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oops, posted in the wrong place! but while i was posting, it looks like there was another BFP!!!

congratulations greenbeing!!!

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Congratulations greenbeing!!!

Have a healthy happy nine months!
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Thank you all so much!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS Chrissy, Bellasmom, Jodie and greenbeing!!!!!

Wow. I'm so happy for you - sorry you didn't have the boards to celebrate on immediately! Wishing you all lovely, healthy pregnancies and beautiful, healthy babies for fall 2004!

I'm at 3 DPO, although I was a bit erratic in my cm logging, and the thermal shift at CD 15 wasn't as high as it normally is, so we BD'd this morning, in case O was actually yesterday (CD16) (although I realize that I missed both possible O days...the BD was actually morning after both, so I'm hoping we've covered our bases...).

After a chemical pregnancy last cycle, I'm hoping to join you BFPers!

Thanks for the dust, Shannon, and

all around!!

Edited to include greenbeing - wow, you guys - this is awesome, I can't keep up with all these BFPs!!
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I feel like I've been following your journey Chrissy, and I got all misty eyed when I found out you were preggers

Adina, I don't think you checked in yet, but I too was also watching your chart while MDC was down. I'm really sorry

As for me, I thought I'd join in We are on cycle 2 of TTC#2, and we are on the every other month plan for astrological reasons Anywho, I'm on only 1dpo, so I'll be here for the next 2 weeks. :LOL We "tried to conceive" on CD17 (late at night), and I ovulated on CD20 (early in the am). (Sorry, after knowing what BD means, I can't use it as an abbreviation :LOL) So we'll see if hubby has super sperm or not. All day yesterday I was feeling my corpus luteum (like a cramping) on my right side. 2 months ago, I believe I had a chemical pregnancy and my corpus luteum was going nutty on my left side. The only issue is, Aidan has proven to be allergic to more foods and has been nursing like a mad man (which is amazing, I didn't think he could nurse more than he currently does). So we'll see (again) if his constant nursing will interfere w/the egg implanting.

Okay, thinking of all you ladies

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Thank you so much everyone! All the congratulations are making me weepy!

Congratulations Greenbeing and Jodie! This is awesome!

Jess, just wanted to compliment you on your composition of smilies! :LOL
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wow, congratulations BFP'ers!

i'm hopeful but not too optimistic... 11 or 12 dpo.

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Wow! How encouraging is THIS? CONGRATULATIONS JODIE, CHRISSY, BELLASMOM, AND GREENBEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adina - I, like just about everyone, was watching your chart. Probably the most popular chart in all of charting. for you and for your IUI this cycle.

I am ~13 days passed suspected O. I took one test way too early to be sure and it was (of course) negative so now I'm waiting till Thursday if I can (that will be cd30 in whats usually a 35-45 day cycle). Of course, since seeing that negative at ~9dpo I've started planning for next month...even though I know things could still turn out positive. Weird way the brain works, I guess.

to everyone still waiting to test........ serious and real 's to everyone who moved over to pre-o.
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oh flitters, your chart does look so encouraging! My fingers are crossed for you!!

C'mon everybody, let's break the December BFP record!!

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Holy Cow! COngrats to all the BFP'S I'm so psyched for all of you..... what an amazing month! (granted this is only my second month here)
It's so great to have you all here - I have several pregnant friends, and they don't seem as fun to talk to.... of course none of them have been to these boarrds either!
Well again congrats!, I'm back to the pre-O!
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Grrrrrrr....spotting started....looks like I won't be adding myself to the BFP list this month! It's not over til it's over, of course, but I'm not counting on it anymore.

Time to get serious next month...anyone know what to take to lengthen luteal phase, I'm thinking B vitamins but can't remember which specifically. Thanks!
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Does anyone know how many BFP's there was last month??

And stupid question...I have been here for months and apparently have been DOING it..but what DOES BD mean??

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I believe BD stands for baby dance.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and positive vibes.
So far so good.
Good luck to those waiting to test, I hope it's your month!
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Oh Caroline!!!!! My dear it means "baby dance"! and apparently you did it very well!
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Caroline - bd = baby dance

Completely silly.
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we could always have a new term for BD.... like RTS (riding the schlong) or BU (bumping uglies)or as my Hubby likes to say - Stuff me like a twinkie. hahahaha. What else have you ladies got?
So a serious question... I bought some OPK dip sticks, and since I am on a 29 day cycle, it says to start testing on cd13 (which is tomorrow) what about CM? should I look to that also to predict when to test? (today a little watery) I will also post this in the jan pre- O but since you ladies are all so smart - I bow down to your fertility knowledge and besides.... so many of you are pregnant, I thought I'd get your opinions!
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Okay..I am an idiot. YOu think I would have tried to figure this out earlier!!

Korin, I never did get the hang of those fertility strips. I always seemed to miss it. The month I got pregnant, according to my fertility strips, I never ovulated Go figure.

I think you start them according to your cycle day. Your CM can change quickly, and they predict that ovualtion is withen 24 hours?? Wait for someone elses response, apparently I didn't use them right myself, becasue wether or not I ovulated in December....

Gosh, I am getting stupid in this...

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Hi All!

chiromama...:LOL Hmmm...can't think of a better one than RTS...!! Well, admittedly, I never use the term BD with dh - a bit too goal-oriented...so sometimes I refer to it as lovin', or getting in some lovin' (ha! the genteel way of RingTS!!)...I've seen DTD (do the deed).

So, not much to report here, just checking in...CD 18, 4 DPO...a weeee bit disappointed that I missed the actual O day to RTS, but hoping that the days before and morning after will be more than enough to catch that egg!

The desire is strong these days...dh and I have been house-hunting, so of course, with each consideration, what cycle I go through (and he, too) is visualizing us as a family using the space/living there...and there's been so much time planning, discussing..."Let's do it already!!" is how I'm feeling...ugh. if only.

Thanks. needed to whine.
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I love RTS, but would that not imply you on top--not the best baby making position!!:LOL
Hevasoul, congrats on the house hunting!!
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Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself... I've been lurking for a while now. Congratulations to all BFPs!!!!!
We're not officallly supposed to be ttc until April (so I can finally graduate!), but ever since we decided to try at all, we've been really bad about protection Its my first month charting and I'm in my 2ww (although my chart might disagree).
Good luck to everyone!

PS- I love RTS! I think we just say "getting some lovin'", too.
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