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Hooray babies! They grow so fast, its incredible.

As for another baby--its crossed my mind. Not so much in terms of wanting to be pregnant again, but thinking about spacing them and how many I'd like eventually and where we'll be living when the time comes for another. I don't want Aubrey to be an only child, but at the same time I can't imagine managing two little humans at the same time. I guess that skill comes with experience. To you guys with more than one-- you're amazing!
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Hi ladies! I'm so excited I get to go on the computer for "fun" purposes!!

Sam is a little over 6 weeks and we're doing fine. I alternate between wanting him to be more independent (I know, I'm crazy-he's just a baby!) and hoping he'll stay small forever. He's gained almost 2 lbs since birth and atleast one inch. He smiles more now and he rolled over the other day but hasn't done it again. I'm exclusively breastfeeding but have been able to pump a few times. I hate pumping, it hurts and I don't get the same amount of milk from both sides. But I need to get a job so I'm trying to build up some extra milk so I can go on interviews to get a job! I'm hoping DH's work picks up so that I won't need to get a full-time job.

I would love to have some more kids but I don't know how we could manage it! Taking care of DH's dad and the baby is hard enough...assuming his dad lives longer, I don't know how to manage fil, toddler AND baby! You ladies with more than one child rock!!
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Delia is 6 wks today. We have our last mw appt today *sniff*. It's weird I'm going to miss the appointments although I guess I did spend the better part of a year with the mw. It was a great way to get advice and info now I'm flying solo again.

I'm pretty sure Delia is up a couple inches and at least 4lbs from birth weight. She still wakes around 3am for like an hour but swaddling has gotten me some longer stretches of sleep. Although I'm not sleeping in the same bed as dh these days. It's just easier to sleep in a separate bed with just the baby. Everyone gets more sleep that way.

I'm going back to the gym this weekend wish me luck. I'm going to start some Yoga on the Wii too lol.
How's everyone else doing? How do we keep chatting when the DDC closes?
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Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
I'm going back to the gym this weekend wish me luck. I'm going to start some Yoga on the Wii too lol.
I do yoga on Wii fit. That's also how I weigh Coen
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Royce and I are doing well. He's now 10.5 weeks old and just adorable! He's a lot noisier - lots of squeals and coos. And sometimes if he's really smiling he'll let out a little squeal. It's pretty darn cute! He's getting big too, but I haven't had him weighed in a couple of weeks. I'll probably weigh him again when he hits the 3 month mark (which is quickly approaching!).

As for me, we attempted to dtd for the first time a few days ago and it didn't go well. I'm still sore!! : How is that possible? I'm beginning to worry about this. Is it normal to still be sore at 10 weeks pp?

I also need to start getting more active. And now that the weather is getting nicer I don't have that excuse any more!
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We slept last night! For the last week, we have not been sleeping at night. It started with Owyn getting a cold and coughing all night and just continued all week. I could not figure out what was going on. She acted sleepy... she would yawn constantly and doze off, but wake back up screaming. DH and I were seriously about to lose it. I just needed one good night to catch up, but we weren't getting it.

Finally, I think I figured out what was going on. I started back to school this week and when she's been with the babysitter she is eating 4 ounces (usually), but for some reason my supply seems to have decreased. I figured this out when I was pumping and could only get about 2 1/2 oz. I was pumping 4 oz... until she started nursing on one side at a time about a week and a half ago. Would that decrease my supply? I'm thinking it was either that, or more likely while she was coughing so much she wasn't eating as much. She wouldn't empty a breast for 3 days. She just didn't have much of an appetite because she was feeling crappy. Well, for whatever reason, I'm not getting as much milk. So, last night we went back to nursing on both sides and she slept for 4 hour stretches! I feel so refreshed!

So, we're going to keep nursing on both sides and I'm going to add a pumping session back in during the day and see if I can get my supply back up. For now, though, I'm just so happy we got some sleep! My poor baby has just been so cranky this week and I feel so bad, she was hungry! She is in such a good mood this morning, though. She needed a good night's sleep too!
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Yes, sleeping for a 3-4 hour stretch makes the biggest difference. We also had one cranky baby here for a day or so and we were both beginning to lose it. Then, for no apparent reason, she settled down and slept nearly 4 hours.

My main concern is still whether she's getting enough to eat. I'm always concerned about whether I'm producing enough but lately I'm worried about the fact that she spits up a lot. Sometimes she'll appear to vomit so much that I wonder how much was actually ingested.

She doesn't scream or cry when she spits up but could it still be an intolerance to something -- or, like some have said, just a laundry issue?

I need to get the Wii Fit piece. I'd love to weigh her more frequently -- and mama needs to get her butt moving. I have to lose 12 more pounds and it doesn't seem to be falling off on its own just yet!

