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I am ashamed to like this stuff.
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My husband actually rented it for me as a surprise! Who needs Edward or Jacob? That's what I'm going to keep telling myself....

I watched it 3 times in one day. The first time I got to the kissing scene, I was up dancing the baby and the toddler was talking to me. Second time I listened to the commentaries, third time hubby was home and we were doing dinner, etc.

I plan to wait 6 months or so and try it again. Not only was I distracted, but after reading a previous thread here, ended up watching it with a critical eye. I'm going to request the books at the library again.

off to work....
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I watched it last night with my 9 year old. We turned off all the lights and covered up with afghans in the couch recliner. The 5 year old was watching too, but she got bored, a little bit annoyed that we were watching such a boring movie, and then she fell asleep.

Hahaha, I got up from this post to get breakfast for my kids, and my 9 year old sat down and typed this:

So I went to the mall to buy a new purse, but then I ended up getting all this stuff instead. My children wanted lots of things, clothes, toys, food! Talk about Hell! It really was hell. I can't believe I said "yes" to all those things. They are never going to learn if they don't learn disaplint. So I decided that after a while they'd get bored of their things and I'd sell them. Like a garage sale or something.
She knows she spelled discipline wrong, but doesn't know how to spell it correctly. No surprise there.

Anyway, I thought Twilight as a movie was better than Twilight as a book. I found it a little tedious in parts but I think that was because it captured that part of the book. I liked the gloominess and cinematography, it was a visually pretty movie. I think the one thing that was hard to pull off the preternatural beauty of vampires using normal human actors, and I thought some of the vampires were just freaky looking. My daughter and I both thought declared Edward freaky looking when he first appeared on screen. I was expecting that from the movie poster but not quite so much as I thought that actor was good looking when he was in the Harry Potter movie as Cedric Diggory. I guess the point was that the vampires have glamour, because if I saw that doctor coming towards me, I'd scream and feel like I was in a nightmare.

Thankfully, they seemed to moderate the skin tones after the first shocking see how pale they are thing. In the low light settings he looked pretty good, and when he was actually moving and talking, he was fine. I didn't think the other vampires were that good looking, and I'm not sure why that would be a distraction, but Rosalie and Emmett (was that the blonde and the dark haired guy?) were just blah, and Alice and Jasper seemed weird to me, but I decided she was pretty cute and Jasper was fine in a blonde Edward Scissorhands kind of way. Why did they have to make their hair so freaky? Looking at IMDb, those actors are so much better looking in real life than they were in the film.

I liked Kristen Stewart as Bella, I feel like she made the whole story believable, and that's what I was having a few problems with in the book.
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I went to Barnes and Noble to buy the DVD. It was 23 dollars! Does any one know a cheaper place to purchase the movie?

Does any one know if Kristen and Robert are dating? I heard rumors via front of magazines they were together? Any truth in that? I hope so! They are so good together?!

I have you all beat! I have watched the movie more than 4 days in a row (after DD hits the rack of course)

I am totally going to forks to see it! Where in Oregon was it filmed?

Don't you think Jessica and Mike were totally awesome? Like they fit the "High School" role?
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Viola, that post by your daughter was hilarious!

Wal-Mart has the DVD advertised for $17. That may be just a single disc version, without special features. (I haven't seen the special features, but my daughter has spent hours watching them.)

I agree that the roles of Mike and Jessica were perfectly cast.

I thought they did a pretty good job of making the actors who played the vampires look a little different, but not completely freaky. I guess I am the only one who didn't think Carlisle looked weird. I thought he was handsome in a slightly effeminate sort of way, sort of like Ralph Fiennes. (I'm talking about when he's being himself or another character, not Voldemort!)

I think Robert Pattinson was much more attractive as Cedric Diggory than as Edward, but I understand that a different look was needed for this movie.

