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Owyn has been spending a lot more time awake lately. Yesterday, she just cat napped (and has kind of done the same today). I thought for sure she'd be dead tired and ready to sleep last night, but I could not get her to sleep until 2 in the morning. She kept falling asleep, but would wake as soon as I laid her down. Finally, I laid down with her, turned off the light and we figured out the side lying nursing position. She fell asleep and since I didn't have to move her she stayed asleep for 4 1/2 hours! That was a great stretch of sleep, I just wish I'd gotten some sleep earlier in the night as well.

I have to say, I have been so pleasantly surprised with DH. I was very worried before she was born because he had such a lack of empathy and understanding for what I was going through physically and emotionally that last month of pregnancy (or actually the whole pregnancy, it just bothered me more in the last month). But he has been absolutely wonderful. I will say I do most of work when it comes to Owyn... I feed her, I bathe her, dress her, and do most of the nighttime stuff. But he is quick to jump in when I do ask for his help. He has been a life saver at night when I just can't take it anymore. He's already started telling me to get out of the house and let him take care of her. So far, I've only gone grocery shopping without her. I just don't want to leave her with anyone for any stretch of time when I don't have to. Sometimes he isn't sure what to do with her when she starts fussing and looks at me like he's clueless. I just tell him to pretend I'm not here... what would he do? He's really very sweet with her. My only complaint is that everytime he has her, he immediately wants to put her to sleep. Like that's his job or something. He's not sure what to do with her when she's awake.
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Hoppy Easter Mamas and Babies,

Gillian - I think it's hard for dh's especially the first time around because they see us as having the ability to calm the baby i.e. our boobs. That may be why he's handing off Royce when he gets fussy. Have you tried giving the baby to him, then waiting about 10 minutes and then kind of leaving him alone with the baby i.e. going to another room and being very *busy*. I find if I watch dh with the baby when she's fussing it makes him feel like I think he's not doing it right. He has said to me that I need to let him figure it/her out. He works 5-6 days a week at least 9hrs and he comes home, changes, gets a drink and then if the baby is fussing in her chair or I am holding her he takes her and goes to interact with ds or just sits with her.
We have also figured out a system in that if she's fussing dh will ask me "is she hungry?" If it's a no then he figures it out.

Delia still has a cold. She still can't sleep sitting down. I hope it's not damaging for her to spend so much time in the semi sitting position. She's in medium dipes too and is almost too long for 6 mo sleepers. She's growing way too fast.
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Happy Easter!

Aellyn's Easter Dress #1: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3610/...cd25b4db_b.jpg
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I just got AF WTF?!?!!!!
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Paige: OMG - so cute!!

Nillarilla: That's no fun! I've been spotting so much from my iud insertion I don't think I'd know if I got it or not (unless it was really heavy or crampy).

So since we decided I should stay home we spent the weekend house hunting. Moving out of San Francisco and into Berkeley gets you so much more for your money! We're actually going to end up in a much bigger place, in a house (duplex) instead of an apartment, with a yard and storage and washer and dryer for about $500 less than we pay now! I'm so excited. Right now we're waiting to hear if we got our first choice place but if not we just found out we got what was my first choice until today (and we had been told it was given to someone else but they backed out). Looks like we will be moving in 2 weeks!! Not exactly sure how I am going to pack and unpack an entire household with a 2.5 month old but I guess I'll have the luxury of taking my time to unpack since I won't be having to go back to work a few weeks later. :-) Keep your fingers crossed that we get the first choice place please!

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Nillarilla: I think I got AF too! I'm still in shock. Is this really possible? I just finished spotting post-baby a week ago. I'm calling the doc tomorrow just to make sure this is normal.

I thought breastfeeding was supposed to keep AF at bay for at least a little while longer.
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PaigeC - So cute! I love seeing how big our lo's are getting

Nillarilla & heinz28 - That really sucks. I keep having 'fertile' symptoms (like O twinges, cm, etc.) but so far no af - thank goodness!

