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Thanks for all the concern friends! I am much better!

I feel a bit guilty saying this but Linus is a great sleeper. After two not good at all sleepers it is such a relief to get some sleep. Linus actually sleeps better than my 5 year old...Yikes! Hopefully it will hold for a loooooooong time
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Hey everyone, I'm trying to catch up on reading a bit. Life has just been so hectic. The boys are still on their special diets, DH is still working so much, And Eliza has remained pretty darn fussy all these weeks (she's 8 weeks now.) So I was thinking it was probably a yeast overgrowth and sure enough, she got thrush. Great. I never had to deal with this before! So now we are doing the thrush thing and I am on a Candida diet on top of the GAPS diet. Sigh. The yeast die-off reactions have been ROUGH. Oh well. It will be over soon! I also haven't been able to lose any weight since the first week or so-- so I'm still sitting at 140. : Or I should sya I was. I've lost a pound or two already since starting the Candida diet. Woohoo! Can't wait for the weight to fall off now! I just started doing yoga, too, and I LOVE it. It's a good workout for me, more intense than I expected!

Eliza is a real pleasure to be with. I just love her. Considering how gassy she is, she's a fairly mellow baby, but she's very attached to me. She will tolerate Dad for about an hour and half before fussing for me. (Which is perfect for yoga, lol!) She won't let anyone else hold her for any length of time, though. I'm hoping that as her yeast issues die down she will become more friendly with others, but we'll see.

She's getting so pretty, too. She has a fat little body but long limbs and a delicate, sweet face. I call her my fairy princess.

Nice to catch up with you guys! I can't believe some of yo want another one, lol! I am so excited that we are done!!! Just deciding whether to go IUD, tubes tied, or vas now. BG, your story scared me!!! I've heard scary stories about the tubal, too, though! And dh isn't so keen on the idea of the vasectomy yet-- something I would never push on him. Ack, what to do, what to do!
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Our ddc is slowly getting less and less active - I guess we're all very busy!

We are now moved into our house, still not completely unpacked, but we're here and it's so nice to have that behind us. We also now have our king bed out of storage and Royce loves it (it has actually been in storage since before I found out I was pregnant - literally the night before, we didn't have room for it in our last place). He is sleeping so much better and will actually stay asleep on his own, yay!

Also, I just recieved a didymos wrap that I ordered and I'm so excited about it. I got an indio yew cotton/linen blend and it's wonderful. Royce is getting big and I'm a small person so I'm glad to be putting away the moby for now.

I had Royce in his overalls for the first time today so I thought I'd share a pic!
(or 2)

Overall Cuteness

Sittin' with Mama

Okay, maybe 3:

So Sleepy

Hope everyone is doing well!
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We're in Banff in a hotel for the week. We were in Calgary for the weekend. This is the 4th hotel in 4 days but it actually wasn't that bad and we are here until Saturday. I bought a babyhawk mei tai in Calgary. Let me tell you this is the best thing ever!!! It's great for long carries. I carried her all over the Calgary zoo for 4hrs approximately. She came out a few times but she was much happier in the mei tai. She's actually done very well this trip. Only a couple meltdowns and that was mostly in the car around Calgary.
Gillian I wish I had a king to take out of storage. We had one in the hotel and there is soooo much more room than a Queen.
Took Delia swimming for the first time. I thought she would hate it but she was very happy.
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Gillian, love the one of Royce sleeping, so cute!

Yes, it is quiet around here! Well, I've been busy- always going around here! Ramsey still is fussy, I'm taking him to a chiropractor on Wed and his first Dr. appt on Friday.
I updated my sig and there's links on there of the kids.

I saw this in the march ddc: how big is your baby?

Ramsey started at 7lbs 5 oz, and at 8 weeks he was 11lbs 10 oz.

Anyone else? He doesn't seem to be getting 'fat', my dd at this age and over the coming months just got enormous!
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Gillian, adorable! If I get a chance I'll have to upload some photos of Eliza. I am SO busy though!

Eliza is about 14 pounds at 8 weeks, but we'll get an exact weight on Wednesday.
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Cute pics!! We go in for 2mo appt tomorrow-can't wait to see how much the tank weighs now! He was 15lb 8oz at 6wks. I keep forgetting to check the baby books-can't remember how fast my other 2 kids chunked up. Seems fast this time though!

Any tips for keeping fat rolls heat rash-free? Does powder help? I'm sure I dealt with this when the other 2 were little, but it seems so long ago! (they're 5 and almost 8-not really that long ago!)
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Hello all, it is getting pretty quiet in here... Owyn is doing well. Our bedtime routine isn't working so well anymore. She'll go to sleep for a little while, then she's awake again, but fussy for an hour or two before going to sleep again. I guess that would be her fussy time? I haven't figured out how to avoid that yet.

We weighed her on a friend's Wii Fit tonight and she was 11 lbs. 9 oz! Her cheeks are really getting chunky and she's starting to get rolls on her thighs! Aside from her fussy time in the evening, she is really a great, easy-going baby. She enjoys watching me do housework and cook dinner, especially folding laundry. She loooooves her changing table, her absolute favorite place to be! I think she knows she'll be getting naked when I put her there and she loves getting naked. She also enjoys visiting the fairies that hang above the table, she talks to them and smiles at them. She's also such a good sleeper. It can sometimes be difficult getting her down the first time, but once we get to sleep, she sleeps so great. She has been waking up pretty early, but her dad usually gets up with her since I let him sleep all night.

