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Stroller Insanity -- Do I Need to Buy 2 Strollers for Twins?

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Help!!! I'm so tired of researching strollers.

This is what I want: one stroller that I can use from infant to toddler for my twin girls. I can use this stroller when shopping or hiking (obviously I can't hike with infants). The stroller can be easily carried and put away in the car or wheeled into the subway.

I really like the Bob. It seems light weight and easy to maneuver. But the seats look huge. The sales person at a boutique store told me she doesn't advise using the Bob for babies until they're 6 months. Another person told me you can use the Bob when the babies are 8 weeks.

Major drawback: I can only use this stroller with one infant carseat.

Mt. Buggy:
It seems as if I can use this stroller for infants as you can purchase a carrycot/bassinet type thing.

Major drawback: I think I have to buy 2 carrycots. Each cost around $250 -- yeah super cute but I'm not sure the price is justified.

So the question is the following. Do I just suck it up and get 2 strollers? Like a double snap n go and then the Bob later on?

What did you guys do for your twins?
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I can't speak to the strollers you are considering, but maybe some of this will help:

As infants, my girls were very much 'in arms' babies, so we didn't get any use out of a stroller until they were 3-4 months old. We carried the babies everywhere and didn't go very far anyway!!!

They hated snap & go car seats and therefore, the snap & go stroller.

The first stroller that they would tolerate was a baby jogger. It was donated to us, so I have no idea about $$. The thing that my girls like about it (I believe) is that the canvas seats are kind of 'slingy', so it holds them more like a wrap around carrier than a stroller with hard seats, IYKWIM. We use the baby jogger for walks around the neighborhood. I never take it apart & load it into the car; it's a pain IMO.

I also picked up a used side by side peg perego to keep in the car for errands. To be honest, I don't get much use out of it. When they were lighter I'd carry one on my front and one on my back. Now I usually carry one and put one in a shopping cart. I like the peg perego bc it's super light, super easy to fold and unfold, and narrow. I dislike it b/c it feels cheap, the shoulder harnesses aren't secured into the base of the stroller, and the wheels are a bit wonky.

We go hiking fairly often, and we always carry them in Becos.

good luck!
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You can use the MBUD from infancy w/o the carrycots. We never had them and the stroller was still great! That stroller gets my vote - I absolutely LOVED ours and took it *everywhere*!
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Like Kjoy, mine would not go in a stroller as babies. They were around 1yr when they would finally go in one. Before that I ended up pushing the stroller with my older ds and holding both the babies. It was not fun. We have a Valco now and we love it and the kids love it now. I don't see a reason an infant could not go in it. The seats lay almost flat and it comes with an infant head rest thing. It is not small or light but it is a great stroller and it will last us forever. It does fit in the back of my Toyota Sienna fine. It is skinny compared to some other doubles and fits fine through doors, not sure about the subway. We take ours camping and for walks/hikes and it does great. Personally I would not waste $ on a snap and go but my kids hated being in carseats. I guess if your babies will actually stay happily in a carseat it might be handy but it seems like a lot to spend for something you can only use a few months (mine outgrew infant carseats before they were 3 months).
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Really, we used slings when the twins were little. We had a stroller, but preferred the slings. We also didn't use the car-seats with a base, so I didn't use a stroller that incorporated a car seat.

I did finally buy a stroller last year that I really love. It's a tike tech. Not as expensive as some, but very nice. It folds easily, has big wheels, but fits through standard doors.
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Thank you so much ladies for all of this info. Wearing a sling seems like a great way to go. But here's my question. We'll be bi-coastal for awhile (LA to DC). So while I'm in DC, I know we'll be using the metro. Would wearing 2 babies on a sling be too much to get out and about and run errands while on foot/subway? That's kind of the reason I"m thinking a stroller is going to be super important.
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Double strollers! Something I'm a bit of an expert on at this point. Here's my experience:

The double Snap n Go was FABULOUS. It folded up so small and light, had a huge basket underneath, and was narrow and maneuverable. Great for doctor's visits and shopping. But like KJoy, my twins hated their car seats with a passion. So while they would tolerate the SnG for many months, it's time was limited. I bought used seats (new to another twin mom I knew) and a used SnG, then sold them both when my girls were about 7 or 8 months. Cost me almost nothing.

My mother, who cared for my twins during work days, and I both have MBUDs. Mine is used, hers I got new on eBay. (I kinda like mine better.) They are great strollers, so easy to push. We've used them on every terrain known to Northeast folks: beach, gravel, trails, road, and even on the Subway. You don't need the carrycot. We started using ours for short walks almost immediately, when they were about 8 lbs each. We used the straps and a blanket to keep the babies positioned well. FYI - we bough a used MBUD for my mom before getting the new one. Found it on Craigslist and got it home before I realized one of the front wheel forks was bent. Fortunately we returned it. Something to look out for. But, the MB is heavy as anything, and very awkward to lift. We don't take it in the car unless we really have to, and it doesn't fit into our Prius. Not that a Bob would either.

For more versatile use, my mom has a MacLaren, which she loves. I have an Ingelsina which I like a lot. It took the place of the SnG for doctor's visits and in town use. Mine usually lives in the back of my Prius.

So, sadly, I think it may be hard for you to have one stroller you like for jogging type uses and can still put in and out of the car. It'd be hard on the stroller and on you.

But if you really wanted to get away with only one, you could do it by getting a big jogger, and use an Ergo or such for in town. My husband and I LOVED going out with the babes in Baby Bjorns, and upgraded to Ergos a few months ago. We use them more than either stroller.
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In DC, huh? I was writing my response before seeing yours. I'm a native and live near a red line metro stop. Our girls have been on the Metro a lot, in their MBUD and in slings. Recently even on foot.

