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Cluster pumping to increase supply?

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If I cluster pump (10 on, 10 off for an hr) once in the AM, once in the PM and pump (normally) at 4am, would this be enough to help increase supply? I'd like to cut down the amount we supplement (Currently about 3 to 3.5oz a feed).

I'm taking domperidone as well.

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Remind me, does baby nurse on demand? If you are cluster pumping, nursing on demand, and pumping once at 4 am (because baby sleeps through the night?) I would think it would increase supply as long as you respond well to the pump.

FYI, for some women a little breast massage and 'jiggle' before each cluster pump helps with let down.

Good luck!
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Yes, baby nurses on demand using a lact-aid supplementer.

I respond 'ok' to a pump... I relactated for DS at 6 months old (hadn't nursed since 2 days old) using a pump and got up to about 15 oz a day in 8 weeks.

She sleeps through the night. For example, she just nursed around 9 (she took forever, lol) and is laying down to sleep down (apparently she did NOT want to be held tonight) at 10pm. She'll probably sleep through until 6am or 7am. I didn't cluster pump tonight but I pumped right before she nursed (she woke as I was pumping) and then she nursed so I think that's good enough.

I'd just like to cut down on our supplements... It's not a bad amount but I want to keep her on breastmilk and that means donated milk or my own pumped milk (which isn't much, 1-2 oz a pumping).

I massage my breasts before pumping and nursing and am going to start using a moist heated washcloth on my breasts while pumping too.
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It sounds like you're doing well! You'll see within a week or so if the cluster pumping is working out for you. Good luck!
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Thanks! I'm hoping that 120mg of domperidone plus cluster pumping, pumping at 3/4am and nursing on demand will increase my supply. Even if I can pump enough to cut her donor supplements to 1/4 less, that helps us stretch the donated milk. I pray to make it to 6 months with donor milk and then can introduce solids to take some of the demand off her milk intake (wishful thinking!). I'm just praying and thanking God for the help we've gotten and continue to recieve. I will always nurse her, even if it IS formula in the SNS but I really hope to never give formula.

You see, my older son (3) is a type 1 diabetic. We almost lost him to the diabetes. There are studies that show that formula fed infants are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes. As any mother I'm sure would, I would do and give anything to protect Bella from that. While I know that breast feeding is more than just milk (and it certainly is!), keeping her off formula for as long as possible while her body develops and utilizes the antibodies is best. If I can avoid it completely, that's even better.
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