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Alright fess up! What are you craving? What food thought gets in your head and won't leave until you eat it?

I'm going to sound really effing strange, but because I've only been pregnant in the springs/summers I'm always craving salad. I know I know...not a real pregnancy thing, but OMG I love dark green leafys, watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, sprouts, green onions with TONS of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper.

When I want that , I MUST HAVE IT.

Yesterday, I was eating sliced green apples dipped in frosting from a can. So I think that makes me a normal pregnant woman. haha!
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Salad drenched in Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegrette dressing and cheese enchiladas. I'm going to OD on enchiladas, lol
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mmm enchiladas. Do you make them yourself?
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Originally Posted by thepoet View Post
mmm enchiladas. Do you make them yourself?
I wish I could! I've been to three different Mexican food places in the last week
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Another mexican food lover here!
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OP, you sound like me! I normally have to force myself to choke down my vegetables, but during this pregnancy, I have been loving all fruits and veggies, especially tomatoes! I have probably eaten my weight in tomatoes and would not be surprised if this kid came out red, LOL!
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Sometimes...*bows head in shame* fast food.

Broccoli crunch salad.

Oh! and falafel/hummus/tabouli salad.

Nutritional yeast. Especially on popcorn :
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Bagels with cream cheese.
I could eat them several times a day
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I had a wicked craving for chocolate cupcakes today. DH went to to the store and I had to settle for brownies instead.
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Mine are crazy. I can see someone on tv eating something and just have to have it. Last night we watched Reaper and they were eating burgers and fries (which I normally DO NOT eat) and now that sounds soooooo good.

usually though I eat a huge salad at lunch with black beans and salsa. Yum! I've also been mixing together vanilla ice cream, semi-frozen strawberries/blueberries, and chocolate syrup for my dessert treat. sooo good! the soft frozen fruit bites force me to eat it slower.
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I'm so boring. I'm craving soup.

Greens, like kale.

Bread dipped in oil and vinegar

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Muffins from Costco, which I can't get because there isn't a Costco within driving distance!



Goat cheese


Carmel frappacinos from Starbucks

Sauteed mushrooms
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chicken salad and udon noodles! (though not together)

Cheese enchiladas sound really goood too.
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Craving things I can't have like Hot Chai and Candy. I have a sugar allergy that gives me heart palpitations, so I can't just say yes to things that I crave...it sucks.
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Oh I usually dont like to much sweets but I am finding myself with a candy bar almost every day I usually go for salty pickled things which I still very much love but I get terrible headachs after so I slowed down on those. My Mom is the type of person that could sit down and eat a whole bunch of something at one time while I thought she was crazy. But its kinda happening right now. I hope it all goes away afterwards. But ya Ds birthday was tuesday so I had this huge cake that noone else wanted to help finish it. I ended up throwing the rest away yesterday or else I would have eaten it.
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Fish. FISH. FISH!!!!! LOL

Chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles :

MILK!!! (has to be skim and ICE COLD)
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Ramen (the delish kind in a rich pork broth) & Spicy Korean Crab Soup
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Oh, another thing. EGGPLANT!

I've also been eating a lot of fruit, apples and bananas. And berry muffins.
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Ramen and pad thai...

Cranberry juice!

Lately I've been wanting ice cream but not bad enough to go out and get it. Yet.
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Also fish is a big one for me. I want it all the time.
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