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You know you're the parent of multiples when...

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I saw this thread on another multiples website I visit and had to steal the idea and post it here. The responses were SO FUNNY and I know we'll get a lot of great ones here too.

Here are some of the ones I came up with:

You know you're the parent of multiples when...

You have one baby with you and someone asks how old she is and you say "They are 1 year." without even thinking...or noticing the odd look from the person who doesn't realize that there is another one at home.

A trip to the dentist, DMV (motor vehicles office) or tax office is a luxury because you are doing it ALONE!

You can entertain a 3-year-old, rock the grocery cart with your foot to keep the baby in it from crying, and unload your groceries...all while nursing.

Your 3-year-old reports to you that "Faith needs you." and you say "Is she hurt? Is she crying?" hoping that the answer to both is no so that you can continue to quickly read your emails.

You feel like slapping the person who says "Oh...I had my two a year apart...I know what it's like to have twins!"

You know for a fact that if you had a dollar for every time you heard "You really have your hands full!" or "Are they twins?" you'd be a millionare by now.

There are times you like hearing "You really have your hands full!"

You don't run when you hear a thud unless it is followed by crying.

It's awesome if you get to bed by 1:00 and only get woken up once every 2 hours.

You have a newfound symathy for people who are wheelchair bound when you are trying to navigate your side-by-side stroller through tight stores.

You talk about other women's pregnancies and use the term "they" or "babies" even though she's having one.

Your mother laughs at you and says that your living room floor looks like a picnic.

You can turn a 5 minute trip to the grocery store into a 1 hour "mini-vacation".

Your oldest dd feels like other kids got duped by only getting one baby (and sometimes you feel the same way).

Talking to your oldest dd about having another one and she says "I want two babies again, Mommy!"

You secretly wish that you *do* have two babies again.
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GREAT list and thread. I will add my thoughts later. Right now I need to go get dinner....
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You know you're the parent of multiples when bringing just one 2 year old shopping is easy.
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I LOVE it!

How about:

You go to the playgroup because you're desperate for adult contact, but only get to say 2 words to each of the other moms because you are so busy chasing your toddlers.

You've learned to grit your teeth and smile when people say "you did it the easy way...get it all out of the way at once!"

(These two are from my playgroup experience this week, sigh.)

And of course...

You've become skilled at nursing two babies while breaking up fistfights on your lap, all while checking your email.

I can't wait to see others!

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Originally posted by mamacate
You've become skilled at nursing two babies while breaking up fistfights on your lap, all while checking your email.
NTAK (nursing twins at keyboard)

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I love the statement, "mine are a year apart- just like having twins" I've heard that SO many times!!!!

I can't add mine now because the twins want lunch...
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I'll triple the YEAH RIGHT - NOT! sentiment regarding hearing from moms that they know what it's like to have twins when they have "two under two" or something. Um, no you don't. You really, really don't. At all. I think there is no other comment that gets my blood boiling like that.

So... on a brighter note...

I love this thread!!! I've been compiling my list of these things over the months - not sure why, just think of things and write them down for fun - and am sooo excited to finally get to share them with someone... especially you all! FWIW, here's my list:

1. Everyone started asking "Any day now?" when you were 5 months pregnant.
2. When you bought maternity clothes, you bought 2 sizes up.
3. Even so, your maternity clothes were too tight by the end of your 7th month.
4. If you made it to your 9th month, you were wearing bedsheets and shower curtains.
5. You drank Ensures or Slim Fast shakes to GAIN weight.
6. You somehow went from being Ms. Nutrition in your first trimester (all organic, 8 fruits and veggies a day, etc etc) to PB&J's and milkshakes by the end of your second trimester reasoning, "Hey, I need the calories."
7. You had your baby shower in your second trimester "just in case". (Well you *looked* full term anyway!)
8. You know the meaning of these acronyms: HCG, CVS, TTTS, IUGR, RSV, and GERD.
9. People asked if you were going to keep working up until the day you delievered and you secretly laughed that they'd be lucky if you hung on past your first trimester!!
10. And besides, you considered "full term" with twins to be anywhere after 34 weeks.
11. People asked when your babies were due, and you took a month off your due date, and said, "sometime in ___[that month]".

The First Few Months...

