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January 2ww - Page 27

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Lucysmama, that rocks! Totally sending sticky vibes your way!!

(Did you start a new February BFP thread? Go and do it, if you haven't already!)

That was just the lift I needed today Rtcw (riding the crimson wave) sucks. Cramps
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CD 39 & 25dpo. Still test
Someone shoot me.
I guess its time to start up the progesterone again

On a good note.. look on the big list of smilies at the bottom
yep : is officially there!! Yep, my home made animated smiley I'm so proud! I'll have to put it in my signature
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Johanna. Hoep you get some answers soon!

congrats on the smiley!!

C'mon over to Feb thread...I think that's where we're supposed to be now...
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Johanna, I was wondering where that came from - it is GREAT, I absolutely LOVE it!

I've started posting over on the February one-thread experiment. Come on over everyone :-)
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more sticky vibes for you katie!!!

congratulations joanna! it's so cool you got your smiley here!!!
now lets all :
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YAY Lucysmama!

Wishing you a

Happy to join you ladies in the 2ww (after taking 4 months off)!

I'm at 6dpo and not getting any work done --and also experiencing horrible heartburn--could that be an early pregnancy symptom? Maybe, but most likely it`s too early to tell!!

I love the new smiley too


-as my friend says 'go morula go' (cause hopefully that's what I have right now!
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