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January 2ww

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Hey ya'll,

Figured I'd start a Jan 2WW thread... I'm 4 dpo right now. We actually managed to time BDing remarkably well this time, and I'm trying a new trick that I picked up over at FF - i used an Instead Cup afterwards for about 5 hrs to minimize the dribbling factor. Actually felt myself ovulate while wearing the cup thingy too, so I'm hopeful

My chart is at http://circles.fertilityfriend.com/home/wtchyhlr
FF says I can test Jan 10/11 ish.

Anyone else in for the rollercoaster?

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Instead cup? : 8 dpo and would *love to get a like my friends in Dec 2ww. You coulda joined us there until Thurs! Those pre-O girls had us bding every other day from creamy to O! ag
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Hey Joy!!! Nice to see you again!!! Nice to have another CO girl here with me, now that adventuregirl has graduated!

That instead cup trick sounds interesting....did you learn about that on the circles?

Letia, all that bd'ing is good for you!
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Originally posted by AdinaL

Letia, all that bd'ing is good for you!
ag :LOL
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I guess I could join in here too!! I'm 7dpo! I am going to be moving on Friday so I probably won't be on these boards as often! I'll get back on at the end of January after traveling from Connecticut to Alaska - hopefully with some good news!!!!!!!!
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those instead cup thingies

*waves towards boulder at Adina*

The instead cup thing was the subject of an entire discussion over at FF. The basic premise is that immediately after BDing, you pop one in (like before you ever even stand up) to trap the swimmers and basically soak your cervix in sperm. I have tried it a couple of times. This last friday is the only time that I managed to try it on the day I O'd. I actually felt myself O while wearing the cup. Supposedly over at FF there's a bunch of women who've conceived while using them. They're basically like plastic/rubber sort of cervical cap with enough room to hold 12hrs worth of menstrual blood. I did stand on my head while wearing one the first time i tried, but our timing was off that cycle. It would be SO handy to have a regular cycle.... but hey, at least I'm ovulating again (my body took the summer off) I think the instead cups are a great example of the lengths crazy TTCing women will go to try to get pregnant At least I haven't broken out the egg whites yet... but that might be next

happy new years... and to all a baby in 2004!

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I'm not really here , but since my 2-ww goes into Jan (by 1 or 2 days), I thought I'd say hi

Joy, nice to see you back! Hope the Instead cup does the trick for you! As for the - ahem - out-thereness - of real ew, try it, you'll like it!! :LOL

We discussed this a while back. Basically, when I first told dh I had heard something about using real ew, he told me he thought I had truly gone over the edge...well, a couple of cycles after that, he thought it was the best thing ever! Feels totally natural, no plasticy smells, and helps out when extra lube is required.

everyone! Let's make this a baby-filled new year!!
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I guess I need

to do a search at FF! I'm praying that *this is my cycle though!
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Okay, I'm joining in. I'm 11 dpo today (first ovulation since conceiving DS). I spotted a couple of times yesterday, but temp was still up this morning.????

Will be travelling tomorrow through Monday, so won't be able to check in 'til Tuesday. I'm cramping, but I did that with DS. They don't seem to be cervical cramps, but uterine cramps. We'll see!

DS has been talking about his "baby" for the last couple of weeks. Maybe he knows something I don't!
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Weeeeeeeell, I guess I'll officially join, since i will be January in a few hours! : I *stupidly caved and did a 9dpo hpt. BFN! I guess I'll *wait until 14 dpo, I think FF says, or . We'll see how I fel as the wait progresses.
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Letia, did you read my response in the Dec 2-ww? Hope you're feeling better. Hang in there, you can make it till then!

Welcome longjon's_wife Hope your stay is short and sweet! Hopefully your ds is on to something! !

I'm going to try and nap...I'll check in on you all later!
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Ok, so I haven't quite made it to my nap yet...I have a question. I was casually :LOL looking through my bag'o'hpts under the bathroom counter, and of course I had thrown my 12 DPO FRER in the bag. Well, it now has a faint pink line.