1. People ask if the babies are sleeping through the night and you say "Yes" since they are both generally asleep from 11pm to 1am.
2. If you pump, you feel like you have triplets... Baby A, Baby B, and your breast pump.
3. You can answer the phone, read a book, knit a scarf AND feed a baby - all while pumping.
4. Most of your babies' 0-3M baby clothes have matching hats and booties, and are cute as pie. At this stage, almost all of their outfits match or are brother/sister outfits if B/G twins. Your babies' 3-6M clothes are mostly regular playclothes (e.g., Carters), with the occasional nice outift for when Grandma visits. You have lost the caps and booties, and are rarely doing matching "twin outfits" anymore. Your babies' 6-9M clothes mostly come from outlets, discount stores, or are hand-me downs. The babies are lucky if anything matches, even on one baby. From 9-12M and on, you are just grateful that they have clothes, and wish you lived in southern California so you could dress them in a diaper and undershirt year-round.

The Pre-Toddler Stage...

1. Now that you're daring to venture out of the house, you are being faced with a new challenge: strangers' *innocent* comments, listed below with our favorite sarcastic replies, such as:

* "Wow you must really have your hands full." Yes, full of hugs.
* "Gee, I can't even imagine having twins!" I can't imagne YOU having twins either!
* "They're twins? But s/he is so much bigger than the other one!" That's because we love him/her more.
* "Are they nursing?" No, right now they're sleeping.
* "Twins! Are they natural?" No, they're made of plastic.
* "Twins! Do they run in your family?" Well, they crawl mostly.
* "Twins! Did you take drugs?" Not since college.
* "Do they play together?" No, we like to keep them separated at all times.
* "Oh look s/he's ____ [crawling, cruising, walking...] ! Can the other one do that too?" No, thank G*d!!
* Do you have a favorite?" Of course not... do YOU??!

2. Getting out of the house takes 24 hours notice (to mentally prepare, among other things), 2 hours of actually getting ready to leave the house, and at least 4 trips back/forth to the car before leaving.
3. Your once large diaper bag has grown to resemble a medium-sized suitcase.
4. With the impending onset of two very mobile babies, you are starting to wonder if maybe those harnesses aren't so bad after all.
5. Your commitment to all-organic food for your almost-toddlers is being tested... big time. You are getting sick and tired of making separate trips to Whole Foods just to buy Earth's Best baby food and organic cheerios, juices, etc etc. In fact, yesterday at the regular grocery store, the Ritz crackers and Rumbly Grahams in Aisle 10 caught your eye, and you thought, Hey, they can't be THAT bad!!

The Toddler Years...

1. You no longer carry a diaper bag. You have a bin in your car filled with diapers, wipes, juice, bibs, snacks, toys, portable booster seats... Everything you'd ever need to survive in the wild for one month straight (or the mall for 2
hours). When you go on quick trips, you give over your entire pocketbook to diapers, wipes, and snacks just so you don't have to schlep your diaper bag too.
2. You have a "bottle graveyard" in your basement from the days of first establishing breastfeeding or pumping - every possible kind of bottle and nipple, bottle caps, bottle sterilizing equipment, warmers, drying racks, dishwasher baskets, pumping bottles and equipment... You look at the bags and
bags and bags of this stuff and wonder if you have enough to stock a small baby store.
3. Likewise, you have a "clothing graveyard" in your attic with enough clothes in it to outfit an army of babies. You want to be good and give it away, but "you never know"!
4. Finally! BOTH twins are walking. Now you get a short break from the incessant twin comaparison questioning by well-meaning relatives, because no one will ask "And is ___ pulling up / cruising / walking too?" You will enjoy this respite for only a couple of months, until potty training, and then heaven help you if they both don't potty train within the same nanosecond, because otherwise your mother will think the lagging twin is spoiled, or worse, a future criminal.
5. You are thinking of breaking down and buying those dreaded toddler harnesses. Four of them - one set for each car. :LOL You want to take them everywhere you go!
6. You are starting to question, if you haven't already, whether your car is large enough. After several seasons of family car trips, you wish they made a minivan with a 4th row seat that doubled as an automatic snack disepenser and cooler.
7. Best of all, after the looong months of infancy, you are finally realizing the sweet rewards of twins. Your children play happily together (for the most part) while you cook dinner, clean up, do chores. The "built-in
playmate" myth is actually becoming a reality. Sometimes you think life now may actually be EASIER with twins than with just one toddler. HA!
8. And finally, call it crazy, but you are actually starting to daydream about having more babies. You find yourself rationalizing that even another set of twins would be much easier now that you "know the ropes". Note: You are also officially delusional!

