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My 3 yr. old son attends a Montessori school and today was my cleaning day at the school, so while I was inside he and the rest of his class played on the playground. When it was time to leave, another parent came in with her son to inform me of an incident between our boys. One hit the other,( mine being the aggressor ). Now I was not out side to bear witness and it doesn't matter who hit whom first, but I am not sure if I handled the situation correctly. I did get down to my sons level and ask him if this were true and asked him to apologize and high-five rather than hug his classmate. He did, and we talked about not hitting and better was to play with our mates.
Now here is another issue, this boy has been a bit aggressive before with my daughters (18 mo. twins) but no harm done, the mom has emailed me on these other occasions to tell me how sorry she is for sons behavior. I let her know that it was alright and that these things happen as children are all learning how to get along. Yet, I feel as though she made a point of telling me that my son hit hers to make me bad- for lack of a better word.
She has also told me of a book that says boys hit to show that they like someone.

Sorry for going on so long!
How should I react--or should I just let it go?