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Lazuli - good luck standing firm. If you don't want an u/s, you sure don't have to have one. I know it's really hard when the medical folks look at you like you're really making a wrong (or even irresponsible) decision, but if it feels right to you, then it's right for your baby. Mother's intuition!!!

Lynsey it sure isn't an old wives' tale that sickness indicates a healthy pregnancy, but it's not the only indicator. Usually morning (afternoon, evening) sickness is a sign that your progesterone levels are high, because progesterone has such a profound effect on smooth muscle (e.g. your digestive tract). It also causes the sphincter at the base of your esophagus/top of your stomach to not close all the way - hence the heartburn. There are, however, some women who have no sickness and have perfectly healthy pregnancies. My midwife told me to take it as a good sign.

adventuregirl THANK YOU for sharing what you know about fennel. I read the pregnancydaily.com day-by-day calendar and yesterday's said that fennel should be avoided in pregnancy. I wrote them an e-mail response but I wanted more than the Wise Woman Herbal in case they ask for a source (if they write back at all).

best to all - jen
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How are you taking the Welcome Womb formula? Are you doing the 30-50 drops in water 2-3 X daily?

Thanks in advance!
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Originally posted by JenInMpls
Lazuli - good luck standing firm. If you don't want an u/s, you sure don't have to have one. I know it's really hard when the medical folks look at you like you're really making a wrong (or even irresponsible) decision, but if it feels right to you, then it's right for your baby. Mother's intuition!!!
Thanks Jen! I spoke to my husband last night and he completely agrees with me, which is nice. He'll be home tonight, hurray! Of course, this does mean I'm going to have to drag myself out of bed at 2 am to go to the train station.... urk! *laughs* I actually got pregnant in Minneapolis. Boy am I glad we decided for me to go along with him that week.

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Lynsey, yes I am taking that recommended dose. I started out taking 2 dropperfuls 3 times a day and have reduced to 1 dropperful 3 times a day (1 dropperful is approx 30 drops).

Lazuli, I agree, you don't have to get the u/s if you don't want to. All it does is reassure you and confirm that your baby is alive, there is no need to re-do it unless YOU really want to.

I also think a due date list would be great, at the beginning of each month's thread sounds great too. My EDD is Sept 5th.

Jen, I would be interested to hear what pregnancydaily.com has to say if they do respond.

Andrea, yes, forget what your dad said, you are NOT to old to be pg by any means! He needs to get with the times!

I have been craving carbs like crazy! I am not usually a very big carb eater, so it is weird. DH is getting overload because I have cooked pasta more in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 6 months or more. Oh well, it makes sense nutritionally, so I am going with it. I just need to be really conscious of getting more veggies in there. Yogurt has been so delicious this week. mmmmm
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So are you putting it in a glass of water or just under your tongue? I think it makes the water take like it has dish soap in it. Bleh.... Anyways, sorry to be so dense, I just want to make sure Im taking it the way its the most effective.
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Just and Introduction...

Hello, all.

Just thought I would drop in here and introduce myself. I'm Leigh, mom of 2 wacky kidlets, and incubator of Big Surprise #3, whose duedate is approximately 9/21/04.

We were NOT expecting a 3rd baby to happen. I was on birth control patches and we always use a secondary method of birth control because my engineer hubby had baby paranoia.

Well, I'm STILL here, so I guess it's meant to be.

I have terrible pregnancies. I average 6 months on bedrest per successful birth. The not-so-successful times I generally miscarry before 12 weeks.

I have kidney issues that contribute to preterm labor and, on occasion, temporary kidney failure.

I love babies and had prayed that we could some day expand our family (probably through adoption), but I definately have alot of anxiety going into this pregnancy while trying to be the SAHM of a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son.

OHHHH, and if I don't stop feeling like I'm going to hurl, I think I may scream. The thought of food makes me want to run and hide.

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Lynsey, I am taking it in just a tiny bit of water, like a shot, then wash it down with more water. I think under the tounge would be a bit strong for me, but you could try it.
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Welcome Leigh,

Congratulations on making it this far! Im sorry you have such hard pregnancies - it sounds terrible. Will you have someone to help you this time?
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due date list

I will go ahead and try to put together a list for us since a few people have thought it was a good idea. Anyone who would like to be included can either say in this thread what their due date (or if you dont have a date, whether you are due early, mid or late Sept) or you can email me at mom2baldie@aol.com

I can also add if this will be your 1st, 2nd, 3rd......child and/or if it will be hospital/birthcenter/homebirth...

