ladies...just wanted to comment that I added my MC in mysignature line...today was my due date. Just wanted a little sympathy, I know....I had one good cry this morning and I feel better now. Some friends that remembered called....Okay, pity me is over. Just wanted to aknowladge it in a way...

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Oh Caroline, I am so sorry. Today must be a really hard day. I hope you are able to get through it okay. Talk about it as much you want. More
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Chrissy and GBS

I have not personally had to deal with GBS but I have read on several midwifery boards that ther are soe alternative treaments that you can follow. I bet you could find info at:

www.gentlebirth.org (in the archives)


edited to apologize for misspellings! am NAK
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veg cookbook rec!

My midwife tries to remind me that all of this queasiness is a GOOD sign, it means your progesterone is raging... some consolation, eh!!?

Anyway, Nikki, the Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen is a SUPER vegetarian cookbook. She has a number of other veg cookbooks too.

Lazuli, sending you a hug from horribly cold Minneapolis!! Keep your chin up, or, as they say in German, halt die Ohren steif (keep your ears stiff!).

Today I found myself craving Eggo toaster waffles with lots of butter and sugar. How's that for a nutritious meal!! I had a piece of french toast instead. Wasn't the same though!

Looking forward to enjoying eating again,

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Im sorry to hear about today. It must be so hard!

Have you done anything to honor your baby?

My due date (for the baby I lost in Sept) is March 19. I am planning on planting a flowering bush and keeping my candle lit that day. (the candle story: the day we buried her I kept some of the flowers that we buried with her then made a special candle by throwing the petals into the wax as I was pouring it. Its not a pretty candle and all the petals floated to the top so it looks kindof weird but obviously it is very special to me).

Ill light the candle on her due date and miscarriage date AND during my labor with this next baby (if we make it).
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Lynsey, that sounds so nice. We are planting a lilac bush for the baby, they are my favorite. We have to wait until the spring obviously. Today os going surprisingly well, I feel pretty sick, so that my be keeping my mind of it. I believe my baby is Heaven and I will see her again, so I am okay....

Thanks so much.,
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hey mom2baldie
i meant i had a c-section...I pushed for three hours straight and then was checked by the Dr. (first time I had seen her all evening) and she determined that Lucy had turned sideways or o/p i think its called. I begged her to prick my pinky toe with a pin ( a friend had her m/w do this and her daughter turned) but she she just laughed and said "nope". (altho she did try to manually turn her)... I had developed a high fever and i had been in labor for 12 hours so I guess they had to do it. I had PUPS afterwards on 85% of my bod, a uterine infection and then a staph infection...needless to say - not a fun time...and im hoping this time will be better. I've found a new Dr. who is the head of the ob at a good hospital and he is very pro-vbac and was referred to me from a mid-wife here. I also found his name on the ican site for Northern VA...

thanks for the adive - i will be asking a lot! I just hope this pregnancy will be a good one- I am still really scared about miscarrying...

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Caroline, I'm so sorry, I hope you are taking care of yourself. I too am having some trouble getting through all of this because of the past m/c. I also find that when I finally feel alright for an hour or two I start to panic that it's because I'm loosing the baby. As some of you know, a week after my m/c we lost our 10 month old pup to being hit on the road. We live on a dead end dirt road with only 5 houses on it, the pup had only started going on the road a couple days before, and never when we were out with them. Anyway, she was killed instantly but not a mark on her, I am convinced she had to go to be with the baby. Her name was Tunza which is swahili (sp) for "great protector" Its funny we were worried from the moment I found out I was pregnant about how she would be with the baby, I think she decided to go and live up to her name. We buried her along with her favorite squeeky ball and the onesie that dh bought after I told him we were expecting. We also planted a shrub at her grave and I have found that I go sit with her often during this pregnancy. It seems the only way for me to be able to accept loosing the baby and the pup so closely to each other is to believe they were connected in some way. However, that is all the more reason this pregnancy MUST carry on, I am running out of dogs! Anyway, I needed to tell my reasoning to someone other than dh, he still cries, Tunza was my new working dog to replace her retired grandpa Havoc, but she quickly became Steve's baby girl and despite being frequently referred to as demon spawn by me, could do no wrong in her daddy's eyes, he even thought it was cute when she broke out of her kennel and ate a large portion of our wall
So hope noone thinks I'm a complete nutbar, but somehow that makes me feel better.
I saw my OB for the first time today and I think she's great, I go for an U/S on friday morning, I'm so hoping to see a heart beat!!
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Ugh! Sorry you had such a crappy time postpartum! Sounds like youve found yourself a good OB though, if he was recommended by a midwife and ICAN.

Since your cesarean was for a malpositioned baby I think you have a great chance of VBAC! Thats not something that has to be repeating problem and even if it does come up in late pregnancy there are several things you can do to help the baby get in the right position.

http://www.homebirth.org.uk/ofp.htm is a good website, as is:

Also, I found this in my fav. places and it might come in handy. Its very long though so I hope no one minds!!!

