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Chrissy--I can't speak for Leigh or anyone else...but I had a fast labor and it was VERY intense. I actually dialated to 7 cm with no pain whatsoever...only found out I was dialated b/c I happened to have my 39 week appt that day and my midwife just happened to check. Going from 7 cm (when I started feeling contractions--they came on FAST and STRONG) to delivery took only 1.5 hours!!! It was like a whirlwind!!! I barely had time to think. I was so stunned by the sensation (pain) I delivered in a horribly uncomfortable position (halfway on back/halfway on side) because I felt too paralized by the pain to get into an upright position like I had planned on delivering in. In some ways I'm thankful that it was over so quickly...but in other ways I think that if I had felt the earlier contractions I wouldn't have been so shocked, KWIM?

Shannon--Does the lemon juice smell actually help with the nausea or is it the fact that it covers up the unpleasant smells? Smells have been really getting to me...I think I'm going to keep a lemon scented something with me and see if it works. Thanks!

Lyndsay--My EDD is Sept 11. This will be our 2nd child and we are planning a midwife assisted homebirth/ possibly waterbirth.
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I think the lemon smell helps by covering things up, but I also find lemon candies very soothing, so who knows???
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I wait tables in a restaurant, and Saturday one of my side jobs was to cut lemons, and it was heaven! So soothing! I could have done it all day! Needless to say, I cut way too many for the rest of the shift.

I also had a very fast labor with my third. I was scheduled to be induced(long story), and had been walking around at 3cm for 4 weeks. When we got there, I was still 3cm with no labor. I begged my Dr. not to start the pitocin, but to just break my water to see if I can get things going by just walking/ being in the tub, etc. She agreed, and exactly 30 minutes later, Lucy was born. I went from 3 to 8cm in ten minutes, with extreme, out of control contractions, and then to 10cm about 2 minutes later. Three pushes, and she was out. Very frightening, and I hope it doesn't go quite that fast this time! Course I hope to start labor on my own this time.

I think I'm going to try some of those Sea bands. I can't stand this nausea. I am thankful not to be a puker, though!
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*frowns* I just called to get the results from Friday's blood test and I'm a bit concerned, as my progesterone level has falled from 31 to 18. I hope it's nothing to worry about..... Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling particularly ill the last few days. Eep!

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due date list so far

wanted to go ahead and post it and see how it looks!

9/2/04 - JenInMpls (Jen) - 1st baby - homebirth

9/5/04 - Adventuregirl - 1st baby - homebirth

9/10/04 - Caroline248 (Caroline) - 4th baby - hospital

9/11/04 - mama2annabelle - 2nd baby - homebirth

9/12/04 - Shannon0218 (Shannon) - 1st baby - hospital

9/15/04 - sistermama (Sarah) - 2nd baby - homebirth

9/21/04 - cuddlemama (Leigh) - 3rd baby - hospital

9/24/04 - Jodie (Jodie) - 1st baby - homebirth

9/25/04 - Mom2Baldie (Lynsey) - 3rd baby - homeVBAC

9/28/04 - chrissy (Chrissy) - 2nd baby - home or birth center birth
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That looks good Lynsey!!

Lazuli, how far are you? In my 5th week, my progesterone dropped to 21 for no apparent reason. It is going up now. What did your dr say?

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Originally posted by Caroline248

Lazuli, how far are you? In my 5th week, my progesterone dropped to 21 for no apparent reason. It is going up now. What did your dr say?

I haven't talked to my doctor or anyone, I had to phone in to a voice mail system thing for the test results. I'm at 6 weeks today. I'm trying not to get stressed out, but it's hard. Everything was fine on the ultrasound on Friday, the baby's heart rate was up from the first u/s, and I haven't had any pains or bleeding at all. I've been looking around online for birthing centers in the area and doctors and checked my insurance company website looking for midwives only to find they don't cover any, isn't that lovely? I hope everything's okay....

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Lynsey - I would love to be having a home birth, but Jo is too chicken, so we're going to a birth center. I thought you'd want to change it on the list, but thank you - seeing homebirth after my name made me smile!!

I was seriously hungry for orange food tonight - had kraft mac and cheese (not so good for me I know!) and carrot-orange juice. One of my fifth graders brought in Krispy Kremes as a birthday treat. Since I've been avoiding fat, refined sugar and refined flour, lemme tell you, that doughnut tasted d*** good!!!!

Here's a tremendously personal question that you all can take or leave : Is anyone else experiencing constipation and if so, have you found anything to overcome it? It's making me half crazy!! I eat raisin bran every morning for breakfast, eat dried fruit throughout the day and drink plenty of water, but I'm still a digestive nightmare.

help! - jen
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well I am spotting red blood.

maybe its nothing. I am only a little over 5 weeks so I dont know what anyone could see with a sono, but I know I want one now.

