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Originally Posted by Nature View Post
...last I knew, weed was pretty darn natural.
hee hee hee
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Originally Posted by sweetpea333 View Post
really you never had the pasties?? My husband also smoked pot not to long ago and on a seperate occasion and had a similar reaction, maybe it has something to do with anxiety/panic disorder we have, but both of us vowed never to try it again. My husband used to smoke alot of pot and he stopped because he did like the effects it had on him after awhile.
I stopped because I didn't like the effects, too. But, those effects were psychological. After a few years of heavy smoking, I started getting really self-conscious and a little paranoid when I smoked it, and that was just no fun at all. I never had any of the physical effects, though.
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I haven't followed this post at all but I would think that if your going to smoke pot while pregnant/breastfeeding.....you should grow it yourself to make sure you know it's "safe". I remember the weed I used to smoke in H.S. and college and it just looked gunky.
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[QUOTE=Nature;13493316]...last I knew, weed was pretty darn natural. [/QUOTE

I didn't mention that weed wasn't natural. I meant there are probably other natural remedies other than weed.
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I did accidentally about two days after conception, having convinced myself that after all, I wasn't pregnant the last six months, so why this time? But I also had 3 servings of alcohol that night and we know that's no good. I am not a regular smoker so there was not a lot of stuff in my system anyway. My midwife said that at that point, not much was passing through to the fetus, but uh, hopefully it was all out of my system by the time she started sucking nutrients out.

Pot is natural but so are alcohol, arsenic, and mercury. Natural to me is NOT what would make it safe during pregnancy. Anything that has that strong of an effect on mom is going to affect the fetus, though I have no idea what that would be since I haven't seen any good studies on it.

As for my child, she's two and a half and she acts like it. Somehow I doubt that she would be significantly different had I not gone ahead and enjoyed the party that night!
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lol @ AverysMom and I'm right there wit cha!

dd#1- NO USE OF POT, nothing, not even a cup of coffee: Full term, 8'10", very healthy and very smart. However, she's got serious mental issues. (genetic mental illness on both sides) No real artistic talent, creative in a utilitarian way, not compassionate. She's 20.

dd#2- first trimester use for nausea. (was also on SSRI ) 2 weeks early, 6'8", very healthy, smart, born with a heart murmur, (gone now) which could be the SSRI's or could have been "normal". I 100% do NOT think it was the pot. Super compassionate & creative. She's 11.

dd#3- mostly daily use throughout pg. Water broke @ 31 weeks, didn't deliver until 35 weeks, healthy 5lb. baby. Smart, happy, meeting milestones. Very observant and inquisitive. She's a signer & EC'r, Just started walking this week and finally got her top two teeth (her only two ) She's 14 mos.

What have I decided from all of this?
Not much about why bad things happen to good people (or vice versa) or why people LOVE to blame some things and not others somewhat predictably where the $'s flow.
Smoking is bad... VERY BAD.
I do not believe that THC is an unhealthy or dangerous drug, nor do I believe that the PLANT caused any "problems" for me or my children.
I would use MJ again while pg if I seemed to need it or want it. I would definitely BURN it less, even though I am "unsure" if it had anything to do with my water rupturing at 31 weeks.
There were/are other high factors on the list of "causes" that I can't deny.

I definitely believe it is medicinal and obviously a gift of nature that is ridiculously regulated by people who don't belong there. I have to remember that these lawmakers are the same ones that tell me I can't collect rainwater on my property for my own use.
I have lots of opinions about it, but I won't do it... you asked not for that.
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Averysmama, I agree with your post except on one small level:

Zofran, just like pot, has not been proven to be unsafe in pregnancy. There are no known adverse effects in animal studies and no case reports of adverse effects in humans. I do see the point you were making --that there could be risks to the alternatives to pot for hyperemesis treatment, and I agree, but in this specific case, the risks are very low.

As far as the rest of it goes, I think pot is a valid treatment for several medical disorders and I don't have a problem with someone using it in that way while pregnant or breastfeeding. I do not feel that the risks are very significant in either situation.

I do think people should be mindful of their state of mind when using it, becuase in my personal experience it doesn't take much ---even just one or two hits sometimes--- to make you feel somewhat high. Maybe you won't be loaded, it would just be like having one or two drinks, but it could effect your ability to care for children and so I think people should be careful of that.

I have personally considered using pot to treat my hyperemesis. If it were legal, I absolutely would do it.
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I think that if anything were to be wrong with my babies at birth or later on, I would blame myself!! So, no smoking here! And no advil, coffee, etc...
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Originally Posted by thismama View Post
Theoretically, if I had smoked during pregnancy, my kids would have turned out developmentally normal-to-advanced. Hypothetically.

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My mom and dad grew pot in their backyard! It's how they bought my diapers, lol. No - seriously. It was Poland, right after Marshall Law was declared. And everything was rationed. They had extra money to get me necessities because of their little organic garden, to put it subtly. My mom smoked it while pregnant - not to excess, but once in awhile. She also had a glass of wine now and then. However, we're from eastern Europe. Enough said on the alcohol.

