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Goober is a peanut.

Anyway, my mom gets a little flustered when proper terms are used but she's been a sport about it in the past and hopefully will be when DS is starting to learn as well.

I do think education does play a role because we have to learn from somewhere what proper terms are and for many people that somewhere is school. My sex ed classes included all the names for every thing inlcuding vulva. That being said, so many fellow students that it was embarrasing, and giggle worthing that we were discussing penises and vulvas in class and that we actually got to see labled pictures and everything. I was probably the only one there that didn't see anything 'taboo' about it.

I don't mind cute names, though Dh and I don't use them most of the time. DD does just because her friends do, we don't correct her, but we don't respond with the same word just because.

I don't like the "penis/vagina/vulva" is a naughty word deal that some people have going on. Names for body parts are not naughty, they are correct. And I don't like uncommon cute names. If the average person doesn't know what a "froo-froo" is or the girl means when she says Jonny is touching her rose, then there are problems that can arise. Including the mention above of the girl getting dismissed by the teacher because the teacher didn't understand what was ment by purse.

Generally, I feel each to their own, but if your going to use a cute name please, please, please use a well known cute name.
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post

And last week, my laugh for the day came from DD saying to her brother, "Look! All the testicles have melted from the roof!"

I went to a church dinner/potluck. One of the dishes was squid.. one of the REALLLLLY sweet innocent young ladies announced a little too loudly that "EWWWW! The squids have all those testicles!" (she meant tenticals)

I laughed for two weeks about that.
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i think it's silly! why not call them by their proper names? people can be ridiculous about the silliest things
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
That mortified my parents a bit but what really gets them is when they pass gas and DS yells, "Granddad, your digestive system is working away in there!"
That reminds me, when my daughters burp, they say, 'my tummy's talking'. They made this up completely on their own.
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Just as a "ime" post - I completed a yoga teacher training a while back and thought of this when I read this thread. We were all sitting around discussing the class we'd just taken and a classmate of ours (a female) commented on a certain asana, she said "I feel intimidated when I do this (certain) asana in a public class b'c I take air into my vagina when entering the pose, and then upon releasing the asana (yoga pose), I have a sort of vaginal "fart" how can I avoid that?".

OMG, you would have thought we were a room of ten yr old boys. I was thrown by the students laughing & mocking...

It was weird... many people are sort of closed when correct terminology is used. Embarrassed even. I hope that changes, it gets in the way of very real factors. And real solutions.

Best luck on trying to enlighten OR ignore them!
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at some of those mistakes people have blurted out. I think I said orgasm once instead of organism when I was learning the terms. SO glad it was only with one other person who corrected me!

Anyway, we teach DD vulva and vagina, and she knows girls have them. She's only talked about it around us so far. She also knows boob is only a word for around mommy and daddy at home (I really tried to get her to stick to nursies but she knows the body part as boob, too). I want her to love her body, all of it. Like this morning when she was naked (she hardly ever is-- carpets, and her prediliction for scratching the heck out of her butt and thighs if she's pantless) and singing "My body! I'm not dressed!"
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Originally Posted by St. Margaret View Post
....this morning when she was naked and singing "My body! I'm not dressed!"
Haha, well, my daughters are frequently naked. Sophia used to sing 'my body, my body, my body' after stripping off her diaper while running up and down the house.
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When I was in 7th grade, Spanish was an elective. We very quickly learned that to pluralize a noun ending in a consonant, Spanish adds the "es". I had several months of private amusement before the other students got to the part of health class where they learned that "testes" meant something quite different from a Spanish quiz.
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We use the proper terms, even though DS insists on saying "pee-pee" and he confuses "penis" and "peanuts" (I think intentionally because its funny).
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Another "Oh LORD" moment to add for laughs. When I was 17, I started my first job. My boss's name was Jaime (pronounced Hi-may) and I called him Hymen in our first conversation. Nothing like starting off on the right foot.

OH! I remembered another - 9th grade French. "Douche" means "shower" and when the teacher said it... Well, it WAS in a class of 9th graders so I guess the response was to be expected.
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Originally Posted by blizzard_babe View Post
Reminds me of my friend's daughter. She was watching me change DS's diaper, and was kind of in a genitalia-centric phase. She pointed and asked, "What's that?" I said, "That's his penis." She looked at me like I was just about the stupidest thing ever to hit planet Earth and replied, "Duh, no. BEHIND his penis" and poked his testicles. She was apparently ready for the advanced course, so we got into both vocabulary and not touching other people's genitalia without permission.

