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My baby is sick, was it from the puddle?

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For three days now my 1 year old son has been sick. At first just vomiting, but then diarrhea and fever too. The fever finally broke, and he's starting to tolerate more. He was vomiting as soon as he nursed, but now its staying down longer and he even has expressed an interest in solid food a bit. I'm keeping an eye on his hydration though because he hasn't had many wet diapers. He still cries tears, the skin on his hands and arms look ok, and his mouth is still wet. He's so thirsty though. I nurse him but he wants more, so I gave him pedialyte in a bottle but he just vomits it back up.

I was planning on taking him to the ER earlier today, but as if he heard the threat.. he started trying to participate a bit. He got off the bed and walked towards the door, is sitting up a little bit etc.. so I'm watching for now. So far applesauce has stayed down an hour now! :

My confusion is... usually when we get this gastrointestinal thing its not this severe. AND, we all usually get it. At least all the kids. And so far, the other three haven't gotten sick at all. After almost 4 days SOMEONE else should be sick.

The kids went out back the day he got sick (earlier in the day) and he found a mud puddle. He chewed a leaf, licked his hand and moved on before concluding that puddle water is gross. Could this be what made him sick??? I know it seems like a stupid question but.. I can't find any information on babies/kids eating puddle water. The only information I can find is how beneficial it is to eat dirt, etc. LOL I remember playing in the mud and dirt and a bunch of other yucky stuff and never got sick as a kid so I'm perplexed.
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No one knows?
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don't know about puddle water, sounds like rotavirus to me. we had it a couple months ago, and it went like what youre describing. my ds had it first, and dd didnt show signs of it for several days after ds began to get sick. i didnt get it, and dh had one day of ickiness. .

it's made the rounds here, SO many people we know have been thru it. dont know about your area, though?
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Well, my ds (4) had diarrhea for 6 days and vomitting on day 1,2, and 6. It was really bad. He was actually sick the week previous to that with a fever for 5!! days and various other things like headache, tummy ache, vomitting, etc. He started getting a lot better and we had a beautiful weather day here so we went for a little walk. He splashed in puddles and even drank a bit of puddle water. Well, the next day is when the diarrhea started. It wasn't until a few days later that I thought about that puddle water.
When I mentionned it to my husband a possible source of the illness he replied "What, you let him drink from a puddle!". (Obviously, I didn't 'let' him!)
Anyway - all that to say that I, too, wondered about the puddle water and all of the possible funk that might be in there....
I'll never know, though.
I do know that my son has never been as sick in his life as he has been during that time. Touch wood - he has recovered and is now back to bugging his big sister!
I hope that your little one continues to improve!
Also - we did take him to the doctor. The doctor (that never reacts to anything) read me the riot act with respect to dehydration. He essentially told me that dehydration can be fatal and to not take it lightly. Our goal was to keep him hydrated while his immune system took care of the infection. I went right to the store, threw all of my "healthy food ideals" away and bought all sorts of liquid options. I now know why hospitals have Jello!
Another liquid that worked well was my bone broth. You might also want to try freezing the peadilite into popsicles (or breastmilk popsicles, for that matter). If it goes down slower, it might stay down longer. And nurse, nurse nurse - even if it keeps coming up, some will be absorbed.
*Sending you healthy vibes*
I wish you both well!
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Actually, yeah, it does sound rather like rotavirus. Might also explain why the other kids aren't sick, because you get immunity to it, generally by 3 or so I believe. They're probably immune, as are you, so the babe's the only one who has it. It can be caught from people recently vaxed for it, I think. Or many kids get it naturally too. Hang in there and keep watching him!
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