What's the story with tests beyond the 3-5 minute window (this was from 2 days ago)?
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Never mind...I found my answer (sort of):

Q: What if I took a test and it was negative, but when I looked at it an hour or more later I saw a faint line?
A: You may be pregnant and just didn't have a high enough level of hCG to trigger the test within the usual time frame; however, it also could be the way that test reacts over time, so you really need to test again either way in order to be sure of the result. Some brands indicate that an "evaporation line" will appear if the test is left to sit. Generally speaking, you should not rely on any positive result that does not show up within the time limit stated in the test instructions. All brands have the possibility of an evaporation line or chemical line.
Now, a better question may be, do you know if FRER makes an evaporation line?

Oh well...I just need to test again, I know...!
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I saw ya heveasoul! Not making it to the shower yet! It seems as though that was discussed at OS FRER and evap. Do a search! If you've got a *bag of hpts....ag.

I'll check back when I get home! It won't be NY's yet! OR before I leave!

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Alright, I'm trying not to be too excited, but evaportion lines tend to be colourless!!!!! You say this is definitly pink???????
O.K. gotta get it out, Woo Hoo!!!!!
Whew, feel better, I keep all my old tests, and the ones from last month have NO line at all--and I just checked (and checked them at least 10 x/ day until AF showed)
all in all, pink is good, pink is wonderful--I've never been a pink person but I've come to love the colour :LOL
Test tomorrow morning!!!!
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Uh oh...now I'm getting excited...!! It is definitely pink.

So the old tests - were they FRERs?

I think I can wait until tomorrow. I mean, if I'm not, it'll just be , and I am, waiting until tomorrow will let that hCg increase, such that the chances of getting a tomorrow are greater (than if I test this aft or evening, I mean).

Uh oh, now you guys have to keep me from going !

Edited to add: "It is definitely pink."
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Haha, Hevasoul, Steve and I were reading "the Mother of All Pregnancy Books" the canadian edition by Ann Douglas and one of the Mother Wisdom snipits says
"Here's some conception related trivia for those of us living in the great white north. Researchers have found that the peak months of conception in northern climates are May, June & December, resulting in a greater number of births during the months of Febuary, March and September."
Hold off until tomorrow, first morning urine is best, especially since you used FMU a couple days ago. (unless of course you happen to have a cup of pee hidden somewhere--who on earth would do such a thing?????:LOL )
Yes my old ones were FRER tests
I'm so excited, we will have to get together for lunch (preferably sometime after the smell of food doesn't make my puke)
I'll be checking first thing in the morning--why am I more excited for you than I was for me??
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Hey, I bought that book when I was on vacation in the US a couple of weeks ago! What page is that on? I'm curious to see if my edition is different, having bought it in the States and all...

Nope, no hidden glasses of pee anywhere...

I can wait until tomorrow. (( deep breath. )) If my temp is still high, I will definitely test tomorrow morning. If not, well...I'm not going to think about that right now!

puke-free lunch, that would be great!

It's always fun, tracking each other's progress - I'm always rooting for everyone so much as the POAS timing approaches, esp. for those who I feel I get to know, those who I've "chatted" with a lot!
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Hey, are we the only ones here with no New Year's Eve plans? :

Well, I had plans, but I cancelled them due to my cold. I'm not a big New Year's Eve fan in general, but it was going to be a small gathering at a friend's in Toronto...would have been nice, but both dh and I are in pretty rough shape...cough cough, hack hack, HONK!
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Page 100, is your book the one with the baby on the front wrapped in a Canadian Flag?
We actually do have New Years plans, we were supposed to be at dh's step brother's wedding but we left right after the ceramony (used the excuse that I'm sick and all) We are instead going tonight to some friends of ours that live not far from here, couple movies and some cards, very relaxed and we get to play with their new puppy (Havoc's grandpuppy)
On that note, we said we'd be there around 8 and it's 8:04, so I suppose we had better get dressed and get out of here!

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