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Ugh! Help, quick. Broken thermometer.

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The packaging says it doesn't contain mercury, but it smells petrolium based. I'm going to try to do some looking online to see if I can find exactly what, but WWYD? I'm 32 weeks pregnant, the red liquid got on my hands, my clothes, and I definately inhaled whatever was released cause the smell was bad. It is a cheape from wmart that I was using in my chicken brooder. Help?
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Red isn't mercury. It's not dangerous..it's usually alcohol with some dye to make it red. You coudl call the manufacturer and they'll tell you exactly what it is. Mercury also isn't a liquid...it beads. I would wash my hands of course. Air things out if the smell is bothering you. But it's ok.
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I just wanted to add...I panicked when I broke a red one when my boys were little. I was told red was ok, silver not. But I called the manufacturer anyway just to reassure myself. You have a package that assures you it isn't mercury. You can throw red thermometers in your trash without any precautions (not so with silver ones containing mercury). It's really not toxic. But I do understand the feeling!
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Yeah, I'm glad I still had the packaging so I could read DOES NOT CONTAIN MERCURY, but the smell was bad, so I was just wondering if there was something else bad that could be in it. I've got a msg in to their customer service. We'll see if they call back.
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Hello - I know this is 6 years later, but I found your post because I am in the same exact position. 25 wks pregnant, broke a thermometer with red liquid, whole house stunk of strong odor. I was hoping you could tell me what the chemical ended up being and maybe assure me that your baby was born with no issues!

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