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Family-Centered Intentional Community

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I have a dream!

I'm posting here on MDC to see if any of you wonderful people have any input for me or a direction to point me in or BETTER, interest in joining me.

I'm looking to get a bunch of creative heads together to begin developing plans for a Vegan Raw Foods, Family-Centered Eco-Village. Totally off the grid. This is obviously a project destined to be many years in the making, meaning that it will take a loooong time to truly get into gear. But I'm invested and would like to hear from people who might like to start something large-scale and as self-sustainable as possible - where organic food is grown on the land year-round (someplace warm, then). I'm looking for vegans who want to start directing their diets towards raw whole foods, if they haven't already.

I know, I know... I'm catering to a narrow audience here.

I envision a community full of people who aim towards a greater spiritual, emotional and physical health. People who are into growing as a community. I hope to work towards a peace-centered place that's ideal for raising families.

I have all kinds of visions bubbling around in my brain of an uber-sweet menstrual moon spa/birthing center and Waldorf-inspired childcare co-ops. And fibers/ceramics/arts studios and performance spaces. And artists, educators, herbwives, doulas and midwives in residence and all that jazz.

Our Eco-Village Focuses:
Peace & Non-Violence, Activism
Community, Transparency, Consensus Decision Making, True Equality
Ecological Responsibility, Permaculture
The Caring of Family & Children, Waldorf-Inspired Childcare, Child Centered
Culture, Pleasure Oriented
Creativity, Arts Oriented, Design for Efficiency and Aesthetic
Health & Personal Peace, Yoga, Meditation, Raw Foods Nutrition
Comprised of Like-Minded Singles & Families
Partially (optional) Income-Sharing
Self-Built Homes and Commons
Exclusive Membership Based On Like-Mindedness and Cooperation

^^ and anything else we might decide on together!

I'll be taking a course on Eco Peace Villages at Tamera in Portugal sometime this year or next summer. I'm so excited to finally push this long-time dream into something bigger. I'm hoping that I'll find someone somewhere who's interested, also.
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Wow, that *does* sound pretty amazing. : Not sure if I could actually do it, (have ties to this area, not even vegan, let along raw food )

I think it's a very nice dream! How are things coming along?
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sounds lovely!!!

(oh and hey heather! nice to see you here. )
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This is beautiful!  I have the same dream :)

do you have an email?


Much Love to you spirit sister.

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sounds amazing <3

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I have been looking to do something similar, almost exactly the same even, minus the vegan part.

I do think you are limiting yourself a lot by imposing dietary restrictions - I totally understand you wanting to be part of a like-minded community, but at the same time not many people can live well on a raw vegan diet for their entire lifespan, and for whatever health reasons might need to start eating some animal products. And what then? Particularly if they have been part of your community for a while, will they not be allowed to stay if they decide they personally need to start eating dairy, or meat? It seems like the vast majority of people have diets that change throughout different phases of their lives, they might rotate through being omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans based on their personal dietary needs and preferences. Diet is very personal and individual, and I really shy away from any community that has food restrictions - even if I do happen to be eating raw or vegetarian doesn't mean I will want to or be able to do so indefinitely. Just something to think about, I wish you the best of luck, I think intentional communities are awesome!

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Love everything except..the vegan part. We are super meat-eaters (grass fed, happy meat) so unless there was flexibility with the meal plans we could never be a part of something..


I would love though, everything else! Plus a milking cow for raw milk, dairy goats, meat rabbits all free ranging and being played with by happy, nature babies. 

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