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Claudia Charles H. - Induction Free, March 14th!

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Last week is such a blur. My girl is 10 days old today, and I'm just now sitting down with enough time to write this out before I forget the details!

Claudia must have heard the threat made by my OB of induction on Tuesday the 17th, because after no real signs of pre-labor, I woke up crampy and with a tiny blood tinged fluid leak at 5:55 am on the morning of Friday the 13th. Never having been so excited to see blood in the toilet in my life, I woke Matt (DH) up to share the happy news...SOMETHING was happening! He asked if he should stay home from work, and of course I said yes

After timing small contractions for an hour or so, we determined that they were coming at an average of 5 minutes apart and lasting about 20-30 seconds before they started slowing and getting irregular. We went ahead and called my Mom and Step-Dad at about 9 am (they were in town from Michigan and staying at a nearby hotel), telling them the good news and asking for them to come bearing Panera bagels (heehee). When they got here, we all sat around and ate, did a little cleaning up, and generally hung out until about noon, when they decided to leave us alone to rest for a bit.

I took a good nap from about 1-3 pm, got up and got a shower. Sent Matt out for some lunch (Dunkin' Donuts egg and cheese biscuit, yum!), and then started to worry that nothing was going to come of the contractions we'd timed earlier. Called my mom again, who suggested we go walking, so we headed out to Wal Mart (their choice, I hate that place). Told Matt to stay home and take a good nap, as he may be needed later, and we stayed gone from about 5-7pm.

The walking really seemed to work, and the contractions really picked up again, so we headed home. Things were still manageable, so we woke Matt and decided to go out somewhere for dinner, wher my Mother totally freaked the waiter out by telling him that I was in labor at the moment, and that if we left quickly, she promised to come back and pay. He brought us our check pretty quickly after that

Contractions were uncomfy at this point, and I was ready to be at home for a while, but I was breathing through them pretty easily. Mom and Step-Dad went back to the hotel at about 11 pm to get some sleep since it looked like this would be it, and Matt and I settled in for a long night.

By 3 am, contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and lasting a little over 1 minute. I was still breathing well, and talking and joking between them, but was ready to head to the hospital and at least get checked. Called the out of towners, and started getting our things together. Matt took FOREVER gdoing that, and by 3:30 I was getting pretty snappy telling him to just forget whatever we might forget and get his ass in the damn car!

At the hospital, the Maternity admitting nurse checked and said I was a really stretchy 3cm (which she ended up just calling a 4), and that my cervix was "just BEGGING to have a baby." I was staying! YAY!!! After getting settled in our L&D room, Matt made the calls to the other two sets of 'rents, and we did our initial 20 minute monitoring strip. This is where I kind of lost track of time...our room had no windows, so I'm not sure when the others showed up, but I was still in a pleasant mood for a good long while.

I have to say here how wonderful my hospital L&D experience was. I'd asked for minimum monitoring (I was aware of and willing to accept the 20 minute per hour thing), no AROM, a saline lock rather than an IV, and minimum cervical exams, all of which were happily honored by the staff. I was able to move around (aside from the monitoring time), walk the hallway, etc., and I know that helped me labor completely unmedicated for as long as I did. My OB checked me at about 1 pm and declared me 5-6cm dialted, and I held out on choosing an epidural until about 3 pm. Matt was doing his best to help me through with breathing, but was watching the monitors and afterward told me that at that point, I wasn't really getting any break between contractions to regather my focus. As far as my wish to go natural, I feel like I accomplished what I felt I needed to, and am completely happy that things went as they did.

After the epidural, I was totally pleasant again, joking about the numbness and how strange it felt...until Jill, my L&D nurse demanded that the 11 family members take a hike for a while so that I could rest a bit. She was staying in the room to do her paperwwork, but even demended that I not speak to her either, saying that she could tell that I was an "entertainer," but that she was worried that I was getting way too tired. She was totally right, and I suggested that Matt take a break and go with them. I ended up taking a little 45 minute nap (which was heavenly after having been awake in labor for 12 hours).

When everyone returned to the room, we visited a bit more before a different nurse came in, checked me, and suggested a test push. I guess I did well, because she decided to call Jill (she said that she couldn't possibly steal her thunder by taking over now, haha). I don't think matt nor I have ever felt such a combination of shock, excitement, fear, etc. in our lives, but we were ready to dive in and get this done!

Within a few minutes, Jill came back in, and decided to wait another little bit to allow me to "labor the baby down." Apperently that worked, because by about 5 pm, she checked me to find Claudia's head was so close that she and Matt could look in and see it about 2 inches from crowning! With dimmed lights and no one in the room but myself, my husband, and the L&D nurse that we felt like we'd been through so much with already that she was a trusted friend, I started the process of pushing my first child out. It was truly one of the best, most relaxed, most exciting, most intimate, most beautiful experience I've ever had.

By the time it was TIME, the OB who'd been checking on me all day had gone home, and I ended up delivering with another OB in the practice. We informed him when he finally came into the room about our decision to refuse an episiotomy and tear naturally instead, to which he replied "we'll see how it goes..." Um, no, we won't! Matt was under strict instruction to grab the Dr.'s hand if need be if he saw scissors anyway, so I wasn't worried, just annoyed really.

He "decided" that an episiotomy wasn't needed (*eyeroll*) as Claudia was crowning, and Claudia Charles was born at 6:37 pm on Saturday, March 14th! We'd only pushed for about an hour and a half, ending up with an 8lb 6oz baby and a teeny tiny 1st degree tear She was put directly on my chest, all purplish and wet, and Daddy cut the cord as we both cried tears of joy.

Unfortunately, Claudia was determined to have a bit of fluid in her lungs, which landed her in the NICU for 4 nights. Her lungs had cleared up wonderfully by Sunday evening, and she was kept for observation and feeding/spitting up issues (no duh...she's a baby. Plus, you're feeding her formula out of crappy bottles that flow WAY too fast). We just got to bring her home on Wednesday evening, and have been completely baffled by her ever since, hahaa. Neither of us have prior baby experience, much less with a newborn, and the NICU nurses understandably didn't have time to do the normal "this is how you change a diaper, this is how you swaddle" etc. training that I understand the post partum nurses are usually happy to give when you have a normal romming-in hospital birth experience. We're figuring new things out all the time, though, so it's all good

So if you made it this far, you deserve the good stuff!

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Great birth story, gorgeous baby...so much hair!
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Congratulations! I'm so glad you avoided the induction and had such a wonderful birth experience. Your little girl is beautiful!!! :
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wonderful story and great pics...thanks!
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: Congratulations!!

And, look at all that hair!!!
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thanks for sharing your story!
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CONGRATS!! and lol at your Mom and the waiter.... that's something my MIL would totally do
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Congrats! She is so pretty and I love the name Claudia!
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Congrats, mama!
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Thank you all so much for helping me through this pregnancy! Though I wasn't extremely active as far as posting here, I got so much info and support just reading everyone else's posts that I feel like you all have been a part of me getting through the whole experience. I appreciate it more than words on a screen can say
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Not from your DDC, but had to say congrats! She is fabulous, and is Charles her middle name? That's awesome!
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amazing! look at all that hair
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Congrats on a beautiful baby!!! :
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Thanks ladies!!

Originally Posted by Bella Babe View Post
Not from your DDC, but had to say congrats! She is fabulous, and is Charles her middle name? That's awesome!
Thanks! And yes, Charles is her middle name My mom's middle name is also Charles, after her grandfather, and we thought it'd be cool to start a tradition, lol!
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very cute baby:
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