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Cribs made in USA?

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I am seeking a wood (or metal) crib (not MDF) that is made in the US. I'm checking into Pacific Rim and some Amish ones; does anyone else have any suggestions on brands/Web sites to check out?

(Side note - it IS so hard to find much of anything not made in China and/or made in the US anymore!)
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I saw this one on modernseed.com the other day. It pricey though but very pretty.
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Here are two more:



I think some of their other cribs are made in the US too.
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I hear you! It's so tough to find stuff not in China. Here's one, but it's $800.

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I specialize in made in USA modern nursery furniture. You didn't mention a budget but here are my favorites.

Some brands to check out(some i have in stock):

Spot on Square ( in stock 40% off)
Muu (in stock 30% off)
Q Collection Junior
Pacific Rim
A Natural Home
Naturpedic for mattresses, pads
Monte Design (gliders made in canada)

I am always willing to work with MDC mommas! Feel free to call or email.

All the best
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We got our crib from an Amish guy who is my grandma's neighbor in Iowa. He has a shop and makes everything right there. We've gotten other furniture from him - sometimes he outsources to other men in the Amish community across the country.

The quality is unbelievable - and it wasn't much more than what you would pay at a place like Pottery Barn (). So if you can find a local craftsman (Amish or otherwise), you may want to give them a try...
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Here is an article on Stanley Furniture Co. which has brought its crib manufacturing back to the USA:




The cribs can be seen here, and are also largely in the $800 range. They have awesome quality and color choices (and since they are painted in the USA, they are free of lead paint):


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