Finally, what are your babe's doing? We're at 6.5 weeks and she's constantly staring at things and gets upset when we block her view. Her favorite place to look at is the stair banister. It must be the linear aspect of the railing and stair poles or something. The stairs are right behind one of the couches and she'll get mad when I take her off my shoulder after a feeding because she can't see them anymore. crazy.
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Eliza just turned 6 weeks old today. Last night DH and I were lying in bed with her, just enjoying her presence, and she was staring at her daddy's face and she started "talking" to him!!! Ahhhhh it was the cutest thing! Her first time ever "talking" and it was to Daddy! Heehee, I'm in love with her. I'm just SO grateful to have her. She is my last baby and I just love holding her and cuddling her all day. It is terribly inconvenient trying to get everything done, and sometimes at the end of the day I really need a break, but mostly I love it.

Hmmm, talking, that's about all she's doing. She's growing, she got her baby acne about a week or so ago so we're still working through that, and her jaundice seems to be gone. She has grown a couple pounds and is able to hold her head up better. No rolling over or anything, yet.

As for me, still spotting. Even though AF held off for 14 months each time last time, this time I am not taking anything for granted and I am very nervous about getting pregnant again. Speaking of DTD, I am generally a little sore, and my libido is down from my normal, but I know from experience that sleep and losing weight will help with that. I have only lost 23 pounds since giving birth, with about 20-30 to go, so I am REALLY eager to lose more weight. I have had such a hard time getting enough sleep, and I know I have been holding onto weight for that reason. I am trying to get my metabolism up and running again.
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Originally Posted by heinz28 View Post
Finally, what are your babe's doing? We're at 6.5 weeks and she's constantly staring at things and gets upset when we block her view. Her favorite place to look at is the stair banister. It must be the linear aspect of the railing and stair poles or something. The stairs are right behind one of the couches and she'll get mad when I take her off my shoulder after a feeding because she can't see them anymore. crazy.
That's funny. Aubrey really likes something under the desk where I sit to pump, but I don't know what. She also likes to stare into the light. Hmm. She likes to make faces at Daddy. That's about it!

Nillarilla, i know what you mean. I'm going to miss my midwife too--I can't see them for my regular checkups b/c of insurance issues. I seriously cried the last time I was there because I feel so bonded to her.

How do we keep chatting when the DDC closes?
I guess in the Breastfeeding and Life with a Babe forums? That's where I find myself looking... But I'm really going to miss the DDC. Its been such a support for me!

Mal85, probably just going back to school decreased your supply. I'm concerned about oversupply but my midwife said not to worry about it too much b/c it will go down when I go back to work. Same sort of thing, maybe? But it sounds like you've got a good plan. I'm hoping to only have to pump once mid-day when I go back. I really don't want to have to do it more than that. Or explode.

Gillian and LTB, I know what you all mean about DTD. We did it about 4 wks pp and it just didn't work for me. Still not really working for me, but that's all in my brain, I think. Maybe the prolactin? I'm just not in the mood!

Good to hear all the babies are doing well and growing!
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How do you find time to DTD?? I was very lucky that my recovery was actually very easy and physically, I was fine in 4 days. And two weeks later, I weighed less than before I got PG.

But my drive is very slow to come back. The mind is willing but my body is like, huh, DTD, what's that? If I wait until my body is ready, it's time to nurse or I'm so tired, I"m falling asleep.

I may have an opportunity to go back to my old job. I'm a little nervous because I don't know how to manage that!! My commute is about an hour each way and I'm nervous about maintaining my supply. Plus DH works from home and while he is totally supportive of me going back to work, Sam is still settling into his routine. I am hoping my mom will be able to help a couple of days - we don't have money to hire a babysitter or put him in daycare.
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So funny how babies have their thing to stare at! Makenna stares at the lamp and the bookcase all the time from the couch. DH always takes her over to the bookcase and reads the titles of the books to her.

Makenna is 9 weeks today. Wow time flies! She is becoming so much more aware now. Her eyes follow me across the room and she actually looks at things now...like her bouncy seat. It has moving animals and lights right in front of her face but she would always be oblivious to them and just stare at something to the left or right of her...now she watches them and smiles. Still waiting for a laugh though!

We've only DTD twice bc I got my iud at 7 weeks pp and then coulnd't do it for 2 weeks. Yesterday was 2 weeks...unfortunately I have a lot of spotting from it still but I guess I'm good try it out now? I second the notion of not knowing when to find time. Or when she is asleep I feel rushed like she is going to wake up and cry at any moment.

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If Delia slept then maybe I could dtd but she's awake every evening when ds is sleeping. By the time she finally goes down I'm exhausted. I have the urge though but sleeping in separate beds makes touch time rare.
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We are back to our old DTD schedule of every 1-3 days depending on how much time or energy we have !

Alena loves to look at the lights in the hallway (contrasting colors/shapes) and the plants in the windows.