Vegan Princess - Congrats! It sounds like you're really happy with your decision. We are also in the process of moving - we had to pack our stuff and store it and we are currently staying at a resort until we can move in next Thursday (we had to relocate right away). It definitely takes longer to pack with a baby! Luckily my inlaws will be helping with the unpacking.
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I could not imagine moving right now! You mamas are braver than I!

Poor Owyn has a stuffy nose now. We just got over the coughing last week and now her poor little nose is all stuffy. We've been doing lots of saline and nose sucking the last couple of days. This has made for less sleep again (we just started getting good sleep after her cough went away!). She is tolerating it well, just having trouble sleeping for long stretches. Last night, I folded up a towel, put a blanket over it and she slept on that. It helped elevate her and she seemed to do better. I've been so tired I don't even remember falling asleep last night. I remember when she stopped crying I laid her down next to me, her eyes started to get droopy... next thing I knew it was morning and I have no memory of going to sleep. I don't even remember turning out the light... maybe DH did that? I vaguely remember her finding the boob at around 2 in the morning, but beyond that nothing... It felt good though to get a good night's sleep! And she sounded a little better this morning, now she has a runny nose but at least she's getting it out and not sounding all stuffy.

Oh, she's now decided she doesn't sleep by herself. I used to be able to put her in the bassinet during the day and she'd nap there for a couple of hours. Not anymore, she wants company or her bouncy seat. I really don't want the bouncy seat to become what she associates with sleep. So, we spent most of the day Saturday trying to get her to take a good nap. DH finally laid down in bed with her and they both slept for a couple of hours.

26 days and counting until I graduate! The next weekend we're braving our first trip and first long car ride. I have a close friend who graduates from pharmacy school the week after I graduate, so we're making the 4 hour drive to St. Louis to attend his graduation and spend the weekend celebrating both our graduations. We will soon find out if Owyn is good with traveling. This is our test run, since our favorite camping place is about 5 hours away and we hope to make a couple of trips down there this summer.

2 new pregnant ladies in my family! My cousin and my SIL are both expecting in December. My SIL just had a baby in August! She's freaking out a little. I have a say I'm slightly jealous. I don't know how long I'll be able to wait for another.
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SO cute! Aubrey's Easter dress is in my sig....
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I got AF at 8wks pp last time too. It sucks. I think it's the trade off for having my children sleep 7-8 hr stretches so early.

Delia has been sleeping in her rocker chair because she is still so congested lying down. I think I will try the towel thing. I don't really want her to always want to sleep in her chair.
We bought a double chariot today. I'm still having some sticker shock but I think it will go a long ways in getting me active. Now I can go to stroller bootcamp while ds is in preschool. I really want a new carrier. I have a baby trekker and it's so hard on my back but I doubt dh would agree to a new one when I have 3 slings and a baby trekker. I really want a Beco butterfly. Anyone else find themselves not using/not happy with some baby stuff they liked before or really thought they would like?
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My dear daughter just turned 2 today, and guess what she got?Chickenpox!
Poor thing, she's a bit of a mess, a bit weepy with rosy red cheeks and all snuggly. The spots aren't too many so far, but it's clearly chickenpox. Even though I haven't seen it in years, it's so obvious. They're multiplying and doing the progressive thing; I fully expect Axel to get it too, but what about the baby? I'm hoping that through breastfeeding and my immunity from having it as a child will be enough- but he gets petted and pawed and kissed and hugged...
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Here are some new pics of DD. She's 9 weeks now.


QueenofmyCastle, your siggy links are expired. I'd love to see your photos!
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Delurking to say...


Where do you live? I want some!!!

(okay...so, not really with dh about to travel and a 7 wk old, but...)
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And sorry for your poor dd, but I'm happy for her that she'll have real immunity! Hope she feels better soon!
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Phew it's been forever since I've been on here. It's so odd to be almost the top due date group on the list. Sometimes I forget that I'm not pregnant anymore. I sometimes say that Clara is just on a really long invisible umbilical cord!

