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need conjunctivitis remedies

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Help! What worked for my kids for years is not working for me-- eyebright herbal compresses and homeo. euphrasia. I'm on day 5 and my eye is looking worse than ever. I know it's c.vitis because my daughter had it last week.

Does anyone know of anything else for "tough" cases? I'm about to resort to calling my dr. I don't want to mess with my eyes.
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Are you lactating?....if you aren't do you have a close friend who is, breastmilk works great for conguntivitis. Works for us everytime. Good luck!
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colloidal silver drops worked for me! I am lactating and was putting breastmilk drops in eye but wasnt clearing up fast enough... after one nite of collodial silver drops my eye was clear!!! The brand I used was silver max but I understand you can use any kind... Good Luck!!!
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I ditto the colloidal silver drops!
worked great for us!

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Thanks to all. The colloidal silver sounds expensive but I'll check while I'm out today at the food co-op.

It's terrible, but no one I'm friends with right now is a nursing mom, just relatives out of state. All our kids are getting older!

Thanks for the suggestions.
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we used eye bright tea bag compresses and drops worked great along with Mommy milk
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At our co-op i got a tincture of Rue/Fennel by Herb Pharm and you mix about 5-6 drops with saline solution and do eye washes with it a few times a day.Worked for me and the kids!
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My pharmacist used to have a sulfuric oxide eye ointment that worked with one application...Don't know if you can still get this or not...and I don't know anymore about it than that. Old pedi prescribed it eons ago when my 19 year old was a babe - if anyone knows anything more, I'd love to hear!
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Also keep in mind that some cases are viral, not bacterial so only time will heal it.
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