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Hey Girls,
Just wondering if anyone else has had any "depletion" problems from nursing twins. I have vertigo, and in Chinese medicine it is believed to be from depletion. Five years ago after the birth of my first daughter, I got Bell's palsy after 3 months. I work hard to get as much rest as possible, eat healthy, get regular bodywork and exercise. But...... I get pretty wiped out easily, and now I'm considering placenta medicine. It wouldn't have been long ago that I found the idea downright crazy, but more I think about it, I really do think that we are meant to eat the placenta, and that it would probably have really helped me for my post partum. Anyways, has anyone tried this, or has anyone had any depletion problems from nursing more than one baby?
My health history includes Hodgkin's lymphoma for which I took chemo, so maybe I just get depleted easier by nature. Anyways, just wondering what others' experience has been.