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I think I'm done after each one.
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Thought I was done after the first, the second came 16 months later. Thought we were done then. We knew we were done when I miscarried our third.
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I thought I was done after number 1 too but we are now planning on number 2. We'll have to wait and see what happens after that.
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I have 3 (7, 4, and almost 2) and am due with our fourth in late July. I really think this is going to be our last, but I don't feel confident enough in that to make anything permanent.

If pregnancy were a lot shorter, I think I'd like to have 5 or 6 total, but daggone it is just waaaaay too long.
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I just have my one 14mo son right now. I want another one in theory so he won't be an only child (that was an isolating experience for me growing up, although I know it's not that way for other onlys). I initially wanted a big family, but now that I've experienced a slice of parenthood I'm not sure I could handle it. We're also worried about carbon footprints, which is why my partner won't consent to having more than two anyway.
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We have 8 dc w/the last being twins. I would love to have more, but I think I will always feel that way. Im 30 and I just cant imagine not having more dc, but I cant imagine having more either.

I also dont want a huge age gap between my dc. There is 12 years difference from my first to last. I want them to grow up together.

Hopefully my last will want to BF forever! I think when BF'ing is over it will be hard.

I just love babies!
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Originally Posted by bramblevine View Post
I think I'm done after each one.
Lol, I know the feeling.
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I have two and won't be having any more...that is unless there was some way for me to give birth to a one or 2 year old. Babies are hard for me.

Sometimes I feel like our family is still missing one, but I think that has more to do with the miscarriage that I had. I imagine even if I had more, I'd still feel that way.
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We are open to more for sure... as many as we are meant to have

I'm fairly certain given my past that I will get pregnant again, but having been pregnant eight times in the past, and with only two of those children in my arms it's certainly not a sure thing that we'll get to keep another.

Right now our boys are 2.5 and 2 months... we are content with just these two with us, but at the same time open to as many more as are meant to stay with us.
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Undecided on a third. DH and I agreed not to discuss the issue until DD is about 2. I always thought I wanted three, but pregnancy is not kind to me, and neither is birth. I'm also not a newborn person. I do my best, but I'm much better once they are a little more self-sufficient.

We'll see how long it takes for the amnesia to set in if I decide I want a third.
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We have one amazing DD who is almost six. I don't want any more. DH is OK wit this.
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Have one DD 2.5 and incubating #2-already am planning to get my tubes tied after this one. No way do I want more. Whatever this one is that's what we'll get, I couldn't handle any more-those who can that is great. I find it is balanced for us-I don't want to outnumbered by my kids.
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We have one dd, 9 mos, and #2 coming in November. Dh wants 4, which I'm open to, but we are both thinking we'd like to adopt two, so this might be my last pregnancy. We are going to start doing our research soon, since we know it can be expensive and take quite a long time. We might consider fostering with the intention of adopting, but I would love to adopt an infant and be able to nurse him or her...all these dreams and we're only just pregnant with #2!
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I have two -2.5 boy, 15 mo girl and yes I want more. Maybe a total of four. Maybe another next year and then the year after. Like two sets of close ones, so they will always have a playmate. I am definitely looking forward to increasing my tribe.
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I have an 8yo boy, a 6yo girl, a 3yo boy and a 9mo boy. We'll have one more. We want one more. Not sure when, but not too far off. I'm 35 tomorrow. Dh is 31.
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I'm pg with #5. I'm 99.99% certain this is my swan song. I wanted 4, but after my fourth was born I I really wanted just one more. So I'm feeling lucky and very happy.
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We would like one or two more. Our kids are 7,6, and 1.

Most likely we'll have just one more.
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I have 2 and I am DONE. My nerves can't handle anymore.
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We have three now, a 4yo boy, 2.75yo boy, and 6mo girl. We definitely want more. I actually began obsessing after DD was born about whether it would be one or two, and when that would be. I literally could not stop thinking about it for weeks until I had decided. DH is in college now FT and working FT, so another would be hard right now. I finally decided on two more, in 3-5 years when DH is done with school. I'd like to have them close together like our first two since there will be such a big gap between DD and the next two (4-5 years or so.)
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i did want more, like 2 more.
but now having 2 i feel done.
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