She will be 7 weeks on Sunday: She smiles and squeals/giggles now-it is so cute!
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I'm enjoying the last few days of maternity leave here. I start back to work part time (every other day) on Tuesday. So I'm desperately trying to stop time and enjoy every minute, despite the mounds of laundry. I'm nervous too, about going back. Dh stays with the boys, so that makes it easier, but I still really miss them. Also slightly nervous about pumping again. Its only 8 wks til school's out for summer, and I don't want to lose any supply in the mean time.

Milo is 9 wks and all smiles when he is awake, cooing in response to soft voices. It brings tears to my eyes every time, I love him so much. His staring favorite is still the twinkle lights over the nursing chair. We have his check up on Monday and I'm anxious to see how much he has grown. He seems so much bigger, but I haven't weighed him yet.

I'm feeling great, but still 12lbs up. Of course the bag of Skittles I'm eating my way thru isn't helping. Maybe less snacking when I'm at work and more time outside will help. Do you all like your Wii? We've never done video games before, but I'm thinking it might be a fun way to exercise when the weather is nasty (which seems to have been FORVER here, there is still snow on the ground!!!).

We DTD once, and it was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it might be, but no alone time since then that I haven't been fast asleep.
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Happy 2 month birthday to my little guy Lucius. It's so hard to believe it!

He's so interested in the mobile I put up in his pack n play. He's also starting to coo and make sweet little noises sometimes when I talk to him.
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Owyn is finally starting to smile on purpose. Usually first thing in the morning when she wakes up. She also loves getting her diaper changed and always smiles at the mobile I have hanging above her changing table. Bath time is her favorite time right now. She cracks me up. When I wash her face, she licks the wash rag! And she fusses when I take it away, she likes the water apparently!

I'm a big swimmer and was swimming on my own at about 2 years old, been a fish ever since. So I'm really anxious to get her in the pool. There's a nice indoor, heated pool about 25 minutes away. I've thought about taking her there, but she doesn't have a swim suit and I'm having a heck of a time finding one small enough for her!

Anyway, I sometimes get a coo out of her, but I don't think she realizes she does it. She'll be 5 weeks old on Sunday. Went back to school this week... only 4 weeks to go (one week is finals week so I won't be gone as much). I received my graduation info in the mail the other day. I kind of forgot about graduating in May what with the baby being born and all... school has kind of been on the back burner. But when I got that info I did a happy jig, remembering that yes I will finally be done with school, no longer a student!!!
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Fiona just had her 2 month check up. She's doing great. She's still small but gaining weight well. She's 9 pounds, 10 ounces now (6.2 when we left the hospital) and about the 25% for weight. Our Dr said she expects her to always be towards that end of the scale. Our petite little girl!

We had a really great discussion about vaccines and our Dr is really supportive of our decision to delay/selectively vaccinate. We told her we were going back and forth about rotavirus and after discussing it she said she didn't reccomend it for Fiona and she hadn't given it to her own son! (ebf babies that aren't in daycare) I'm just so happy to have a Dr who is so supportive and on the same page as us. We did do the DTaP as pertussis seems to go around here a lot and next month we are going to to the Pc. Those are the only two we are doing for now.

Fiona is so much fun! Lots of cooing and smiles. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and have a good chat! So cute. She doesn't sleep well during the day unless she is being held. I got a new wrap which has been a life saver. She loves it and will easily sleep for 3+ hours at a time while I wear her around the house.

No DTD here. we tried the other day and she woke up. I'm a little gun shy I guess. Maybe we can try again soon.
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AKIsland: What a gorgeous wrap! I have something similar my SIL cut for me (just plain stretchy fabric) but I have been considering buying a Moby bc I think it is wider than mine...these are so much cooler!

Mal: Congrats on the upcoming graduation. So funny you forgot!

I just packed up all my maternity clothes. Made me a wee bit sad. I really am looking forward to doing it all again. I'm even considering a move out of state so I can stay home when #2 comes.

I booked tickets this morning to Kauai for the middle of may. Makenna will be 3.5 months and I will be returning to work June 1st. Figured I should try and get in a vacation while I still have the time. Hopefully DH and I will still be able to relax and enjoy ourselves.

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Coen is 10.6 pounds (according to Wii Fit). His brother was FOUR pounds heavier at this age!
Mal - all she really needs is a swim diaper, right? My parents bought a baby doll with a swimsuit because they couldn't find one small enough for me, either. I never outgrew size 1 diapers (skinny and potty trained young) so they had to special order my underwear too!
DTD - we have done it sooo much since DH is no longer on 3rd shift. Usually a hurried one before bed when both boys are asleep, but we've found that naptime is great for taking our time, if we can get over doing it in the daylight! There's one perk to him losing his job, eh?
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Mal - I've taken Royce swimming and we used a Bummis swim diaper. Although Royce is a bit bigger than Owyn, but it should still work. Royce seemed interested in the experience - he didn't smile but he studied everything and was kicking his legs.

Cindy - Oh I'm so jealous of your vacation plans! As I type this it's snowing out here :
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