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would you let a 3 year old play alone in a securely fenced back yard? - Page 3

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No, not unless I was watching from a porch or deck or heading out after him in a couple of minutes.....

I lost a young cousin a few years ago, going on age 4, who died of exposure after getting out of a rural back yard before they found him, and a 5-yr-old on an acreage near here choked to death a couple of years ago in a freak accident on an outdoor climber in her back yard.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I feel very strongly that preschoolers need to be supervised outdoors.

eta --the snatching wouldn't worry me, I agree with pp on that. It is the potential for an accident that scares me.
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Yep, as long as I can see what they're doing. My parents have a great fenced-in backyard with sandbox, swingset, and all the yard they could ever want to run. We let my 6 year old nephew and my 3.5 yo daughter go out alone all the time - but we can see everything they do from the windows.
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Yes... I can and do on a daily basis... Just be prepared for the continual in and out of kids.... trust me, they will be coming in to check on YOU... your back door will be like grand central station with them LOL
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I do this with my 3 year old - and did it a bit last summer/fall when he was a bit younger, too. But I peek out the window very very frequently, or listen for his constant chatter through the windows. Other than going for a very quick pee, I don't go to parts of the house where I can't hear/see him easily..
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I can see my DS from all points of the backyard. But I did wait until he understood cause and effect better. I have the patio door wide open when I do this too and I'm constantly in and out of the house. In this matter he is not less supervised than he is in the house when I'm not directly in the same room. If anything he is better supervised.
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I would and do. I open the windows so I can hear him and usually make the dogs stay out there. I would talk with her about answering you when you call to her-in case she is in a spot you can't see. You could always add a cow bell to the gate-so something that would make noise if it was jingled. Good time to talk to her about not going with strangers, yelling/screaming if anything is happening, etc.
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Originally Posted by BethNC View Post

I'm so jealous. I'd do almost anything to have a yard.
I moved to another country to get a yard.
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Depends on the kid.

My oldest was going out on his own at 4 for short times. He knows the boundaries so I'm not worried about him getting run over, I was more worried about animals. He's now almost 7 and I let him out by himself often. I usually check him every 15-20 minutes or he'll check in with me.
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Depends on the child. I wouldn't have done this with my DD at 3, but I did at 4.

I was never worried about abduction, just her doing something unsafe (eating a mushroom, climbing something she shouldn't).
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Not if I couldn't see the child, not at 3.
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Yup. My 2.5 and almost 5 y.o play in our fenced in yard all the time while I am in the house - they make up the best games and stories! I have a big window where I can see the entire yard but if I didn't I would still let them, I would just check more often.
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it depends on the kid, but in most cases yes! As long as I can easily see them from where I am. In my house I have big windows in the living room and a window in the kitchen overlooking the back yard. I can just turn my head and see them.

but 3 is the absolute youngest I would be comfortable with.

ETA with an older kid out there too I happily let 2yos out, too.
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(Haven't read the other responses yet because I wanted to give my honest answer)

It's hard to say exactly without seeing the set up, but basically, yeah I think I would.

We don't even have a fence, and I've been letting my 3 year old daughter play with her sand table on the back patio. I leave the sliding glass door open and can easily keep an eye on her from the lounge and kitchen.

My only real concern at this point is the fact that some people in my neighborhood let their dogs run loose on occasion..supposedly on "accident" . I'm thinking about getting a fence soon so she can play in the yard more freely, and I don't have to worry about them.

I'm not worried about abduction really, although it's something I am mindful of to some extent. I just don't see the real risk in playing in a fenced backyard as far that goes.
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Yes but I check from a window or sliding door every few minutes. We have a dog, if anyone came anywhere near the perimeter of our house we would know it.
I am more concerned about him getting into things, it is basically childproof but there are still tools and such out there.
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Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior View Post
No not if they were totally alone. With a sibling maybe.

I just would want to be able to hear what was going on and two are noisier than 1. I also wouldn't be able to get anything done inside because I'd be by a window making sure they were ok constantly so I wouldn't see the point of sending them out alone since I wouldn't be able to really do my own thing anyway.
Yeah, I'd also be worried about one of them hurting the other on whatever ... they seem to attract injury twofold when together.
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I certainly would.

As long as I knew that she couldn't get out, and I didn't live on a busy street, I'd have no problem with it. I'd even make my yard really inviting for a child to use her imagination out there.

I would give anything for a half acre yard! I'd have a garden with sunflowers and beans and vines growing so she would have a great place to call her own.

I'd have the best little kid yard (or a portion of it) just for her to have wonderful memories.
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I don't always go outside with my three year old, but I stay where I can hear him playing. If he's playing too quietly for me to hear him, I check on him through the window about every two minutes (literally). I think most three year olds could handle less frequent checks, but not mine.
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I have with my DD since she was 3 and with DS since - hmmm...probably 16 months (generally with his sister). I leave the back door open, open the windows, and I pop in and out constantly to check on them. If its computer work I'm doing, I do it on the picnioc table with them, but I often get dinner started, fold laundry, etc. while they play outside. they usually roam in and out, and I can hear them if they get hurt or start bickering.

I believe in free range kids, as much as possible - they need their world to be as big and to roam as far as we can safely let them. A fenced in backyard in a safe area with an observant and listening mom nearby is safe enough by my book.
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I'll say yes. It was about that time that I'd let my boys play in the yard. It's got a privacy fence and a locked, with chain, gate. I have a window open so I can hear them. I sometimes have our dog out there, who I can count on to bark if anyone would come into the yard.
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