When I'm on my own, I definitely prefer a stroller. Either the MBUD or my Inglesina do well!
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i have been a nanny for 2 different sets of twins.
sometimes when going out on public transport and stuff, i would wear one baby on my back, and put one in a cheap portable umbrella stroller. then i could switch the kids out when they got tired of being where they were. sometimes it was a lot easier than wearing 2 or having a big double stroller.
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ok, i am still mainly using a carrier for one and a single parent facing pushchair for the other. i have a s/hand MBUD with a carrycot and like that for local strolls, but anywhere busy/public i get palpitations at the thought of having both out of my reach. i am assessing me for most paranoid mother award here , but i just don't like them to be so much 'out there' in the world when they are tiny. i carried my others pretty much exclusively for at least 5 months (bar second who went in the back of an emmajulnga and was totally hidden by the toddler seat his older bro was in, so still felt safely out of people and light glare).

i think it's easy to do without a double until 6 months unless you are recovering from surgery/very bad prolapse/ some other physical difficulty.
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I love our new MBUD .... we had the Graco duo glider travel system thing, and I hated it.
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I had the double Snap 'N Go and I did use it, but I wouldn't say it's a necessity. It was useful for grocery shopping (the basket was big enough for a lot of food, including multiple gallon jugs that I could finagle under there without needing to remove a carseat) and it was light and easy to use. While they were in infant carseats, and after my husband's 6 weeks of paternity leave was up & I was on my own with the babies, it came in handy.

I also had the MBUD from the beginning, and I used it some when they were tiny. I started using it to get my older daughter to her pre-ballet class.....the trip from car to the ballet studio was across a gravel walk or a large grassy lot....both too bumpy for the Snap 'N Go, but fine for the MBUD.

I had a carrycot but never used it. (It's still new in the box.) In part because I didn't go out with them in the stroller when they were super-tiny (I had Lyme disease postpartum and just a host of "issues" that kept me from doing things like go to the county fair or concerts in the park!) And also because when I did use the MBUD (at ballet), I just reclined the seats for the babies.

Now that they are out of their infant carseats, it's MBUD all the way. I also wear them, usually in a Beco carrier.
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What about getting just one larger stroller like a graco that reclines all the way back, and then get a really nice carrier like a Beco and then wear one while you are out and have on in the stroller? And then "if you have to" you could bring along another carrier to wear them both and use the stroller to keep all of your stuff in?
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Originally Posted by tinyblackdot View Post
What about getting just one larger stroller like a graco that reclines all the way back, and then get a really nice carrier like a Beco and then wear one while you are out and have on in the stroller? And then "if you have to" you could bring along another carrier to wear them both and use the stroller to keep all of your stuff in?
I think you're right. I'm getting a lot of mixed messages about when the babies can be in a Bob or Mt. Buggy. And I know, I'm being neurotic, lol

It sounds like the solution is getting either the Bob and putting one baby in the car seat and then wearing the other. I just don't want to pay $250/bassinet for the MBUD. I need to speak to Mt. Buggy or Bob and really get answers from the manufacturer. Emails need to be sent. I'll report!
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well you could always wait and then go get one when you actually need it. That way you will konwexactly what you are looking for and exactly what you need.
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You can use a MBUD from the beginning without the carrycot; the seats go almost flat.

That being said, I did enjoy my snap and go in the beginning. It weighs almost nothing (I had a difficult recovery from a c-section) and you don't have to wake the babies to transfer them from their car seats. You can pick up a used snap and go pretty cheap.

My twins are 5.5 yo and still fit in the MBUD (45 lbs each) - we still use it for the zoo, or places where it's too much walking for them.
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Another vote for the MBUD without the carrycot. We got ours at 3-4 months and they went right into it. Originally I planned to sling one and stroller the other but it got too complicated for me very fast. I'd get all set and then the babe in stroller would want up but then I couldn't push the stroller comfortably, not to mention the fact that the stroller had individual handles and it would be crazy steering if I just pushed on one side and and and... The MBUD steers like a dream one-handed or two-handed. I kept a ring sling in one of the baskets all the time (just folded it in) so if I did have a babe that needed up, I always had a sling with me. I can't say enough good things about our MBUD. It almost makes me sad now that we're looking at selling it.
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I would like to suggest a Peg Perego Tender. In the model I had you could easily fit two infant car seats. It folded easily and was easy to store once folded. You can save yourself many $$$ by finding a used one on Ebay.

Also, I have a BOB Duallie and while I love it for fitness purposes its just not suitable to be used at the mall or in stores.

IMHO....don't waste your money on a Graco Duoglider. I loved mine at first. But, its a piece of junk compared to the Peg Perego.

Yes....I have 3 double strollers....the Peg was given to us...got the Graco for $31 on clearance at Target...and the BOB was purchased used (had only been used once).
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We have a Greco from when I had M and O 14 months apart. We like it just fine. We also used it and still use it daily (we like walks and I have back issues so can't babywear all the time). Now we are looking at other strollers that are toddler double. But yeah Greco's aren't perfect but good enough
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I love my MBUD too, and I highly recommend it. It reclines nearly flat so it can definitely be used from birth. I actually wish I had gotten the carrycot, that way the babies would have been able to lie together facing me, and it would have been easier to keep away "touchers" (you know, those busybodies who always want to touch tiny babies because they are so cute.) By the way, you only need one carrycot for the double Mountain Buggy, it's designed to be twice the size of the carrycot one would use for the single Mountain Buggy.

I also had a double Maclaren when my boys were little babies. It was great when they were really small, maneuvered well and folded up pretty small. But as they got heavier, it became much harder to push them on sidewalks or rough terrain. I kept it for in and out of the car trips, and recently sold it because I just never used it anymore.

Hope that helps!
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