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Chico area moms?

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I'm in Magalia, brand new to the MDC community We're AP and pretty crunchy (though not the crunchiest by any means) and we'd love to meet more moms around here - I feel out of place a lot of the time

Who else lives near or in Chico??
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Hi! I am in Paradise!
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Hey guys, I thought I'd jump in here. We're actually in the Sacramento area but will be moving to either Chico or Paradise this summer. My husband will be transferring to Chico State for the Fall semester so we're in the process of finding a job for him and a house to rent. I'd love to meet other crunchy mommies when we move up there!
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Hi! We love Paradise!
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Maybe you guys can keep a look out for a cheap house for us to rent. I'd like to keep it under $800 and we NEED a fenced yard! We're looking to move anytime between June and August. Thanks!!!
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I will definitely keep an eye out. If you are hoping for under $800 you definitely want to look in Paradise.
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Yep, you were right. The houses in Chico in our price range were horrible! We're going back to see the insides of a couple in Paradise on Saturday. One on Clark that we really like and another on Sutter off of Neal. Another question for ya: We've got a little one coming in August/September. Anything you can tell me about birthing at Feather River? Any midwife recommendations? Thanks!
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It's official ... we found a place in Paradise and are moving up in June! Yay! So how about any recommendations for Pediatricians for docs for the hubby and me? We do vaccinate, but selectively and spread them WAY out. It would be nice to find someone that won't give us a hassle at every visit! Look forward to meeting you Magalia/Chico/Paradise gals!
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Dr. Wasserman is awesome! He's in Chico, but it's worth the drive.
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I'm currently in New Zealand, and before this have been in the Vancouver area of Canada for the last 10 years, but I'm a native chicoan and love, love, love it!!! I know it's changed a lot in the last several years, but it's still such a special place, and will always feel like home to me!! Just this morning I was pining for a big al's peanut butter hot fudge milkshake, as a matter of fact!

anyway, just saw the title 'chico' and had to come harass you, back to your discussion and enjoy caper acres for us, would ya?
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I am so excited to find this!! We are moving to Oroville at the end of June, and would love to have some other AP/semi-crunchy friends! I'm also in the market for a pediatrician, as my ds will need his 6mo well baby, and we are not vaccinating. I'll look into Dr Wasserman--is he pretty open to more natural/AP parenting?
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I'm a bit north of y'all in Redding. Anyone going to the baby expo next month in Chico?
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Dr. Wasserman is very open-minded about natural AP parenting/no vax, etc. He was actually MY pediatrician & he's friends with my grandparents

I am going to the Green Baby Expo- I already got my ticket!
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I haven't checked in in a LONG time!

I'm glad there are so many chico area mamas!

We see Dr. Gannon and she's fabulous too - she's in Chico so we have to drive, but she's worth it. I don't know if she's taking new patients though.

We're excited to meet some local mamas, so let me know if you all want to get together!!
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Hi, y'all! Please check out my thread here
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I love Dr. Asarian, too Mamas -- he is super cool in resp[ect to homebirthed babes, vax, breastfeeding, etc. In fact, he's the only area ped with an IBCLC on staff.

Come check out LLL when you can.
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Hi all, we went up to visit friends in orland and we loved it up there so much that when we got home dh started applying for jobs. So he just had a great phone interview and you never know, we might end up in or near chico!! I'm so excited although I have to say I am more than a little afraid of the heat. We are currently in monterey where its rarely above 70 degrees. So do you mamas spend much time at the rivers there? Are they accessible and safe spots for wading with a 2 year old? We did attend the green baby expo and it was great! Btw, I'm 6 weeks preggo, what is the birthing comminity like?
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I'm new here, too, but I can tell you that Paradise is SOOOO much cooler than Chico or Orland or Oroville or anywhere around. Magalia is even cooler. Chico has a great little swimming hole at Bidwell Park. It's free, lots of grass and shade. It's actually part of the river that they dam up so there's a very shallow area for little ones and it gets deeper and deeper. And it's real water continually flowing through so no chlorine. We love it. I'm due in August and did a lot of research about where to birth up here. Feather River seems amazing. I really wanted to have a home birth this time, but that didn't work out for us and it seems like Feather River's Birth Center is about as ideal as you can get for a hospital birth center. I'm going to Paradise Midwives for prenatal care. They rotate you through all 3 midwives so you know them all, and they have one ob there too. Then when you deliver, one of the 3 midwives will be there with you. They have water birth, tubs, showers, patios, and you stay in the same room your entire stay. I had to go to L&D once for monitoring and was very impressed with how nice and attentive everyone was. Also my son just broke his arm and we had to go to the ER at Feather River. It's such a nice small town feel - didn't have to wait at all, people act like they really care, and they remember you! You're not just a number. Enloe (in Chico) used to have midwives, but I guess they're no more. I've heard some horror stories about Enloe and also good stories. There are also 2 or 3 midwives that do home births in the area, and a few doulas as well. In Chico there's a prenatal yoga class that sounds great - you can even bring your toddler with you. Some of the other moms probably know more than me - we just moved here a few weeks ago, but that's what I've learned so far. Here's a couple links for you: http://www.sacredbeginnings.org/ http://babiesinchico.com/homebirth.aspx
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Hi! I'm new to MDC, too. We have lived in Paradise for about 2 years, and we are moving to Magalia in the next few months. I have a 9 month old baby girl who was born at Feather River Hospital. I would also love to meet some moms who are a little crunchy
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