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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post
I have a hard time making that connection too (and I had a vaginal birth and she's hardly left my side since then). I was talking to my SIL about that one time and she said she's never been able to make that connection either. She said she's just come to the conclusion that it's one of those things that's just too big to completely wrap our heads around. If we were able to fully comprehend everything that surrounds pregnancy and birth our hearts would be too full. I like how she put it and I try to look at it that way. It's one of life's few mysteries, the closest we come to real magic.
I feel pretty bonded to my baby, but I, too, have a hard time connecting THIS baby to my pregnancy. It's like, I was pregnant-- I vaguely remember-- about a millin years ago-- and now I have this baby. Maybe part of it is my desire to block out memories of the birth. Thinking about the birth, even though it was a "great" at home, vaginal birth, still make me want to cry. Plus, much of my pregnancy was pretty miserable.
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Is anyone else thinking about another baby? I totes have the baby rabies.
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I am sad about the tiny baby stage ending at some point as she outgrows her newborn clothes, even though it's hard. DH and I are looking forward to more and I'm looking forward to being prego again even though it wasn't all roses...but I know i would be overwhelmed if they are too close so we're going to wait a yr and a half to try again...I got an iud put in last week. I have to admit though i was a bit sad when i got it put in.

Mal: i like what your sil said about this being the closest thing to magic!

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Another baby? Not I. In fact, after the health issues and all they involve, we are seriously considering permanent birth control. I feel a little sad because I did want a bigger family, at one point-- however after two boys and a girl, we're leaning towards thinking that our family feels complete.
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2 weeks after DS was born I had a dream about my family- there was DH and I, DS who was 5 or 6, and a darker haired little girl who was two to three years old. She's here now! DH thought I was insane when I told him that we were having another baby so soon after DS was born.

Now, no I don't feel like I want anymore.

Alena was sleeping well at night, but she has been up every 1 to 2 hours at night now. She is still fussy despite an elimination diet and probiotics, hopefully we'll figure out what's going on soon!
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Is anyone else thinking about another baby? I totes have the baby rabies.
me! Hubby just at me. Gotta finish school first though, so we can get a minivan.
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We talk about another baby, but only in terms of keeping, getting or not getting stuff. Like a swing ... "Well, if we have another baby it'd be a good investment." Stuff like that.
I don't know if I want another baby. Having one feels like a full time job. An awesome full time job! I just don't know how you muti-kid mamas do it! DD and I hang out in bed nursing and lovin' each other up every morning until at least ten! I'd be out of bed at the crack o' dawn with a toddler to wrangle! I'd hate to miss the one-on-oneness with a second child.
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Starling I think if you have your kids farther apart you don't miss as much because the older child is more self sufficient and goes to school in the am. I started to think what the heck would I do with 3 but then I thought ds will be 6 by the time we have another. That's 1st grade and he will be able to do way more for himself and help out. I think spacing is the key.

I think I am going to go on the trip. I have a friend in Calgary that I would love to see. I can do the cooler thing. Thanks for all the suggestions mama aya.
Oh baby crying gotta go.
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I do plan on having at least one more child and part of me does sort of fantasize about how the 2nd pregnancy will be, etc., but I feel overwhelmed just thinking about handling a toddler and a new baby!

Realistically though, I won't be able to wait that long because I'm not young (33) and I'd rather avoid some of the increased risks that come with pregnancy if I wait too long, especially if we end up wanting more than two.

It will be interesting to see if I recognize any of your names in a future DDC!
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Nillarilla: Have fun on your trip! Glad to hear that you decided to go. I would jump at a chance to see that area.
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I'm looking forward to the next one! Although there are times when I'm just snuggling with Royce and I think - how would this work with a toddler running around? I figure I would just make a lot more use of the moby wrap! I would like to space my babes by at least 2 years. So we'll probably try again next spring (although really that seems so soon!). It took us a year to conceive Royce, so who knows how things will actually be spaced!
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I took Makenna into my office this morning to meet my co-workers. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone gushing over her. Thankfully she was a good baby while we were there. And then it was nice to be like "see ya later suckas!" and walk on down to the farmer's market and be able to sit a nurse and relax instead of having to rush back to my desk. I hope I can really get out and make the most of the next 2 months until I have to go back!

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My big kids are 7 and almost 5, and are pretty self-sufficiant, and off at school. mornings are rough, getting everyone out the door, and i miss snugging with my big kids at nite (baby clusterfeeds right then). so yeah, more is harder, but overall, i love it!!

i took anthony to work today too. so fun showing him off!
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I can't wait to do it again! I am loving being a mommy but totally missing being pregnant. I know it'll be overwhelming having them close together, but I want them to be close for their sake. I am 6 years younger than my next youngest sibling and feel like I missed out on growing up with them the way they all grew up together. I want my kids to be close to each other, even if they don't always like each other. They'll have so much to share that way. Seriously, I could be joining another DDC within the year if things go my way!

