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AF = aunt flow (period)
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Originally Posted by Queen of my Castle View Post
My dear daughter just turned 2 today, and guess what she got?Chickenpox!
Poor thing, she's a bit of a mess, a bit weepy with rosy red cheeks and all snuggly. The spots aren't too many so far, but it's clearly chickenpox. Even though I haven't seen it in years, it's so obvious. They're multiplying and doing the progressive thing; I fully expect Axel to get it too, but what about the baby? I'm hoping that through breastfeeding and my immunity from having it as a child will be enough- but he gets petted and pawed and kissed and hugged...
I am so jealous!! I have been trying to get my kids exposed for a year now and they never catch it! If the babe gets it though, it won't matter...apparently immunity doesn't take at such a young age with CP.

As for me, I had emergency sugary yesterday to have my IUD removed. It was put in last week and decided to try and make an escape through the wall of my uterus. It punctured through the wall and was making its way into my bladder...good times! Chance of this happening is 1:1000...The good news is that while the ER on call OB was in there she tied my tubes! Yippee!
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BG-yikes! You're doing ok now?

Tony has decided he doesn't really need to sleep. Right before my big paper is due and i NEED him ti sleep. ugh. hard to nak a 7-10pg paper and corresponding power point! (no, i wouldn't be furthur along on it if i weren't on mdc, tyvm! )
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BG, what a nightmare! Hopefully you're feeling okay now.

Vegan Princess, I know what you mean about feeling flabby. I'm back to pre-pg weight, but it looks different. I don't know if its muscle tone or loose skin or what, but it sucks.

heinz28, which state's bar are you studying for? We're in FL now but may be moving to TX this summer--I'm debating whether to take the bar there or not. I'm secretly hoping not to have to work when the time comes, but I'm not sure if that's a possibility...

JosieAK, I LOVE Clara's bonnet. Her outfit is beautiful.

As for me, no sign of AF yet thankfully. I'm taking the mini-pill, but would like to switch to something else. I'm not "together" enough for LAM or anything non-hormonal... I'd like to try an IUD but I'm afraid for some reason. I was on depo for a while and that worked, so maybe I'll go back to that. I know its not the popular approach here, but I CANNOT get pg again any time soon!

Aubrey has had some sleep issues lately--basically she refuses to sleep except on me or with me. Which is fine, but she really needs a lot more sleep than I do. I'm going to try to start letting her sleep in the sling from 8-10p.m., then just take her to bed with me instead of trying to get her to sleep in the cosleeper. No sense in fighting her, I guess!

We're taking our first trip next week. Huz has a school interview in Orlando on Tuesday, so we're going to take a roadtrip. One night in Miami then two in Orlando. My mental list of stuff to take is soooo long! For those who have done roadtrips, is there anything I might forget that really helped?

I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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OMG BG, I hope you are ok. That sounds terrible!

JustKate: I hope you have a great trip. Bring your sling! Then you can wear her around while you check things out and she can still sleep. Fiona had a hard time being in and out of the car so much when we flew up to Anchorage so I was happy to get to the hotel and just let her stretch out and kick. Bring a thick blanket so you can stop along the way and let her stretch out. Have fun!

We are doing pretty well around here. I can't believe that Fiona is nearly 11 weeks old! I'm just cherishing every moment with her. I'm loving life as a mom!
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We're doing a long car trip too so I will watch for others suggestions. I think I will post in life with a babe.
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bg - wow! scary! glad you are ok and don't have to think about bc now.

heinz & justkate - my sis took the bar in 4 states (her husband was doing residencies all over) then decided to be a sahm...i feel you!!

we signed our lease last night! moving to a little house in berkeley 2 weeks from tomorrow! we will share a washer but they don't mind if i wash diapers...so no more prefold diaper service for me! i bought a bunch of diapers online today. so excited!

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Yes, I'm taking the bar in Colorado this time. Credit to your sister, Vegan Princess, for taking it 4 times. This will be my second time and last time!

And--if I can't find someone i trust to watch my baby so I can study, I'm okay to wait and take it in February. We'll see. I have another week before it's final.

Good luck on that move. Sounds like a good fit.
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Royce is 3 months old today! :

He is getting so big, I can't wait to weigh him (once we move on Thursday and have our scale). He's not a great sleeper and he always is up at the crack of dawn to have a poop . I've actally inadvertently EC'd him to go in his swing. I can tell from his cues, and he'll get fussy, so I'll put him in his swing and he calms down and goes. I should probably just take him to his potty, but I think the swing helps him.

