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Asking advice here. I have four children ages 14,6,5,and 3 yrs. They all get up at 6:00 am. My son that is 14 never gets up in the morning and keeps turning the alarm off, or never even sets it.

When I wake the smaller children they all get up and come downstairs. But the 14 yr. old is a struggle. He is in bed by 9 pm most nights. So my question is if he sleeps 9 pm then has to get up at 6 am why is he not getting up in the morning and so tired still?

What bedtimes are realistic for my kids ages 14,6,5, and 3? The smaller kids go to bed around 8pm.

And since my dh and I go to bed around 9-10pm how do we fit alone time together if there are kids up? Just curious if anyone seems to be in the same boat or not.