I dont want this to happen again. I dont understand what I am doing wrong. Im taking even better care of myself this time than I did last time.

I dont understand.

Has anyone had a sono this early and been able to see a heartbeat? I dont want to wait a whole week to find out if the pregnancy will continue. Last time I didnt miscarry until 12.5 weeks. Thats just too long to think Im going to get to have a baby in Sept. I dont want my heart to be broken again. I am so sad.
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Jen, from my experiance, the only thing for constipation during pregnancy is labor. Then it ALL comes out!! I tried everything in my past pregnancies....I never found anything. As long as you drink a ton of water, that is about all you can do!! Sorry!

Lazuli, call them first thing in the morning and say that you need a repeat blood draw. Like I said, my prgesterone dropped and I panicked...but it all ended up being fine. My midwife said there are variables in when you ate each day and even in the lab...try to relax. I know how hard it is... .

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Lynsey, I missed your post....

Are you cramping? I have heard so many people say they spotted during their pregnancy. It is not neccasarily anything bad. Did you call your dr/midwife?? I don't think you can see a heartbeat at 5 weeks, you would get better information from a blood draw. My prayers are with you...try to stay calm...

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Lynsey, hang in there. I too know friends who spotted bright blood and went on to have a completely normal pregnancy and healthy baby. Call your care provider though. I honestly don't know what can be seen on ultrasound at this stage.

I don't check in all that much. I'm limiting computer time. I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow (due 9/8/04). I had my first visit with the midwife, found it to be a very positive experience. Did the blood work, history and exam. I'm measuring right on dates. Still no nausea, feeling well other than tired. This pregnancy is just seeming to be a quiet one for me other than a cranky 20-month-old to chase after!
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I've been spotting since 6 weeks, just light and only on the tissue. They can't see a heartbeat this early but they can do a Beta now and another in 2 days, if it's still doubling, you're more than likely fine.
Relax, spotting is fairly normal in the first trimester (and yes I know how insanely stupid it is to tell someone to relax at a time like this, but you know......)
My thoughts are with you, let us know as soon as you know something.
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Jen, you can take Milk of Magnesia, it helps me at only a half dose. What I do is take a fiber supplement, tons of water and 2 hours later, a dose of M of M. Life is good again the next day

Oh and Lyndsay..... FYI, despite the bleeding, we saw a healthy little heartbeat and everything measuring perfect on me last week!
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Oh Lynsey! It WILL be okay, It WILL be okay, It WILL be okay. It WILL!!! I had bright red spotting with Noah at around 5 weeks and then more off and on throughout and he is healthy and perfect. I thought they sometimes could see a heartbeat at 5 weeks on u/s. You and your baby will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Lynsey, I'll send good thoughts your way! I'm at six weeks today and had my first u/s two weeks ago and there was a heartbeat, so that was what, at the end of my fourth week, so I don't think it would be too early for you to have one.

Caroline - The problem with calling the doctor's office is that I'm supposed to be going in for another u/s and to have blood drawn to check my hormone levels again this week. (This would be the third week in a row for this.) I don't really want another u/s, but if I go to the doctor, I have to have one. Maybe I'll call them tomorrow and tell them there is no way I can get there this week, which is actually true, and just schedule next week's appointment when my husband can take me. Maybe the level was lower as well since when the level was 31 I'd already had two progesterone lozenges that day and this time I only had one lozenge before going to the doctor.

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Lynsey I will be thinking of you along with everyone else!
Be sure to ask your little baby those same questions you asked in your e-mail... maybe something will come to you.

Take care, all -

Jen, who just had oatmeal for a snack (I think it's going to become the snack of choice for a while...)
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Lynsey, my thoughts are with you. It is very true that bleeding can be normal, but I know exactly how hard it is, so just try your best to hang in there.
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Lyndsay~ You are in my thoughts. Like the other ladies have said, this can be normal in pregnancy. I hope your mind is put at ease soon.

I am feeling more and more nauseas. I woke at 2am to pee and thought I would throw up. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to bed hungry.
When DH left I decided to get up and eat and then go back and lay down. Going back to sleep now.
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Good morning, gals!

I've been up since 4:30 or so, as well, fighting the dreaded combo of heartburn and barfing.

I KNOW I should eat something, but I'm really having trouble getting myself into the kitchen. Even the thought of toast this morning is too much.

Oh, about the fast labor being intense...YES, it was. Especially the second one, on the toilet. I think the shock of being in an unexpected location added to that. The pain I have at labor is super bad and, really, if I had labors that lasted long at all I'd be begging for some drug relief. Luckily, I don't get a choice in the matter because I've never labored long enough to have any intervention.

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