I'm 26, doing well in life, and a member of Mensa. So, obviously, it didn't affect me.

However, like the pp said - I think anecdotes like this are meaningless. You'd need a real, clinical study to get any results that are even remotely valid. But, since no one is going to get a bunch of pregnant women to smoke pot against the control group ... a study like that won't be available any time soon. Maybe a worldwide questionnaire could do it, but even then it could be biased.
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I wouldn't touch it even if it were legal, but then again, I don't do ANY recreational drugs and find smoking in general to be unappealing.

That said, having endured 6+ months of miserable morning sickness with 4 pregnancies, I can understand the appeal of the anti-nausea properties of THC.

That said, I have indulged in things like sushi, lunch meat and reasonable amounts of caffiene during pregnancy. There's something about a mostly flat Cola drink that helps me through the nausea.
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Yes, I did...with both pregnancies. I had sciatica and was in SEVERE pain. Both my kids were huge and perfectly healthy-ODS never suffered any illness until he was 6 months when he got roseola (which is obviously not dope-related). About the crack babies?? I dated a guy who was a "crack baby". He gets less and less stable as time goes on (no, NOT DH!!!). They aren't fine. It changes the way the brain processes things.
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I have removed numerous posts from this thread. Please keep in mind that differing opinions are fine, but you need to represent them respectfully. Also, please do not take direct issue with another poster.
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Umm. I did accidentally with dd1. I forgot I was pregnant while at a concert with my father of all people! Obviously not enough to have an impact either way.

Bothe my neighbors did- one girl is the best reader in kindergarten the other is average (ie nothing wrong with her at all.) My cousin did both of her kids are bratty-hyper kids. Don't think it was the pot though.
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Originally Posted by Talula Fairie View Post

I have personally considered using pot to treat my hyperemesis. If it were legal, I absolutely would do it.
Me too! I'd probably do it in a smokeless form though. In fact I'd do it if my job didn't drug test.
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I'm pretty sure my mom did, and I turned out fine. I was labeled gifted in school, was reading well before kindergarten, and am as an adult I am doing everything I ever dreamed and think I've been pretty successful and talented in a variety of areas. But I don't think pot had much to do with any of those things.

My best friend smoked non stop during her second pregnancy and her son turned out extremely smart but with ADHD. She still wonders to this day if it had anything to do with the ADHD part.
Or maybe it had something to do with the being smart part? You never know...

I hate how pot is so villified.
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck View Post
I didn't ... but my husband's half sister did. Supposedly her doctor even told her, if his pregnant patients were going to do anything, drug or alcohol wise, pot would be his pick.
My SIL's doctor told her if smoking a joint would calm her down and relax her, then by all means do it - much better than being stressed out. Her son was born in 1980.

FWIW, her son is earning his PhD in New York.

Makes me WISH I had smoked it, maybe my four's future would be full of PhD's! LOL!

I don't think it's a big deal. There's not many "conclusive" studies about it. If it were something I enjoyed, I may have partaken...
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Originally Posted by sweetpea333 View Post
I take anxiety medicine that people think i shouldn't because they're addictive, but I did stop when I was pregnant even though my doctor said it would be okay for me to take an ativan if I wanted too.
It's great that worked for you, but it won't work for everyone. I had another child to take care of when pregnant, and I was unable to take care of her when I had a headache, unless I took medicine. My headaches are too severe and I can't function at all when I have them. And the only thing that works is very strong medicine. Sometimes people have to take medicine, including strong medicine, when pregnant.
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My friends mom (and dad) smoked pot to varying degrees with all 5 of their kids. None have any issues-in fact, the one she smoked the most with was my favorite! lol

I dont care what someone else does. To me, weed is pretty safe, and if it keeps a mom feeling good, eating, etc, I dont see the harm in it. This is coming from someone who doesnt even touch the stuff-although I'm concidering trying it again in a few years (I tried it once in middle school and ended up in the ER with an athsma attack, lol).

IMO-if you're going to do weed while pregnant and want to minimize the risks, use a vaporizer instead. Honestly its better, period, since any smoking is hard on your lungs, and from what I've heard you A.) get a smoother high and B.) the weed lasts longer/you use less. I'd also look for a good, reputable seller-or grow it yourself if you can. Buying crap off the street isnt a good idea, who knows what they added to it. But high quality, organic (or close to it) weed is pretty danged safe. Thats just my opinion though; I'd be more afraid of someone putting some chemical in it before I got to it, then smoking the weed itself.

Actually, I'm having a ton of morning sickness this pregnancy....hmmmmmm...
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There is a cannabis mamas tribe, there are tons of posts and links to articles and studies.
I once came across an article about a study done in jamaica, through a midwifery service. One control group used marajuana daily, the other once a month or less. The differences were very slight, and in favor of the pot babies- cried less, talked earlier, higher apgar scores at birth, etc. BUT later it came out that the study was flawed, the pot moms also tended to be of a higher educational background and income bracket, so the two groups might have differences regardless.
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