I saw a magazine with Rob and Kristen on the cover, with the headline that they were back together, but who knows?
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Rob and Kristen are not dating, never have been. She has a long time boyfriend. They are good friends and have great chemistry. As does the entire cast.
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Edward and Bella

I am so embarrassed! : I try to not get into any drama- social, personal or entertainment! Not good for the soul! Anyway, that is cool that Rob and Kristen are friends.

I totally agree that the entire cast was AWESOME together! I watched the movie, AGAIN, last night..... and then I watched the movie again with directors commentary. Long night.

I am so happy there are talented actor's, directors and movie technicians (sorry, I do not know all the official names of those jobs) that are able to make a movie and transport people into other worlds; making them forget about every day troubles, if only for even for a few hours.

So if any of you are directly related to the cast or production staff; Thank you to them!! You are awesome!
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I thought the movie was okay, but I LOVED the books. I just started Eclipse. Twilight and New Moon were awesome so I'm really looking forward to these next two. Best books I've ever read.
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This thread makes me laugh. Yes- I am totally addicted, and a little ashamed too . My sis is a fanatic. We live in Portland, and heard that they might be filming at Oxbow Park (about 20 min. outside of Portland) we were willing to hike 2 miles in 40 degree pouring rain to get to the site, until my DH talked us down and told us it was probably pretty closed up (security- and he knows the ins and outs of the park because he was a ranger there.) To be that close... AHHHHH
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New Moon

I just bought this book yesterday. I am finishing Twilight now. YEA!
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mom2snugbugs-- I'm a little ashamed too, but I can't imagine being that close and not at least thinking about trying to see them!Aaaaaaaaahhhhh
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Twilight Movie Set

I think I would risk trying to get in there. That would be so cool! Reading more of the Twilight book last night. Kept me up untill midnight!

Does any one know what other films Kristen has been in? I have not googled her yet.
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Panic Room and Into the Wild.

ETA: and it's rumored she'll be Joan Jett in an upcoming film.
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My sil gave me the book over the summer bcuz she knows my love of vampires I just got around to reading it last week.

It was very easy to read, I see why so many people like it! It's the Anne Rice vampire chronicles for this generation....but way more bubblegum.

I am going to start on the next book as soon I can get it from the library, probably this weekend.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am looking forward to it definitely!
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We've watched our copy of Twilight four times already and watced once with commentary and watched all the extras twice
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I saw this movie three times in the theatre..going to buy it as soon as i can afford it or it is on sale. I read Twilight and almost done with New Moon. Edward...sigh.
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Originally Posted by KaraBoo View Post
We've watched our copy of Twilight four times already and watced once with commentary and watched all the extras twice
Thank goodness there are people out there that have watched it multiple times! I am on 6. I did watch the commentary and extras. So awesome! Did you all think the music was totally a match for the movie?!
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I did like the music, yes. I pick on this film a lot but I can still enjoy the books and film.
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Originally Posted by Eliseatthebeach View Post
It's the Anne Rice vampire chronicles for this generation....but way more bubblegum.
Blasphemy! OMG, my stomach actually started hurting when I read that.

I refused to suffer thru the horrible writing that is those Twilight books, but I figured I'd give the movie a shot since my dad said it was so good.

Um, no. Most horrible movie I've seen in a long, long time. I was amazed that they could transfer the horribleness of the writing into movie format like that. Their ability to do so was the best part of the film, IMO. I was hoping I'd like the movie and it would inspire me to suffer thru the books, but no.

My four-year-old likes it, tho. That seems about the right age group for it, too.
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Ahh Me and DH watched this last night. .... I know we are proabbly the last people to watch it since its been out for what 2 weeks now. We loved it, It was nearly 12:30am went we finished it and I told DH the only bad thing now is waiting until they make the others. I immediatly downloaded the books this morning and have already got halfway through new moon. DH isnt much of a reader so i will probably tell him everything that happens lol. Just glad we are not the only ones in love with this movie. haha
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