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Herbs and Natural help for Cervical Dysplasia?

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Hi! I hope someone here has been in a similar situation and can relate and give me advice! My LSIL ( low grade dysplasia) is changing into HSIL ( High grade dysplasia) in some places on my cervix, and we are doing my first LEEP in 6 weeks. Until then, I'd like to try to improve my health " down there" and try to stall or even reverse some of my dysplasia in the 6 weeks I have until my LEEP.

I'm doing calendula/sage/comfrey sitz baths, I've quit smoking, and I am thinking of trying herbal douches or tea tree suppositories too. Any advice on that?

I would love any positive stories, suggestions of herbs, to do with dysplasia and LEEP. I so want to get this taken care of!!!

Thanks in advance!
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I thought at least one person would know what I'm going thru and try to give me some tips or words of encouragement....anyone???
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I had high grade cancer cells on my cervix (I can't remember the exact words they used. Something like H5 or close to that). It was almost 10 years ago. I refused the surgery and radiation (I am not suggesting you do that- it's your own decision, obviously) and I went to see my friend and herbalist, who immediately put me on a macrobiotic diet specific to what was going on for me. I also took herbs, but I don't remember which ones specifically. I do remember taking baths with dried daikon root leaves and holding potato plasters on my lower abdomen. He also did energy work on me and gave me some holds to do for myself.

Four months (or six?)later, when I went back to the doctor, there was no sign of any cancerous cells whatsoever. No abnormal cells at all, either high or low grade. The doctor was shocked at first and asked me what I had been doing. I told him and he rolled his eyes and called me honey and said it must have spontaneously resolved.

So I don't have any specific suggestions for you, but it can be done. I would also suggest you find a classical homeopath for a constitutional remedy to support you while you go through this.
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Sorry you're going through this. I went through this last year. I had an abnormal pap with a positive HPV test. Had a colposcopy and they found a tiny spot so I went in for a LEEP. Between the abnormal pap and the colposcopy, I did Vit C suppositories, tea tree oil soaked tampons and took supplements - Lycopene and Folic Acid and other supplements - This is what I followed:

I then went in for the colposcopy and she found a very tiny, pin sized spot which came back as high grade dysplasia so I went in for a LEEP. The LEEP was completely clean so the colposcopy had gotten everything.

I continued to take folic acid and lycopene and at my 4 month follow up, my pap came back normal. I'll be tested again for HPV to see if it's gone dormant yet in the next several months.

What I found out is that once you have HPV, you always have it but, you want it to go dormant so, Olive Leaf is a powerful antiviral and I keep meaning to start taking it. I also take highish doses of Vitamin C and will continue until I am retested.
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Be immaculate with your diet. No sugars at all, including fruit sugars.
no grain or dairy too. Organic fresh foods as much as possibe.
I second folic acid.I had this a few years back. Also take care of any candida problem you might have.

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Thanks so much!!!
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Yes to B-vitamins! I take Country Life co-enzymate B-complex. You can take 1 or two in the morning upon rising. I had dysplasia that is now reversed! I ate a lower carb (no processed foods--meats, vegs,berries, traditional fats) diet and supplemented my nutrient defiencies....From what I have read I think that is why it reversed.

I also read that the amino acid cysteine is involved somewhow and it is in high protein foods. Here is info on it

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