Turning Posterior Babies

Occiput Posterior/Occiput Transverse (OP/OT): notes from Obstetrical
Training Day, October 31, 1997, Rochester General Hospital (New York)
Speaker: Henci Goer
[Ed. Note: These are excerpts; in no way do they represent Henci's
entire presentation. Notes courtesy of E-News reader Amy Haas. Thank
you, Amy!]

-Half of the cesarean rate results from OP/OT babies. With an epidural
this rate increases to three-quarters. 15 -30% of all labors start
with an OP/OT baby.

How to Diagnose:
1. Self-diagnosis: Belly shape; feels lots of hands and feet; frequent
urination; irregular labor pattern; ruptured membranes, back pain;
hard to pick up fetal heart tones, long painful labor
2. Caregiver's diagnosis: external palpation (harder to do in labor);
vaginal exam (look for suture lines when mom is dilated enough)

1. Pelvic shape: convergent sidewalls, narrow pubic arch, sacrum
intrudes, prominent ischial spines
2. Size of baby: either very large or very small (not guided by pelvic
floor, can't get into position)
3. Right occiput anterior in pregnancy as opposed to left
4. Exaggerated spinal curvature (lordosis) and a relatively inflexible

Correcting OP/OT in pregnancy:
1. Pelvic rocks: 10+ pelvic rocks on hands and knees per day
2. Dancing: rotate hips
3. Yoga: One midwife noted that her clients who do yoga have a smaller
incidence of OP/OT.
4. Crawling on hands & knees in a kiddie swimming pool

Strategies to Promote Rotation:
1. General tips:
-Usually what the mother finds most comfortable is also most
effective. Let her move instinctively. Epidurals prevent instinctive
-Help the baby rotate by using positioning that opens the pelvis,
activities or manipulations that shift the baby, and gravity to bring
the baby down.
2. Birth ball: lean on it, or sit on it and lean on bed. Rotate hips.
3. Positions:
-Hands and knees during pregnancy. One study showed a 3/4 rotation in
10 min.
-Side-lying, SIMS position. Lie on the same side as the baby is
facing, then switch.
-Lunge: opens one side of pelvis, feels good; let mom choose side
-Squat-Kneel: opens pelvis
-Dangle: almost a hanging sit, mom's back to sofa, don't go into a
full squat
-Standing leaning forward
-Kneeling, facing back of hospital bed
-Knee-chest position (rear end in the air), 30-35 min. in early labor
will almost always turn baby.
-Semireclining, heels together (don't use with epidural)
-Pelvic rocks
-Change position
4. Activity or Manipulation
-Lots of position changes
-Pelvic rocks
-Stroke the mother's belly in between contractions in the direction
you want the baby's back to go.
-Double hip squeeze: Sit facing mother, place both hands on back of
each hip and squeeze.
-Write the baby's name with pelvis
-Stair climb
-Crawl back and forth
-Acupressure: fingernail pressure on outer edge of little toenail
(could also turn breech)
-Delay epidural until at least 5 cm dilation. Doing one earlier may
lock the baby in the OP/OT position. Stay off back, even
semireclining. Hands and knees may be possible. Supported squat (w/
epidural): Set up bed like a birth chair, use stirrups as hand holds
and to support forearms.
-Manual internal rotation by care provider (Valerie El Halta - see
Midwifery Today Issue 36). Do early. May invoke negative memories for
women with a history of sexual abuse.
-Don't rupture membranes - could wedge baby permanently into the OP/OT
position, preventing rotation.
-Cup mothers kneecaps and push back to relieve pain.

Coping with a Long Difficult Labor:
1. Extra support: Secondary labor support person (doula); use talking
for relaxation and positive reinforcing attitude (e.g., "My body knows
just what to do" chant).
2. Food and drink: calories, especially at home
3. Stay home in early labor, which is often prolonged.
4. Reframing the problem:
-It's normal for an OP/OT labor to be longer and hard.
-Going from 50% effaced to 70% effaced is a major change.
-Stuff is happening.
-Cervix going from anterior to posterior is progress.
-Use short-term goals, bargain for milestones.
-Stay in the present; focus on the now.
5. Develop a ritual: women will often do this automatically if allowed
6. Groan "open" on the exhale.
7. Use shower or bath. (One hospital reduced its epidural rate by 80%
by requiring women to take a bath before getting their epidural.)
8. Show the mom on pelvis model what she is feeling looks like
9. Hot pack with rice and herbs heated in microwave
10. Avoid vaginal exams
11. Don't push too soon; delay until head on perineum - reduces use of
12. Per American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: The
duration of second stage is not related to fetal outcome as long as
fetal heart tones are good.

Coping with Back Pain:
1. Temperature: A laboring woman's skin is sensitive to temperature.
Hot items should be cool enough to hold, frozen items should have
intervening layer(s).
-Heat: Local blood flow and temp. increase, muscle spasms decrease -
contributes to relaxation
-Cold: Local blood flow and temp. decrease - works best for decreasing
pain because it slows transmission of painful sensations (Ice chips in
an exam glove, frozen peas)
2. Touch
-Acupressure - low on sacrum (inch out on either side), sciatic point
(dimples in rear end), palm (center, high five and hang on)
3. Sterile water injection: intradermally, 20 sec; sharp local pain: 1
-2 hr. relief. Do not use saline. (see Midwifery Today Issue 44)
4. TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation): effectiveness
5. Pain medication: Delay epidural until 5 cm. dilation, delay pushing
until head is on perineum (reduces the use of forceps).