This is my last week of classes! Finals next week then graduation May 9th!! Woo Hoo!
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Makenna will be 3 months on Wednesday. I weighed her last Thursday and she was 11 lbs 2 ounces. 5 lbs 12 ounces at birth (2-3 weeks early). She has a 3 month visit at the dr tomorrow to get more vaccines (have to go every month instead of 2 bc I'm spacing them out). Makenna has slept through the night every night for at least a week! Hopefully this is for good! She did wake and cry at 12:30 one night but she found her thumb and went back to sleep

Is anyone else's baby obsessed with their thumb? Do all babies suck their thumbs? I was a thumb sucker until I was old enough to remember trying to stop and having trouble. I got that yucky stuff on my thumb...still kept sucking though.

Glad to hear you're moved in Gillian! Our big move is this Saturday. We're living in a sea of boxes and cursing the things we need but already packed. I don't think we have too much left to pack. I'm so not looking forward to finding places for everything. There is less closet space in the new place.

I made an appt to talk to my boss Friday morning to quit my job! Ack! I have been having bad dreams about quitting and about being back at work and wanting to come home to my baby but being stuck there working late. I just need to get this over with!

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Monkaha: We have issues with the chin rolls here. I try to wipe them clean with a wipe every morning and sometimes use a wet washcloth them dry in there. It does get red and cheesy sometimes though. Ick! She hates when I clean in there. I think it's sensitive. I was wondering about powder too. It's just hard to keep dry with all the spitting up she does!
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Finally get a little bit of time to catch up AND to post. Usually I just get time to read.

Gillian: Siggi does the pouty face too, sometimes he cries afterwards, sometimes not. He wrinkles up his forehead too. DH says he looks like his aunt, who used to do that as a baby.

Vegan Princess: Mine likes to suck on his hands, and when we had to do an U/S to see if he was breech still, he was doing it in utero too.

He had his 2 month appointment last week (actually 9 weeks old) and he was 11 lbs 7 oz (from 7 lbs 12 oz)!

I have been working from home up until now but my boss is bugging me to come into the office. My hubby is working a temp job so finding permanent daycare isn't an option... so we are trying to figure out what to do.

I have a cute pic of Siggi here.
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Cindy: Owyn hasn't found her thumb yet, but she sure does try. It frustrates her that she can't get it in her mouth. She loves to suck on her hands and seems to favor her left hand for sucking on. I think she will end up sucking her thumb if she could just get it in her mouth!

2 month Dr. visit coming up (she'll be 2 months old on Friday), and I'm still undecided on vaccines... I'm thinking about just delaying until 6 months so I can try to make a decision by then. I hate feeling rushed... I figure we can always go back and give her the vaccines if we decide, but we can't take it back once it's been done so I don't want to rush it.

Okay, enough procrastinating... I really should get some homework done. Ugh.
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17lbs, 14.5oz now i don't feel like such a wimp for using a sling/ergo when he's in arms more than a couple minutes. 24.5 inches. was laughing w/ the ped about how he looiks like he could use a bra, and how i could feed the whole neighborhood. :
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Holy moly Monkaha! I'm just back from the ped and DD is 11.5 lbs (not exact...she weighed 11lbs 12 ounces with diaper and warm clothes on so they guestimated). 22.5 inches.
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Good God! DD was 8 lbs even at birth, and is right at 11 lbs now. My kids are skinny, slow growers, I guess. DS was the same way. They never get fat, they just grow steady. I make scads of milk and all, but I guess we just make string beans.
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Monkaha ~ holy cow! My second son was like that, too. He was 20 pounds at three months and wearing size 9-12 months . . . and he looked like a little stuffed sausage he was so fat-- with lovely big chipmunk cheeks, too! Lol. My first son was a skinny baby.

My little fairy princess is kind of in the middle. We'll get an exact measurement tomorrow.

And motherbirth-- Siggi is so cute!
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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post
Holy moly Monkaha! I'm just back from the ped and DD is 11.5 lbs (not exact...she weighed 11lbs 12 ounces with diaper and warm clothes on so they guestimated). 22.5 inches.

Yay for other petite little girls!

Esmé is 14 weeks and about 11 and a half pounds ... she is wee. but following along her own steady curve. Someone commented on how I didn't have the infant insert with her in the ergo, and then i told them how old she is. She can hold her head up just fine! She's very talkative and smiley ... we're having a great time getting to know her.

ETA: updated pic of her in my sig!
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We have a petite little girl too! She is 10 1/2 lbs at 10 weeks! But thats no surprise since my DH and I are both smaller Im a petite 5' 2", DH is 5'9". Heres a pic of my bubbly little nakey girl at 8 weeks!


Everyone is getting so big and cute! We should keep a thread going in the babes forum so we can all keep updated!
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I will have to weigh Delia when we get home. She was 13lb 6oz at 8wks if I'm recalling right. She was 8lb 11oz at birth. If I had to guess I would say probably about 16lbs now that she's 12wks. She's a roly poly porker lol. My ds was pretty fat he was 22lbs by 3.5 months and in 12mo outfits. But he didn't gain much from that point on. He slimmed right down when he started crawling though.
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i love seeing pics of the cute babies!! gottasee if i can get one up....
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