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mamadiya ~ hugs to you! The same thing happened with dd's weight (she was always little, but went from 10th to 4th) and she's also seemed to develop several food intolerances since my milk dried up...dairy, soy, tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries...I'm sure there are more that we haven't yet identified. I think that my milk was protecting her gut in a way, so I'm really hoping that when it comes back in that she'll get some healing from it. I felt very guilty but have recently realized that I'm glad I was at least determined to nurse from the get-go ~ otherwise she would have had a LOT more issues as a newborn (and probably been on prescription formula).
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We are finished here DS is 28 months and finished nursing about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I had to night wean him back in December and January. It became such an irritating feeling when he was nursing that I couldn't sleep. After that, my supply really dropped off and he lost interest as he became more and more attached to Daddy.

We went on a trip out of state to visit DH's family in February. While we were there I became more and more sensitive during nursing. I started limiting how long he could nurse. Finally, he was trying to nurse one morning and I realized that he wasn't getting any milk. I asked him if he was getting anything and he said "nope" and quit trying. That was it. He was done after that.

DS still loves to touch my breasts and likes to have his hand in between them to fall asleep. It's great that he still wants to cuddle to sleep because he is becoming so independent during the day.

One on hand I am so sad that he is not nursing anymore. On the other hand I am glad that he is finished before his baby brother gets here. It is such an emotional experience for me to deal with his weaning, which is just amplified by all of the pregnancy hormones.
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I actually think my milk supply is coming back - or rather, the colostrum has started coming in because I heard dd gulping away about once every 2 days (usually when she's having a good long session and not a quick comfort suck).
I hope it lasts until the real milk gets here! Dd is still pretty keen on breastfeeding at night, in the morning, around nap time, and whenever I've been away for a length of time. She's only ~18mos, so I would be quite upset to stop now that my nipples are once more all healed up from her nibbling/my eczema nightmare.
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DS has almost self-weaned. He is 22m. I really was hoping to get to two years. He nursed a LOT until I stopped pumping at work at 18 m. I was pregnant by then and he started to wean very quickly. I think my supply dropped a lot faster than I thought it would. He still nurses a bit at night or at nap if I am home. Sometimes he just wants his pacifier which he is pretty attached to. I've noticed that he often has a big, big drink of water after nursing so I am pretty sure that I am dry.

*sigh* And to think that I was driving myself crazy deciding if I could handle tandem nursing.
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