Here's picture of my sweetie on Easter and her 9 week birthday. Here's one more of my smiling baby. She is such a joy!

I'm not used to the AF abreviation, but if it means what I think it does, mine started at amost exactly 8 weeks. I told my midwife at nearly 7 weeks that I had been experiencing a mucus discharge (TMI), but she said that she thought it was probably just lochia. Oh well. I was sorry to get it back since I am exclusively breastfeeding and Clara is definitely not sleeping through the night yet. At least we didn't depend on the likelyhood of not starting for birth control! To cheer myself up, I went and bought a diva cup (I learned of them shortly before I was pregnant), and I think I'm going to really like it.

We too are moving to a slightly larger place closer to DH's work. Moving is a headache, but after the baby shower, I was so overwhelmed with stuff and not being able to control the overload, that moving is a bit of a relief. I definitely want to still stay on top of things and keep clutter and unnecessary fluff out of our life, but being able to have storage space for larger clothes and clothes she is growing out of (for future babies), room to have a big baby item or two without completely compromising our space, and a room I can decorate in pinks and such for Clara to gradually move into--is really exciting for me. Let's hope the three of us make the transition smoothly and peacefully!
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Had my 6 week check up today. I've 17 lbs to go before getting back to pre-pregnancy weight. And apparently my iron is still low. It was kinda low during pregnancy but now it's a little lower. No wonder I'm still so tired. It's kinda weird going back there not pregnant and to be told I don't have to go back for a whole year. I've seen a lot of those people. When I first started going there I'd just had cryo done to remove pre-cancerous cells. So, I was going every 3 months. Then every 6 months. I had one official one year exam two months before I got pregnant. So, to go an entire year without going there seems like such a long time! Who knows, maybe I'll be pregnant again before then...
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2 days ago I officially hit 1/2 lb below my pre prego weight. I'm sooo flabby though. I must have gotten here by losing all my muscle tone bc I'm still not working out. It's just so impossible to find the time other than going for walks which doesn't really cut it even though I live amongst crazy hills.

I went back to my regular gyn I had been seeing before I got prego to have my iud put in. She is very nice but so curt...I think I might pay out of pocket to go see my midwife for my annual exam. I'll see. I'm switching to my husband's insurance so I don't know how much they pay for out of network. My insurance still paid 70%.

So we are signing our lease tonight. Today I am going galavanting around to pick up free moving boxes from various people in the city. 2 weeks to move and nothing is sorted or anything. Ack! Gillian I can't believe you're living in a resort for now. I hope you're enjoying it!!

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Hey Ladies,

Mal85: I feel the same way about my Gyno/OB's office.

It's kinda weird to not see them for a long time after the constant visits pre-delivery. I did, however, have to go back to make sure my bleeding was actually my period. They did a scan and sure enough, it was my period and they could even tell which ovary had ovulated! Crazy. I still can't believe my period returned at 8 weeks, despite my breastfeeding. I also have about 10-12 pounds to lose still. Signed up with some other new mommies for a post-partum exercise class starting next week. We bring the babes with us so this should be interesting.

Congrats, Vegan Princess, on your weight loss. I'm jealous. You'll probably firm up lifting all those boxes!

Had our 2-month appt today and did one vaccination (DTAP). We're planning to space them out and leave out a few.

Struggling to find a nanny/babysitter help for the coming months. It's much harder than I thought and I'm simultaneously racked with guilt for leaving her for a few days each week. I have to study to take the bar exam here and it requires going to some prep classes. Ugh-another bar exam.

I'll end with good news -- she's sleeping 5 hours at a time each night! Alleluia!
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What does AF mean?: Is there a thread about the terminology used in the forums? I'm new and trying to get the hang of things. ~~thanks~~

Our daughter is doing well. She just started smiling a lot lately. It's so cute!
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