Taking Owyn to visit my classmates tomorrow. Just visiting one class (my parenting class, ironically). Can't wait for all of them to meet her!
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We are deep in snow today. So beautiful! I think March comes in like a lion and out like a lion. DH used snowshoes to bring water to the chickens this morning! Quite the blizzard we had. Here are a few pictures...




About another baby. YES! We really want more but I have to take clomid to get pregnant. I talked to my Dr about it at my pp visit and she said that clomid usually dries your milk up so we will have to plan accordingly. I would like to BF Fiona for two years but I also worry that it will be even more difficult to get pregnant the longer we wait. It's a lot to think about.
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
I feel pretty bonded to my baby, but I, too, have a hard time connecting THIS baby to my pregnancy. It's like, I was pregnant-- I vaguely remember-- about a millin years ago-- and now I have this baby. Maybe part of it is my desire to block out memories of the birth. Thinking about the birth, even though it was a "great" at home, vaginal birth, still make me want to cry. Plus, much of my pregnancy was pretty miserable.
That's me too. I've actually bonded a bit more intensely with this babe than I did initially with Guinevere (because of fear/caution after Guinevere was born -- I didn't trust myself totally at first, and she seemed sooooo fragile to me? Something. I loved her enormously but the bonding feeling was more gradual. Anyway), but I had a more intense feeling of connection while pregnant with Guinevere than with Eowyn.

But I think that's because back then I didn't have a toddler already so it was a more intimate feeling of connection and bonding during pregnancy. This time I was very focused on the child already here, if that makes sense, so being pregnant was more about not being able to do the things I wanted to do, and the physical discomforts.

Anyway. This was our last pregnancy. My husband is getting a vasectomy, assuming we can afford whatever insurance doesn't cover (thankfully it covers the bulk of it but we don't yet have an exact figure). And if not, then we'll be doing FAM and using barrier methods. We're done. It's bittersweet but for the best. I'm old and this pregnancy was, for the most part, miserable. The labor was nearly as long as my first, and the birth itself was excruciating.

The baby is amazing and totally worth it, so I am treasuring this time, as it passes all too soon.

I don't regret having gone through this for Eowyn, and the timing was as good as it could be I think in relation to Guinevere (she'll be three in early April), so they can be playmates as Eowyn grows, but Guinevere's old enough to not need me as intensely right now. I honestly cannot fathom wanting to be pregnant again right now. Y'all are some brave mamas.

AKislandgirl, it took us years to get pregnant with Guinevere. It took a month and a half to get pregnant with Eowyn. I have no experience with Clomid, but I do know that for some people your body can change quite a bit from the experience and you may find it much easier to get pregnant the second go around.
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*waves* to all the Mamas. I havn't checked in in forever!!!

Linus is almost two months old... 8 weeks tomorrow. Growing like a weed... he was up 4.5 pounds from his birthweight last week at 7 weeks old. He is such a love. Smiles for miles and a very easygoing personality. As long as he is fed and warm he is content (but if he is not... watch out! He has a set of lungs that let you know it )

re: Wanting another baby... we havn't even dtd yet so it's not on our radar at all. We don't use any form of birth control (nor do we actively try...) so what will be will be when the time comes. T and L are 29 months apart and I can't really fathom them any closer... but I know if they were we'd adjust somehow (I just can't seem to wrap my head around it ) I think it's very likely I'll get pregnant again once breastfeeding allows my cycle to come back (but that wasn't until after 12 months with T and this time I am tandem!) but I've had multiple miscarriages so I don't take it for granted that I'll get another full term baby. We're definitely open to it though
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To you mamas worried about having a toddler and a newborn, all 3 of us snuggle sometimes. It's really not so bad! Daddy helps, too.

I've already left Coen a few times. I don't have a pump but I hand expressed a few bottles and took him and a bottle to my parents' house to make sure he would take one, and he did great! We went to see Watchmen the day it came out. I still wouldn't leave hi8m with anyone but her. It was so nice to get out, and I did really well (no panic, no sneaking out to call home...).
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took the baby for a wt check today: 13lb, 12oz!! (9lb 4oz at birth) dang. knew he was getting heavy, but wow. go boobies!

i should have gotten on the scale too-wonder how much i've lost and whether there's any correllation with his wt.
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I weighed DD yesterday...she is 9 lbs 8 ounces at 8 weeks old...I couldn't imagine giving birth to a baby this size!!

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