That was fun!
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TwinMommy, WOW!
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Twinmommy, your post was awsome! It's like you were looking in my head because all of those things happened with us too!!!! I enjoyed reading your post!

The only thing that I had to add to all this was after my twins were born (at 31 weeks) they were in the NICU for a month and when they were about 4 weeks old I was in the hospital elivator and someone asked me when I was due!!!! Being a bit emotional my husband said we have 4 week old twins in the NICU
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Mommy2three OMG!!! That exact same thing happened to me!!! Word for word. My twins were born at 32 weeks and I was heading home on the night before they came home (4 weeks after they were born) and a little old lady said "When are you due?" Little and old notwithstanding, I almost smacked her! My dh was right there and I was probably weighing hmmmm 20 pounds more than him at that point (hey. that's nuthin compared to delivery day!!), feeling oh so attractive.

We should have added one more to the list...

* You wore your maternity clothes for months after the babies were born, not days, and secretly cursed your skinny girlfriends who managed to make it back to their pre-pregnancy size by their 6-week postpartum checkup! :LOL
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Hahaha, Twinmommy, that's right! Wearing maternity clothes WAY too long!!!! (but I have to say I had a singleton who was over 10 pounds when he was born and I was in maternity clothes for a LONG time after his birth too... However, Sam was bigger by 3 pounds then the twins combined at birth!!!)

Would you mind if I printed your list?
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TwinMommy - Your list was AWESOME!! I literally LOL'd when I read about your attic being a clothes graveyard. That is EXACTLY how our's is. Add to that a used toys graveyard also. Because "You never know..."
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Aw shucks. This list was over a year in the making, so it's not like I did it overnight or anything! Mostly I just wrote down funny little things that were unique about twins every so often.

Glad you're all getting a chuckle. I think everyone else's were hilarious too!!

Yes, sure, feel free to print or whatever.
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Karen - Great post! I'm looking forward to being able to relate! I'm 35w5d today.

You feel like slapping the person who says "Oh...I had my two a year apart...I know what it's like to have twins!"

I'm already getting alot of this statement. I guess since I'll have 3 under 1 1/2 years I know what it's like having triplets. NOT!!

Periwrinkle - My babes aren't here yet but this one expresses exactly what I felt like this morning while trying to find something to wear to work!

4. If you made it to your 9th month, you were wearing bedsheets and shower curtains. :

And now that my 17 mos old can out run his huge mama that can barely waddle anymore...I really appreciate this one!

4. With the impending onset of two very mobile babies, you are starting to wonder if maybe those harnesses aren't so bad after all. :LOL
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you get to the end of the day and realize that your shirt is on inside out (i have done this SEVERAL times since they were born)

within an hour of getting dressed you have a bunch of little smudges and sticky fingerprints on your knees and shoulders

you bathe your babies with wet wipes - give the crawlers a wipe down on the legs and feet before you go out

you stay up until all hours of the night, knowing they're going to wake up b/c you're not there, knowing that they start waking up in the morning at 6am but you stay up anyway JUST TO BE ALONE

you let them play in the catfood and water b/c it will buy you a few more minutes on the computer - even tho' you will have to change their clothes and mop up the floor

your boobs start to hurt after 3 hours w/o nursing

you can grab the skin on your belly and pull it out several inches

you can stick your fingers into your belly button and feel your spine

. . . . . you have to sign off right now b/c the baby you left sleeping on the couch is crying (sometimes you wait until he actually rolls of tho', but not tonight)
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These are so wonderful!! I just thought I would add one that came to me today as I was geting ready to go to the Farmer's Market (alone without the twims):

You no longer linger at shops chatting with people about the weather and eyeballing every new and wonderful looking food or other item. Instead, you have learned how to negotiate the aisles, with your eyes closed and your head down, praying that no one will stop you to ask you those silly questions "Are they twins? etc.... You realise that you have become totally adept at sidestepping and ignoring those around you for the sake of a quick shop and return home. THis realisation saddens the social creature in you but alas, at this stage it's molre important to shop within 30 minutes instead of 3 hours!
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