Royce has been on a few long car trips and he just sleeps, will wake up if hungry, but then goes back to sleep after nursing. On Wednesday we had to go to a funeral for my uncle (he passed away unexpectedly last week). It was 3.5 hours away and we had to go there and back in one day b/c that's all dh could manage with work. Royce was so good all day, but the car ride home was awful - he cried so much, wouldn't nurse and wouldn't sleep. I sat back with him and we could keep him calm with sucking on my finger (he won't take a pacifier) and opening the window (he liked the cold air). But it was awful, way to long of a day for all of us.
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Is anyone else experiencing post partum hair loss? I am shedding so much. I know it's normal but it's gross. I looked it up just now and it is supposed to hit around 3 mos...right on schedule...makenna is 11 weeks. Is dry skin part of this too? My hands and other parts of my body are soooo dry!

Gillian: Makenna seems to poop in her swing a lot too. I call it the magic poo poo swing. LOL.

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Hehe... we have a bouncy chair that I call the poopy chair- works like magic every time! It worked for DS too- must be the angle they sit in it.

Alena weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz last sunday at eight weeks! So she has gained 3 lbs 4 oz since birth!

She is such a sweet baby- I just love her sooooo much! She is happy and easy going (unless I eat dairy, tomatoes, onion or soy!), loves people, she is just such a joy!
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I can't believe Owyn will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. At this time exactly 7 weeks ago, my water had just broken and we were gathering things to take to the hospital with us... seems like yesterday.

She is doing so great this week, I feel like we're finally getting our footing as parents, at least for now anyway that could all change overnight! We've actually got her in a bedtime routine and she consistently went to bed for the night at or around 8:00 every night this past week. She sleeps in 2-4 hour stretches for the rest of the night. It's been wonderful! Now, this does mean she is waking up earlier in the morning, but DH has been so great. Since I get up with her throughout the night to feed her, he offers to get up with her in the morning (she's waking up around 5:30) to let me get a little extra sleep.

She is also kind of in a nap routine... at least in the morning. She'll stay awake about 2 1/2 hours, then lays down for a 3 hour nap. I try to get a good nap in the afternoons too, but our afternoons are usually so busy it's hard to do... she usually takes at least 2 one-hour naps in the afternoon. She does still cat nap a little in between, but that's to be expected, she's still so young! I'm just so happy our day is getting a bit of a rhythm to it; it puts all of us in a much better mood, especially her!

Tomorrow we are having her baptism, I'll have to post some pictures of her in the beautiful christening gown my mom got for her!
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We have a bouncy seat called the "Pooh Chair". It has Winnie-the-Pooh on it but I swear she poops it in all the time!

I had to work at a Children's Fair today. I brought the chair and had it on vibrate. My friends son (3 yo) leaned against it and said, "Wow, your baby is purring!" So cute!
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That's hilarious about the 'pooh' chairs. I've heard that Bumbo chairs do the same thing.

We're also in bedtime routine (finally) but I realize it's subject to change. I start soothing her to bed at around 7-8 and she's down no later than 8. She'll sleep about 5 hours, wake, feed, and go back to bed until 6-ish. Then I nap/feed for as long as possible since I'm still a zombie. DH has to walk the dogs so it's a fair trade.

Unfortunately, the daytime is not nearly as predictable. She hates napping and nothing I do has worked yet. She'll nap on my nursing pillow at my chest but only for 20 min increments and I can't get anything done anyways with her on me. She will be okay in a swing for 20-30 min max but usually doesn't doze--just big sweet eyes following me around the room. It's perplexing because I know she's tired sometimes but just won't nap!

Mal: Kudos to you. We're woefully behind on getting her baptism together. Our diocese doesn't make it easy when the prospective godparents don't live here. Look forward to your pics.

9 weeks as of yesterday and she's now 11 pounds!
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The baptism yesterday went well. She slept through the whole thing and woke up when they poured the water on her head. She didn't cry though, just looked at me with a look that said "what the hell is going on?". Then, she smiled at the priest. She likes the water!

So we're 7 weeks PP, and I'm still not brave enough to DTD. DH has been very patient, but now that I got the go-ahead from my midwife his patience is wearing thin. I know I have to do it for the first time sometime, someone send me some courage! The exam at my 6 week check up was fine, no tenderness, so I think it'll be okay, but I'm still worried. I tore pretty bad...