Ill post it as soon as I have everyones info and then in Feb. when we start a new thread it can be the first post. Sound good?
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Lynsey, I'd love to be added to the list! I'm due with our second on September 28th. We are having either a homebirth or a birth center birth, haven't quite decided yet.
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Welcome Leigh!!
That's great Lyndsay, I'm due Sept 12, 1st child, hospital birth
My nausea seems to be a little better the last couple days, I hope it's a good sign not a bad one, I'm comforted by the fact that there is indeed still some nausea there. : I'm exhausted, I had to teach two lessons today both with new clients and then brought in one of Havoc's daughters so I can train her and sell her (hopefully quickly!!--otherwise dh gets attached) So incase life wasnt' crazy enough, I now have an 8 mos old wingnut here that has had no training!!
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Welcome Leigh! That baby must REALLY need you and your dh to be his/her parents! Good luck with your pregnancy.

Lynsey, thanks for taking on the due dates. My first is due September 2, birth center. We'll see if he/she is on time just like mama was! (Yes, I was born on my due date!)

oh, btw Leigh: I feel the exact same way about the nausea. I just keep trying to remember that it's a good sign... seems I have to remind myself of this at least 50 times a day!

Blessings, Jen
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Well, I actually kept down some toast tonight for dinner. And about a quarter of a cup of orange juice.

I've got to run to the store in the morning to pick up some prenatals. I pretty much have to depend on them for nutrition during the first trimester.

Oh, this is my 3rd pregnancy, and will be my 3rd midwife-guided hospital birth. I have non-medicated, happy hospital births so I don't feel very strongly about home birth. My labors typically run in the 2-4 hour range, and there's not really any pushing involved on my part.

I dilated from 5 to complete in an hour with my first, and then pushed twice before she was born, still in the intact sac of waters.

Poor Nate, my nearly 2 year old, was born on the hospital toilet about 5 minutes after the midwife checked me and confirmed that I was at 4cm dilated. She told me I'd be delivering by dinner time and I should go to the potty and then get in the bathtub. I didn't even get the tub filled before he popped out on his own. Needless to say, we have figured out that the second half of my dilation process goes VERY quickly.

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Leigh, wow!! i want to say you are really lucky. but i know a lot of women who have fast labors say it is too intense. what do you think?
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Welcome Leigh!!
I wish you luck with this pregnancy.

Lyndsay~ Our babe is due in late Sept.(24th and beyond), this is our first and will be a homebirth!

I am getting more and more quessy feelings.
Went grocery shopping today and that was not fun. All the food seemed yuk and the smells were horable.
I get super hungry but have a hard time finding something I would like to eat. Spaghetti and other high carb foods are good and veggies and fruits are ok.
This is different than my other pregnancies. Maybe it means this one will stick around.
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Wow Leigh!!!

I thought I had a funny story about my 1st labor (paityn - my VBAC), but giving birth on the toilet has me beat.

With Paityn I HAD to stay home until I was pushing otherwise I wouldve been basically forced into a cesarean (I had a section with my 1st because of breech presenttion and I was unable to find a VBAC friendly caregiver). We left when I felt like pushing, my water broke in the car, when we arrived at the hospital she was crowning and was born 12 minutes later. The OB arrived when she was 13 minutes old. I guess it was something like you se on TV. I am glad my husband is supportive of homebirth this time because I would NOT want to do that again. Trying not to push in the car for 25 minutes was torture!

Im certainly glad I wont have to go anywhere this time. Staying in my tub will be much more pleasant!
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Jodie, I have a little advice for you!! Stay out of the deli section!!!!!!
It is no fun puking in front of people at the olive stand. I briefly considered letting dh take over grocery shopping but I figured we'd then have to live on HoneyCombs and ground beef:
ON the serious side, I keep a facecloth soaked in lemon juice with me, and smell that any time smells are getting to me.
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Shannon, I thought of you when I had to run through the meat section at the supermarket...GROSS!!

Welcome Leigh!! I know what you mean about fast labors, I was on labor with my third for twelve minutes. We happened to be at the hospital getting a fluid level check at 37 weeks. My husband delivered Bridget in the delivery room!

Lynsey, I am due Sept 10th with my fourth. We will be at the hospital with a midwife.

Jen, I tell myself this is a good thing, vomiting and feeling like crap all the time is wonderful!! I am not believing myself anymore!!

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Another bad morning, woke up at 4:30 puking up a storm, finally took me and my bucket to the couch and just sulked. Thank God I work from home!!
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I don't know who recommended the wrist bands, but bless you!!! They are just taking enough of the edge of that I don't feel like I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes.

Lynsey - I am due on September 15th with my second child for a planned homebirth.
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