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Re: Aha!

Originally posted by BohoMama
I live in a country where doctors are gods, nurses take their orders, and patients are supposed to be, well, patient.
Sounds like the US!
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I was thinking about this whole vernix-washing thing, and it came to me that mother animals (well, mammals at least) lick the birth residues off their babies right after they are born. This not only cleans the newborn creature, it also stimulates its blood flow and (along with nursing) begins the mother-baby bonding process. Perhaps the cleaning also serves to foil predators by removing part of the smell of the birth.

So why would human babies NOT be programmed to need this treatment?

Of course I'm not advocating hot or cold water, chemicals wire brushes, or bathing by hospital staff, but maybe a warm gentle sponging by mama is part of the natural program?
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I've read that human mothers have an instinct to touch and rub their baby's skin, all over the baby's body, immediately after birth. This would rub the vernix into the skin and would also stimulate blood flow.

Some parents give the newborn a Leboyer bath, which is a much gentler alternative to the standard hospital bath.
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This actually may be the least of your battles. I mean it is just a bath.

my first dd didn't get one until she was almost 24 hours old and she was in the NICU. #2 was born at home and #3 was at the hospital but I had a great midwife who hand picked her nurses and so everything went off as if I was a princess whos every wish was catered too. So no bath was the smallest of my problems. Also it was the dead of winter, she had already been outside (didn't make it on time )and was already having trouble maintaining her body temp so holding her under water was the last thing anyone wanted to do. Once my room warmed up and she had settled a bit (maybe the second day I gave her a bath because she was g etting smelly. They sent in a bowl, a wash cloth and a bottle od stinky soap (physoderm I believe. way to uch perfume for a newborn. way too much perfume period).

All this to add, no one even batted an eye at me not bathing her.

While madeline was in the NICU I saw them do the sink thing with a baby who had a total diaper blow out (where a baby that small found that much poop is beyond me) he totally loved it though. i must say, there was no scrubbing though, just bare tushie in warm water. who doesn't like that
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With ds, we made it very clear that we wanted the first bath delayed at least until we had had a really good opportunity to nurse and that one of us would be doing it. They had no problem with that...
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