I was talking to DH last night about when we'd like to have another baby. I'm looking for words of wisdom. Part of me wants to enjoy Owyn alone for as long as possible. While I was pregnant I though we'd wait 3 years before we tried for another. But now that she's here, I want to do it again so bad! And I just think about if we wait 3 years, she'll probably be in her own bed by then and *hopefully* sleeping through the night, and most likely weaned (I'm undecided on doing CLW as of now). She'll be starting pre-school, etc. Which would leave more time to focus on a new baby, but I'd feel like I was starting all over. I have recently been thinking it might be to my benefit (not really easier but better in the long run?) to have them close together and just push through this baby stage. Anyone with experience on either, which would you prefer??

As of now, if DH gets a promotion within the year (which is what we're crossing our fingers for) then I'd like to start trying for another by Christmas. He said he'd probably be up for that, but the promotion is a must before we have another.
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Mal - I'm glad Owyn's baptism went well!

As for dtd we waited until 10wks pp and it was still uncomfortable (not necessarily painful but not pleasant). I think it's one of those things that you just have to work through and expect it to not be perfect. Also, the first time we tried it was very uncomfortable and we had to stop. A bit of a tease for dh, but he survived

I'm also getting the ttc bug - I've already started lurking on the ttc forum :. We are going to start trying next spring and hopefully space them by 2 years. I think there are pros and cons to any choice you make so it's hard to say what's best.
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I forgot to ask this: Does anyone else's baby pout? Royce does this sometimes, he's not actually crying, he'll just make sad eyes and jut out his bottom lip. Yesterday he was all smiles and DH and I were talking to him, then out of nowhere he made his pout and when DH and I reacted to it, he was all smiles again. It almost seemed like he was purposely doing it for a reaction. It is pretty adorable though!
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We're definitely waiting until Delia is at least 2 before we try for another. I like the spacing between ds and her. He's potty trained so not having 2 in diapers is great. He weaned at 17 months so I didn't nurse while I was pg and since nursing can be uncomfortable during AF for me I can't imagine what it would be like when pg.
DH's aunt had all her kids like 18 months apart mostly because she was 38 when she had her first. She said in ways it was good because she doesn't have 10 years of diapers in total more like 5 years. But in other ways she feels like she missed some of that special one on one bonding with her kids.
I found the first 2 years to be the most intense and I liked having that year of breathing room when he didn't need me so much before I had the next.
I love preschool mornings though. It's nice to have that break and one on one time with the baby. I'm thinking of doing 5 day a week preschool next year. DS loves preschool.
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I am excited to do this all again but don't want it to be too hard with them too close together. I also want to enjoy this magical time when it is just me and makenna. So we're going to wait until next summer to try again. That should make them 2.5 yrs apart or so. I was at the gyn today getting my iud checked and was excited that i'll only have 1 annual exam until I'm hopefully prego again. :-) I'm sure next summer will come fast. I still feel like it's January (when the baby was born - i'm stuck in a time warp)...i can't believe it's almost summer already.

My baby makes the pouty face too. I actually just asked my mom if all babies do that...I thought maybe she took after me since i used to stick my lower lip out to get what i wanted as a little kid. But my mom said all kids do that. With Makenna it's usually followed by crying if we don't get to her fast enough.

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BG: Glad to hear everything turned out okay but it still sounds scarey. Is there a recovery phase now? Or, are you back to normal.

Gillian & Mal: Your feelings about TTC echo my own. Mal, I've definitely had those thoughts about "just pushing through with the baby stage" with kids. We will wait no longer than a year before TTC again but I was also thinking the end of this year sounds good too. A lot of it will depend on my work schedule. I never thought I'd feel this way either. I think it's just the practical side of me -- not getting younger, doing it all at once, want more than one child, etc.

And, then I have those days where I can't imagine another baby right now. . . and I just want a sense of normalcy to return.

Even then though, it's exciting to think about. Like I've said before, it would be cool to see you guys in another DDC.

My husband and I joked that maybe we should take it as a sign that I already have my period back! And, get this -- we know I ovulated because my gyno did a scan and could tell which ovary popped the egg out. If that ain't crazy, I don't know what is.

As for DTD -- yes, it was uncomfortable the first time and we also stopped. The second time was easier, although still not "enjoyable" in the regular sense for me. It is kinda back to normal now.

Trying my best to make connections in this new world of parenthood so I went to my first neighborhood "new moms" group today! It was cool--lots of nice ladies & new babes. Proud of myself for going because DD hates the car seat. I forged on despite the screaming and luckily she calmed down.

Next event: a postpartum exercise class with babes on Wed. Should be interesting.
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