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I have no idea what's going on. A few weeks ago I ate some SUPER spicy Thai food. I like my food much spicier than average but my fave restaurant changed up their spice ratings I guess and this was close to being inedible it was so hot. For many, many hours after I ate my stomach felt really hot. I ate only half of my food initially, and the other half I ate the following day with the same result. Since then, my stomach has had the same hot feeling which is slightly painful and makes me feel ever so slightly sick, much of the time. Not 100% but a lot - including at night and it sometimes makes it hard to sleep. I have been having occasional diarrhea as well. So....could this spicy food have damaged my stomach by any chance? My other thought is that it's a food intollerance (I have a leaky gut and my BF DD has food intollerances). I have been bad, bad, bad about avoiding her bad foods (which have never caused me any problems in the past) and I wonder if I am now sensitive to one or more of them. But....I was eating them sometimes and was totally fine before this spicy situation. Any thoughts at all would be much appreciated. Also, I don't think it's an ulcer because I had one many years ago and this feels nothing like it.