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Thar she blows...or, er, blew! Anyone impacted at all by Mt Redoubt? I just went running & we could see the ash up high but seems like Anchorage isn't affected yet as the winds are so high.

I hear Petersville & Skwentna have ashfall.

I wonder if it'll keep blowing? And, I wonder if we'll get a run on supplies? And, wow, after 3 days off school for ice, I bet they'll try to keep from cxl.


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Yeah, its crazy.. 5 times it blew its top SO FAR?
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Yeah, DH was supposed to have the day off and they called him in because of it. So far no ash out our way, though we might get some. Susitna Valley is under an ashfall advisory.
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Blew again today.

Nothing's flying west or north out of ANC, so if it keeps up, a lot of the off-road communities are going to be a little cut-off...
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and again today!

I hope it does not interfer with my friends plane ride on the 4th! She is coming up from Georgia and I have not seen her in 2 years.
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Saw yesterday's eruption and got ash! Pics on blog: www.groundtruthtrekking.org/blog/
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Ash in Anchorage..

how many times has it blown now? a dozen?
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Originally Posted by mckittre View Post
Saw yesterday's eruption and got ash! Pics on blog: www.groundtruthtrekking.org/blog/
amazing pics of the night eruptions!
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very cool blog. Love the yurt.
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We were way out camping & suddenly the world turned gray. Kind of apocolyptic feel to it. Interesting to be out of touch from cell phones, etc & just carry on!
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I've done enough hiking out in volcano country that I've always wondered what it would be like to be out there when one went off nearby...
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