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does your child eat their crusts and do you care?

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hi mamas,

so, does your kid eat their crusts? does it bother you if they dont? do you do anything about it?
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Ds does mostly, dd doesn't. It doesn't bother me.

I don't like crusts much myself. I've thrown out a shocking number of ends of the loaf of bread (after they turn moldy) because I just couldn't bring myself to eat them. Dh likes them, but doesn't like 'my' kind of bread (whole wheat).
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My kid does eat his crusts.

I wouldn't care if he didn't though (because I sometimes don't eat my own. )
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Sometimes. Why would I care?
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DS doesn't eat sandwiches yet.

DD, it depends on... well I don't know what it depends on, sometimes she eats them, sometimes she doesn't. I really don't care either way. I eat crusts because I was taught that it was bad not too, I hate crusts. First and only time I had a crustless sandwich, I loved it!
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I would prefer that my kids eat the crusts, but it's a battle I've picked not to have with them. If I don't remove the crusts (or peels of apples, etc), they eat 'around' them, and more gets wasted than if I were to just remove the crusts or peels beforehand.

I had to eat crusts, peels, etc as a child and just feel it's wasteful if it gets thrown out. Now, I'm OK throwing out the peels of non-organic fruit, but *I'll* eat the peels of my children's organic apples rather than toss them.
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Sometimes. I don't are if they eat the crust--if they don't, I get to finish it for them!
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Sometimes DD does, sometimes not. She usually does not like toasted and pizza crusts. But, at the moment, it works out great. DS loves to teeth on them.
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Originally Posted by liliaceae View Post
Sometimes. Why would I care?

I actually don't know for sure, between the four of my kids. I know I sometimes toss crusts after clearing the table, and other times I don't recall seeing any.

Generally, *I* don't like or eat the crust on sandwiches or pizza. Sometimes I do, but not often.
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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. And no I don't care. Sometimes I don't eat the crusts either.
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DD isn't eating any solids yet, but when she I almost hope she doesn't eat crusts. They're my favorite part of bread so I would have no problem eating hers.
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I hate crust to this day...so no, it's not something I care about.

It bugs SO when I don't eat my crusts, though...
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I've never cut them off for him, nor has he witnessed anybody else doing so. He sometimes eats them and sometimes not. Same as me!

I would probably be reluctant to give him another sandwich if he left a lot of the first one on his plate. Luckily, it has never occurred to him to toss the crusts aside and ask for another helping. I've seen other kids take a couple soft bites from the middle and consider the rest of the sandwich to be garbage. I'm not sure how I'd deal with that. Probably not by making another sandwich.

But generally we're not big on seconds anyhow. I'd rather have him choose some fruit or cheese than have a second PB&J, for variety. My DS is not difficult about food though, so there's no struggle there.
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None of my 3 kids(ages 7, 8 & 10) eat crusts. 2 will eat the heel fo the bread though.

I sometimes eat the crust, sometimes don't but I don't eat the heel.
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I've never thought about it. They just eat the bread, sandwich, or whatever. If they get full before they finish, then sometimes some is left on the plate. Are crusts an issue?
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both older kids (1 and 4) do. the baby doesnt

they will literally sit and eat a whole loaf if i let them, crusts are definitely not an issue!
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It depends on her mood at the moment. Today was an only crust day, she ate around the hole sandwich, eating all the crust and leaving the rest. Yesterday was a no crust day.

Kind of drives me nuts at times, not because she is or isnt' eating something but because I never know what she wants at that particular moment. She gets upset if I leave the crust on and its a no crust day.
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no and no.
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Dd does, and yes I do care. I care about wasting anything.
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Yes he does - unless its 'dry' ...and in which case, I dont blame him! I try to make sure the contents of the sandwich/toping on toast go out to the edges, otherwise the edges are just not enjoyable to eat (depending on the kind of bread - you know, some breads are just really dry and some are rather moist! hehe) and he will leave them behind. No big deal, the birds will eat it (or not, as we do have two outdoor cats...but something eats it. I put it on the grass, no need to be thrown away - its not 'wasted' then). I couldn't imagine trying to force my DS to eat anything he didn't want to eat!
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