Factors that Hinder Rotation in Labor:
1. Reclining: Gravity works against you; reclining fixes sacrum so it
can't open.
2. Early epidural: Relaxes pelvic musculature too much; Pitocin use
and C-section rates increase.
3. Early amniotomy: Head surges down and there is a deep transverse
arrest. May actually slow labor down.

Hope this helps you out some!
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Caroline, Shannon, and Lynsey. I can't imagine how hard this time must be for you. And Shannon I think that story is beautiful in a sad way of course, but I think that is a wonderful way of thinking about it, and true I'm sure. You are all so strong, amazing women, I am always in awe.

I have my first midwives appt. tomorrow. She is coming over to our house, so I was cleaning frantically today. I am excited to meet her though, she sounds wonderful. I guess I should make up a list of questions...

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oh also

I forgot to say that quite a few of us have had past losses (myself included) and it seems as though we are all pretty worried, so it looks like you are in good company.
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Shannon, that was a sweet story. I just want today to be over, but then I think that maybe tomorrow will be harder because it would mean I should have been holding my baby already. I know things happen for reasons that we don't know, and I wouldn't be having THIS baby if I hadn't lost the last...but still....

And I know, the second I feel like I could look at food, I think "This is it, I will start losing this baby now". It is completly ridiculous.

My MW wants me to schedule my ultrasound, I am going to call tomorrow and do that. Thanks for all your support....I feel like my IRL friends are tired of hearing this stuff...

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Caroline, I can imagine how it feels to be at your due date, its hard enough hoping that this pregnancy will hold. I know how you feel, although my due date is not for a few months, I have such dread that I won't be pregnant then. It really does help a lot to have everyone here to hang out with, we understand each others' pain. I feel exactly the way you do when my symptoms improve, I just keep trying to look at the bright side, hope and tell my baby constantly that I want him/her to stay, grow, be healthy, whole and complete so I can be his/her mommy on earth in September.

We buried our loss last September and made a beautiful little grave with flowers, colorful leaves, some rocks and a candle in our garden. I light the candle now and then to honor that baby, so will light it again on my due date and probably add some live flowers (even though I may need to dig it up from under snow).

But, back to the lighter side, we all have growing babies that need our love and we should celebrate that, no matter what the outcome.

Nikki, I love the Tao of Cooking by Sally Pasley, its my favorite veg cookbook, Moosewood is great too.

Andrea, eggs make me gag too, dh eats them every day, I have to stand back so I don't smell them, ick.

Does anyone else have trouble falling asleep at night? I feel exhausted all day, but when I finally lie down I can't fall asleep for so long, wah! Not to mention getting up at least 3 times at night to pee, which compounds the problem, grrr.
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That's funny! I had Eggo waffles with syrup this morning! Normally I'm a cereal girl, but waffles sounded yummy!
Isn't it so FREAKIN' COLD outside????!!!!
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Good morning, and Danielle isn't kidding - it's currently -4 F with a windchill of -23 F - and the winter carnival starts tonight?! Count me OUT! I want to see the ice palace, but not that badly!!!

Do any of you work outside the home? Has your pregnancy interfered with your productivity? I have had to cancel early morning classes (I'm a teacher, I think I've told you that) already, and skip out early on meetings. I feel like such a slacker but am really blessed to work in a Waldorf school that believes that pregnancy, motherhood and childhood are sacred.. and many of my colleagues are parents.

Also, for you SAHM, do you have tips on stretching the budget? I'm going to stop working for at least 5 years until sprout is ready for Kindergarten. I've essentially had my job promised back to me, and even though I don't earn a huge salary, it does make a difference in meeting bills every month.

Let me know - this is my partner's biggest worry with this pregnancy!!

wool scarves to you all,

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I found the Welcome Womb herbal formula that adventuregirl was taking about at www.gentlemoon.com in case anyone else is interested in trying it out. I went ahead an ordered a 2 oz bottle so I hope it works!
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Which prenatals are everyone taking? Does anyone have any experience with Shaklee vitamins? I ordered a 2 month suply of there basic multivitamin set yesterday after hearing how bio-available they are. I know some people say that you dont need prenatals as long as you are eating well, but I guess I just want that (false?) sense of security?!
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I'm taking regular multivitamins I have been taking for years, Women's One a Day. They have iron and folic acid. I take a separate calcium supplement regularly anyway for bone health. Unless my midwife feels strongly otherwise, I will likely just take what I always take. Last pregnancy I was miserably sick the whole thing and couldn't keep any down. The midwife was not concerned at all with the lack of vitamin supplements, stating my diet was fine.

I'm getting ready for my first official appointment with the midwife today. The appointments will be with different members of the group so I will get to meet them all before labor (when any one of them could be on call). I have heard glowing recommendations for the birth center and the staff there so I'm hoping this will be a positive experience today. Wish me luck!
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