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Congratulations Melissa! I'm so excited for you! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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Is this were I belong - I'm 2 dpo - thought I'd see, but everyone seems way later in their cycle than me...

Congrats Melissa :-) Nice to hear a positive :-).

Good luck to all those waiting!
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nicole, i'm a tad ahead at 7dpo. it's all on when your cycle falls. good luck to you too!
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Aw, shucks...

Thanks for all the well wishes!! I didn't even know about the Mothering Discussion boards the first time around -- this is much more fun!

I would like to start a January BFP thread but am not sure where it should go. Anyone know?

I was sitting cross-legged at the gym today while ds ran around with the other kids and I felt a weird discharge kind of feeling and thought, "Oh no!" I don't know what it was, but it wasn't AF. Phew.

Here's a big thank-you wave from chilly NE Ohio
and lots and lots of Baby Dust

Looking for more 's real soon!
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Go to the main ttc thread and click on the "New Thread" button to start the new January BFP thread. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to join you there soon....!!
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Whimper, whimper....
i just tooka horrible fall in the parking lot at my office! I was bringing in our printer that has been out of order off and on all month.... (and it was finally fixed) and I tripped over the curb... face into the printer ( which shattered into 4 pieces) knee into the curb and then hit my head on the sidewalk. Totally humiliating.... and my first words were - "is my printer ok?" I had to cancell all my patients for the afternoon and come home. My face is swollen and bruised ( I look like I just lost a fight) I can't stand on my right leg (as a Chiropractor, you kinda need both your legs) and I have a raging headache. I REALLY want an ibuprofen - but you're not supposed to take them when your pg... and I don't know if I am or not! So I'm on some arnica, and ice....
oh woe is me. woe is me.
After I got upstairs to the office (with some help of some nice folks) and my massage therapist cleaned me up and put some ice on my busted parts... I immediately thought... holy shit did I hit my stomach? Am I a freak?
Anyway, so now I'm trying to relax, but can take a nap, since I may have a concussion. ugh.
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omygosh korin. i'm so glad it wasn't worse. that's a terrible spill. take care of yoruseslf and mend. i'm sure the baby is fine if you are. s/he'd be tucked way down inside. Sounds like your face and leg took the brunt of the fall. hope you feel better soon. :
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I forgot to post this earlier... thanks for the sympathy. It's comforting to know that people understand.
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Jeez, Korin, that sounds dreadful! I hope the arnica helps. Rest up this weekend!
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BTW, since it is practically February, rather than starting a January BFP thread I started an October '04 mamas thread instead. Come on over!

It still hasn't really sunk in yet.
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Congratulations Melissa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to all those who were found by this week, bummer. I second the notion of taking care of yourselves and doing what comforts you.

Korin, how nasty ! I hope you can take it easy this weekend.

As for me, I'm waiting sort of patiently at 8dpo... Want to hold off testing as long as possible. I had implantation spotting the last two times I was pg, so I hope if that happens again that will be enough to tip me off to test. But I'll probably cave on Monday or Tuesday...

Here's my chart: Annette's Chart I have about 5temps this cycle that weren't taken at the right time, but it doesn't seem to be affecting things too much, I still have a good idea of what's going on, which is a holding pattern for another week or so, I guess... But that one temp at 4dpo was taken an hour early, so it put a dip in the chart that makes it appear triphasic, when it's not. Am I right about that??? This is my first month at this...

I really don't get to posting as much as I'd like to, but working full time and a 14month old make it impossible sometimes. I've been lurking when I can, and saying prayers for everyone to at least have peace with whatever this cycle brings them (but mostly that we're all holding by the end of 2004 .)
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Korin, I'm so sorry about your spill! I hope you feel better and the swelling goes down soon!

Meli, I'm so excited for you! Have a happy and SUPER healthy 9 months!

Annette, your chart looks good! I am one of those weird ppl that can temp at any time, without too much variance, but I usually try to temp at the same time, anyway, if I don't oversleep. The only time I have a problem is if I hit the snooze button too much, and then my temps get all wonky! Crossing my fingers for you, and everyone else, too!
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Korin. How awful! Take care, and definitely do not worry about any damage - (s)he is definitely well-protected!

Ovusoft boards are down for maintenance, so my chart isn't available, but I'm at 15 DPO, and the temp was high this morning, yahooooo!! Waiting to make it past today AF-free, then if tomorrow (Sunday) morning it's high again, I will test then.

Thanks for the dust, Melissa!!

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Good luck, heveasoul!
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Well, "I" have decided that i am now in the two week wait . I don't temp, kinda winging it right now. But, yesterday, i had the worst ovulation cramps i have EVER had; thought i was hatching a friekin' dinosaur egg :LOL . But i'm still having lots of ewcm, so i'm not 100 percent sure. NO pain today, though. I really do hope i o'd yesterday, and that i'm dried up tomorrow, so that i can count on a decent length of lp.
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LOL @ Lydia's dinosaur egg.

I've got everything crossed, ladies! Lets see some BFP's for everyone!

I'm 4 DPO and not freaking out yet......... yet.
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Korin; how are you feeling? Sorry about your fall!

heveasoul- I am holding my breath for you!

I am finally officially in the 2ww- 1dpo, only about 12 more days to wait (!)
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Ok - 16 DPO, BFN. Not even a faint line. No AF, but my temp did dip this morning, however not below the coverline.

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Well, the question of where I was (whether I had Oed or not) seems moot right now. BRB (bright red bleeding) started yesterday and continues (and is only getting heavier). The odd thing is this: my temp this morning is still up. (Yesterday's was lost due to some jerk calling us at 7 am and 7:15 am and me being way too angry to go back to sleep. DH gave me a massage and we went out to breakfast, but I have no idea what my temp did.

Anyway, I am on to a new cycle, a new hope (oh, bad Stars Wars reference there. sorry) I am thinking I will start also a February one thread, since it is also a new month...

Oy. Jan went by so fast...
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Well, ladies.....I will post this on the February thread, too...

I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!

I was going to test on Saturday, but I couldn't wait, so I tested Friday, when I was only 10DPO. I got a right away! I tested again today, and the line was even darker!

Now, as most of you know, this is my third time making this announcement in 5 months. I really really really need some sticky baby vibes/thoughts/prayers from you ladies!!! Thanks!
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