Same girl walked around for a few weeks talking about Venuses and Paginas.
I snarfed my drink!

People are so weird about bodies, it doesn't surprise me that they're weird about the terms used for various parts.
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Wow, I don't think I've ever started a thread that generated close to this much discussion!

I'm loving all the crazy stories about what kids say. I didn't really start this to bash moms that use different names, though I don't completely understand why they do. My issue is definitely more about the fact that the ladies were complaining about another mom teaching her child the correct terms for his body parts. I'd honestly just never thought it would be an issue. Also made me realize I should start teaching my DD what is what down there!

Okay....I admit it....I didn't know the difference between a vulva and a vagina until after I had a kid. Pretty sure to begin with I'm just going to teach her vagina, and get more specific as she gets older. Plus, I should probably teach my DH the technical terms first!
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Originally Posted by clicksab View Post
Plus, I should probably teach my DH the technical terms first!
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Reading this I wonder why people are talking casually to other people about their child's genitals if they are so embarrassed about the proper word? Why discuss it at all if it embarrasses you?

My mom uses the word "thing" for penis. Do you know how long it takes to puzzle out what "his thing" means?

I've never had anyone get upset with us using proper terms for body parts but I don't think dd has blurted out penis, vula, vagina, etc in front of a lot of people.
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phew! i finally finished reading this! i'm glad i did because it was enlightening *and* amusing at the same time! i thought of many things to say as i read it, but i'm sure the thread will die after my post (seems to happen most of the time i chime in on a topic ...)

dd2 calls it 'front bottom' and 'back bottom' and thinks girls have 'back bottoms'!!! they know what a penis is, but we don't make up words for genitalia - other than just calling the whole shebang a 'bottom'. dd2 also calls my breasts 'bras' - we're working on it!

my mom taught me about sex when i was about 9-10. i remember a big biology book and a discussion pertaining to positions and pleasure and love but not necessarily marriage ... those people who are freaking out about the word penis would have died.

the interesting thing about 'knowing' the right words and how things work is that there is no mystery or shame. i wasn't a prude, but i was a virgin til 17 ... plenty of hanky panky, but no hangups.

my dd is now 9, and she asked grandma how babies are made (in december, when i was 42 weeks pregnant). my mom didn't evade the question, but she did change the subject slyly - but only because she wanted me to decide to have the conversation. they were with 5 yo sister, studying the book from the Bodyworld exhibit. no hiding anything in that book! it hasn't come up since then, but i know we'll be talking about it soon.

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My DD made up a song about her vulva and her butt that she likes to sing around my dad b/c it embarrasses him. I do know that the other moms at church use cutesy words. We don't... so I'm waiting for DD to say something on day.
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Originally Posted by JennaW View Post
I also wanted to say, growing up I was MUCH more embarrassed by the cutsey terms "nunu" and "bum-bum" then the proper term "vagina" (which I now know is not the proper term but I didn't know any better growing up).

The cutesy name from childhood still embarasses me and my sisters too. I don't even want to type it out now. It definitely puts a shame around it, at least in my experience.

And the proper term vagina or vulva was neutral.

The cutesy name had a connotation kinda like, you-know-that-thing-that-want-to-hide-and-not-about-because-there-is-something-wrong-with-it.
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This leaves me wondering about using yoni. I didn't feel like the word vagina was accurate(plus it means sheath for a sword). I never thought to call my dd's vulva a vulva! I call mine my yoni so it seemed sensible to call hers that too. What do y'all think? With my ds we freely say penis, but so far I haven't had to decide wether to call his testicles balls or testicles. My dh calls them balls and I usually do too...

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Originally Posted by Lunaria View Post
This leaves me wondering about using yoni. I didn't feel like the word vagina was accurate(plus it means sheath for a sword). I never thought to call my dd's vulva a vulva! I call mine my yoni so it seemed sensible to call hers that too. What do y'all think?y
Until I read a thread on MDC, I never heard of the term Yoni, and still don't really know what it means or where the word came from. Regarding the term vagina's real definition, it's terrible, huh? and most medical terms created by men are just as terrible. I prefer vulva since that is the are they can see at toddler/child age. It is more accurate and all encompassing.
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I totally thought yoni was a cutesy word...is it an actual word? Like a clinical one..off to look up its origins...
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