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Sorry to hear that Pelican...fingers crossed your vision comes true next month!

Beckster, that's hilarious. : It does take a little while to train your brain to take your temp properly first thing when you wake up!

Looks like next month will probably be a bust for me too...DH finally gets back from his business trip on the 17th (he's been gone since Aug. 14) and I have to leave on the 21st.
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Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Fire up the grill for some veggie dogs.

I'm on CD 10 and my second day of temping. (Not counting my little fiasco on Friday, of course!) I had a .5 degree drop from yesterday to today, even though I took my temp at almost the same time (10 minute difference). I know two days doesn't really give any info; I was just surprised to see the big drop!
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becks, temps can look crazy if you don't have the entire cycle in front of you, I'm sure it'll even out eventually.

somegirl, you still have a chance, you have three days together

just bumping us up.
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Thanks for bumping us, oceane! I was just about to do the same thing. I'm feeling optimistic about this month. DH was born in June (as were my best friend and one of my brothers) and we got married in June. I'm still about ten days from O, but I already have my fingers crossed for a mid-June babe.
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Hey vegans! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Becks, I am keeping my fingers crossed for us all to get June babies!
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snow, you're temping already. I am too lazy still.
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Looks like it's time for a bump!

Is it so quiet because everyone is pre-O? I'm not expecting to O until next week, but I'll probably take an OPK tonight (CD 13) just in case. My cycles have been so weird lately that I might O early.

Happy 09/09/09!
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Well, pre-O here, yes. And also some major relationship doubts going on for me... ugh. Feeling very unsure about what is going to happen between us and what I want. As certain as I am about wanting a baby, guess I better take this month off from TTC.
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Thanks oceane.

Although if I am consistent with the last 2 cycles, the egg will arrive 2 days before DH.
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I'm so sorry, Pelican. That sounds like a really hard situation.
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Hope things work out soon, Pelican.
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Pelican, I hope you can figure out where this is leading you.

pre-O here, too, and will be for quite some time!
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Pelican, I'm sorry you have having a tough time right now . I hope you find clarity so you can move forward.

oceane, ya I temped a few times this week out of habit mostly. I think I will take the weekend off though .
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Thanks so much for all the hugs. Things happening in our marriage that upset me, and i realize how hard it is for me to even know what i want without thinking about what he wants. : :

I get these quotes emailed to me, and this one came this week:

When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists -- as it surely will. Then act with courage.
- Ponca Chief White Eagle

I am hoping if I give myself enough space and time the confusion will subside and I will find some clarity.
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good morning ladies! Saturday check-in: absolutely nothing to tell.

sending good thoughts to Pelican, relationship trouble is tough.
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Saturday check-in: This is my first month of charting my temps and I'm on CD 16. Here's a link to my (somewhat wacky looking) chart.


Does it look like I'm gearing up to O? I hope so!!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Oh, Pelican! I'm so sorry to hear you are having a difficult time right now. I'm sending you my strength. Hopefully it will all become clear soon. Be gentle with yourself. Hugs and love.

Weekend Check-In.

Sitting at day 11, feeling positive and optimistic about this cycle! : I've been looking back at my cycles and thinking about our 'trends' in timing, and I think we were stopping too soon. As in, we would basically stop DTD after suspected O around day 16, but really, I think I might O later than that. Oooops.
So, to cover bases, we started day 9 and will continue 'til like the 25th. Yip Yip!

I'm still not charting temperatures, so I'm not sure where I got this over confident idea about when I truly did ovulate. Sigh. Silly me.

I've been taking my maca like crazy.

Fun question for everyone
Have you thought about any fetus names? I love the idea of something food related being vegan.
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Well, I called him "Bean". Very original, I know!
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Originally Posted by becksteracious View Post
Beckster, the link just brings me to my page. To link us to your chart, you have to go to Sharing > Home Page Setup. It'll give you a link you can use to share, and you have a few options to choose what gets displayed.

Hesperia, have fun with your new strategy, hope it works out for you.

Pelican, sending more ((hugs)) your way.

AFM, I'm already starting to get EWCM and DH won't be home for 5 more days. Oh well, I'll just keep enjoying all the long bike rides and other things I might not be able to do if I'm pregnant.
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Originally Posted by Hesperia View Post
Fun question for everyone
Have you thought about any fetus names? I love the idea of something food related being vegan.
We called Baby Girl "Fluffy"--we didn't know she was a girl at the time, and we thought it sounded sort of gender neutral. In retrospect, it's pretty girly.
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