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Sick Policies for Church Nursery & Kids Church Programs

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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could share with me the "sick policies" your Church / Place of Worship has in place for the nursery or "kids classes". OR the sick policy that your daycare provider has in place; whether a home daycare, center-based, pre-school, ect. I'm wondering how sick is too sick to be in the nursery & other kids classes. Yes, I know "common sense" should be a given but in the particular situation that we are in "common sense" seems to be a missing attribute...... long story.....I'm asking b/c i'm in the process of writing up a policy for our church. I've got the written policy from one of the local public schools so I guess I;ll kind of go off that one but I'm interested also in hearing what else is out there..... Thank you!
p.s, I find it rather hard to believe that we've been attending this particular church for nearly 10 years & there isn't a posted policy for sick kids.
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I would definitely include the standards:

1) Do not bring your child if they've had a fever within the last 24 hours.

2) Do not bring your child if they have diarrhea.

3) Do not bring your child if they have runny noses or rashes. By runny nose I mean an infection (snot is green), not the typical clear runny nose.

When dealing with teething infants you could also put something in there about parents being mindful of the class as a whole. One teething infant can bring to the whole class to tears...literally.

My children are in part-time daycare and I've worked in church nurseries for the better part of 12 years. The above are fairly standard. I'll post again if I can think of more.
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Thanks for your reply. I'm also thinking that "pink eye", "ringworm", & "impetigo" need to be on the list, too. What about the "common cold"? One of the moms at our church actually said that a green or yellow snotty nose doesn't necessarily mean "infection". ?? I thought totally the opposite on that one.
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Thick yellow snot can actually happen at the tail end of a normal cold, I think it's the body dumping out the dead white cells, not 100% sure on that, but basically some of the cells that have done their job and now need to go, and it's not a sign of being more infectious--in that case, the child is usually less infectious than they were a few days earlier with regular thin snot. But, if other symptoms are going on (that parental judgement thing that sounds lacking) then it could be a sign of a sinus infection (I'd guess mostly bacterial by then? but kiddo could feel miserable). It's sad that parental judgement isn't enough.

The guidelines from the PP were pretty similar to what our old home daycare provider had in place.

And I agree, things like pink eye can be highly, highly contagious--would crusty eyes and/or eye discharge cover that? I'd want to list symptoms rather than names (for parents like me who aren't completely sure what impetigo is ). Would ringworm and impetigo have rashes? May want to add no vomiting within 24hrs prior.
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