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HELP! My DS banged his head

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He was sitting on his soft mat and fell backward and hit the back of his head on the wooden floor, it took a split second...i've been more hysterical than him. He cried for a minute, played normal, I put a frozen container on, there is no bump and after about 50 minutes he fell asleep for a short nap. he's up now after 15=20 minutes. the dr says there's nothing to worry about unless he has other reactions but I am worried. Has this happened to anyone? I feel so terrible...
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Hi Mommy
I'm sorry your babe hit his head
My kids are 8 and 9 and there have been plenty of head bumps and really I get so much more upset that the kids seem to be. Sounds like your little guy is just fine I know what you mean, though about feeling bad, but do not-you are doing a good job I am sure! Just that your so upset about this shows that you love him dearly
We poor moms always have to worry so much, don't we!!
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Your doctor is right - no bumps or loss of consiousness, etc. - there is nothing to worry about.

Baby skulls are soft for a reason - as long as the fall is not more than a foot or two, the skull gives a little to act as cushioning - the skull hardens as the child grows -

Being a mom though, it is so hard to see my babe get hurt or cry - I think you should also gauge the baby's reaction - if they seem fine with the fall - it probably just sounded loud.
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Thank you both :-) you've been comforting. He seems to be doing fine, happily playing and getting frustrated that he can't stuff the entire toy into his mouth. I guess I have to get used to it huh?
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