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I am interested in the amber teething necklaces and will probably get one but...the only info I can find on them being a natural analgesic is on websites trying to sell them. So I am a bit skeptical but they are pretty cute as well.
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Thanks for the info on the amber necklaces. I'm going to buy one today! What length did you get Thursday Girl? I like the length of Juno's in your pic (so cute by the way!)
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I THINK i got a 12, but I am not sure. Can't measure right now as Juno is alseep.

Inspired by finn has adult necklaces Gillian, I haven't looked at them yet so I don't know how manly they are. LOL>
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oh yeah i was at a party and someone from kazikstan asked why the baby was wearing that necklace, she said in her country people wear that when they are sick. she didn't specify what type of sickness though.
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Thursday girl: Just had to comment...Josephine and Juno look sooo much alike! So adorable!

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