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Back from church.....heavesoul....ag

I *know it was too early for me...I'm not sure when I will test again....FF's is the 5th, and *our calculation (w/ the 17 day lp I had last cycle), is Jan 8. Not sure if I'll wait til then or 14dpo, which I thought FF suggested to POAS. OK! How cool we *all go to I'm !
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Alright, I'm home from my new years celabration--we're getting old
Hevasoul, it's 2 am now, I would imagine I'll be up by 9 am, when will you be up and peeing???
I hope you will as i did, come tell us here first--not dh--after all, how much did he really have to do with any of it??:LOL :LOL :LOL
Just kidding, you can tell him, but prior to any celabrations, you must come tell us, I likely won't sleep I'm so excited.
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Ok, well, I woke up at 5 am , temp was higher still (mind you it felt as though I was coughing ALL NIGHT...), so I tested.

15 DPO

Life Brand (CDN) hpt: BFN
FRER: very faint pink second line. very faint. :

So I'm not ready to accept it as a BFP...I guess I'll try again tomorrow or Saturday. I know a line is supposed to be a line, but it is sooo faint.

Shannon - my book is different. hope it's not missing anything important! We watched a movie, and since I was coughing so fiercely, I was actually still up watching tv at midnight. woo. hoo.
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C'mon you guys. WAKE UP!!

ok, now is when the impatience sets in. No, not for you to wake up and get online, :LOL but to test again. ugh. I should have bought a bunch of cheapie hpts off the web.

The Life one is supposed to be sensitive ...and it showed nothing.

Also, I forgot to say Happy New Year! May 2004 bring many many sweet little babies!!

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here I am!!!!!
you would think it would be the dogs that wake us up this early in the morning, but no it's the stupid cat!! He's been yowling since 6, maybe he knew you were up and had tested :LOL
Well lady--would you just accept it!!!!
: :binky
Woo Hoo, I'm soooo happy!!!!
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seriously though...not that I mean to be a major pain in the (really, how many opportunities are there to use that smiley?)...but but...it's just so faint! Had dh confirm that it is indeed a faint line, but it's just barely there!

p.s. silly cat!
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Is it as dark as the one that came up on your old test?? (not sure why that matters , I'm just a very visual person)
Accept it my dear--you are in a family way :LOL
I know that the life ones are supposed to sensitive, but that was what I was using my first pregnancy and I was 6 days late before those ones came up positive, The FRER however I think came up at 4 days late. Acutally Loblaws own brand came up the evening of 3 days late, but only after 3 hours, called their help line and she told me I likely was pregnant and to wait 2 or 3 days later and then test again---Yeah RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway the next morning the FRER was indeed positive, although not with a really dark line, but you know what they say.......
I'm not sure what's up with the Life brand ones, according to the charts they should be right up there sensitivity wise, but I never really got that.
How long did it take the line to come up?
Ohhhhh, I'm so happy
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Thanks for your expression of happiness and reassurance (I'm still reserving celebration...I know, I know...!!)!

The 12 DPO FRER didn't show anything in the first 10 minutes of testing, then it was yesterday that I pulled it out of the bag and saw a faint line. The 12 DPO faint line is darker than this morning's, but this morning's showed at about 4 minutes after dipping. I imagine I have to wait for it to "age" before comparing the two.

I may have to buy some more FRERs to test tomorrow, rather than use the one Life hpt I have left...
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hehe, yes if you're like me another 2 pack!!
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yup. sheesh, this impatience is getting expensive...!

Hope you're not ready to throttle me with my failure to embrace this as a BFP! I'd better watch it - you live too close, and have dogs! Are they attack dogs? : ha! I get to use it again!
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As a matter of fact, he is fully trained in bite work--as well as narcotics--so be carefull!!:LOL
Nah, once you get a few positives, or at least an immediate one, you'll relax, not to mention--is this not the day you were kinda expecting AF?? Get that under your belt and you'll feel better!
Of course you're not driving me nuts, I've been nuts for a while
So where is everyone else????? it's almost 9 in the morning!!!
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uh oh! Is he a German Shepherd? My dh has an affinity for gs - he grew up with (2 of) them.

Yes, today (15 DPO) is the day OS estimated AF to arrive, but for the last two cycles it came AT 14 DPO. I will feel much better once this day is over and AF-free.

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Yes he is a shepherd, he's a solid black and a big pussy cat, he knows I'm pregnant, I swear it, he keeps laying on top of me, which at his rather hefty 107lbs, is a wee bit uncomfortable. He just started doig this a few days ago, the first time in his 9 years!!
His graddaughter Tunza that we had she used to do it all the time, of course she was only 50 lbs. He loves kids so much, I had a client here the other day with a 3 yr old girl, she kissed him on the nose and he was so cute, he kept coming to me as if to say "did you see that mom.....she kissed me!"
You know, you can let your dh know we have puppies right now :LOL
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oooohhhh...I wish (he wishes, I'm sure)! We're currently in a 1-bedroom condo (putting off moving until we have to...), but let us know next time - we just may be in larger digs at that point!

How sweet, that he's doing that all of a sudden...and the kissies, melts my heart!
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Well, I'm gonna go have a nap, I didn't sleep much at all last night! I'm exhausted.
However, still wondering where everyone is??????????
Who else is testing today anyway?
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Originally posted by shannon0218
Whew, feel better, I keep all my old tests, and the ones from last month have NO line at all
:LOL i thought i was the only who did that....
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Originally posted by shannon0218
Yes he is a shepherd, he's a solid black and a big pussy cat, he knows I'm pregnant, I swear it, he keeps laying on top of me, which at his rather hefty 107lbs, is a wee bit uncomfortable. He just started doig this a few days ago,
isn't it cool how they just *know? i remember everyone noticing the day i got my BFP (hadn't told anybody yet) that my friend's cat who is usually a hermit, was all over me.
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mini celebration!

i couldn't bear the suspense trying to catch up on posts and checked out your chart, you are *soooo pregnant!!!! i'm very excited for you!!! happy new year!!!! i can't wait until you get a nice dark line to put your mind at ease

happy new year everyone!!! i hope we're all celebrating next year with new little ones :LOL
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You know after I wrote that about the tests, I kinda thought, "oh no, they will think I'm insane" does this mean we're all insane or that I'm completely normal??
I don't know charts, but I'm glad Jessie has confirmed what I already know :LOL
It's a Canadian thing, I thought I had totally missed it this month, but Steve claims his super Canadian sperm were just hanging out a little longer playing shinny hockey and drinking beer waiting for that perfect egg to pop out. Course after Havoc just landed a big paw in his groin, he also said this pregnancy had better stick as he is not sure he will ever be able to use his parts again :LOL
Wow this morning all I wanted was bacon, I don't even really like bacon--about once every couple months--but I had to go wake dh to go get bacon for me--he wanted to know how many pounds I wanted :LOL
oh well, he's off getting my bacon and I'm back here surprised we've only heard from Jessie at this late hour of the morning!!
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Heveasoul......YEAH!!! My first test was SOOO faint that I had to have my neighbor confirm because I didn't believe!!!

And now, I am definate preg...


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