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Bloody snot?

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We all got a cold, I got over it quick (I had to, my whole family was sick!) and Coen is only mild. But he is so stuffy, and lately he has had bloody snot. Not like a nosebleed, but regular snot tinged with blood. Is this something to worry about? Could I be hurting something up there with the sucker bulb?
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Sounds like the air in your house is too dry, try a vaporizer for a few days.
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Anthony's snot gets like that if I use the bulb syringe too many times in a row. Like if I keep going after that one boogie *right there*..... KWIM? He starts crying after the first few sucks too, so I think, with Anthony at least, it does hurt after a minute or 2.

The vaporizer sounds like a good idea too, or you could boil water on your stove or have him in the shower or in the bathroom while you take a nice warm shower (doesn't that sound heavenly? Warm, long, peaceful shower..... wait, where was I? )
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we have a humidifier in the bedroom; it doesn't seem to help. He's in the bathroom whenever i take a shower and that does help. I got up and sat with him in the bathroom with the water on hot at midnight one night because the sucker wasn't doing anything, and neither was drops of breastmilk.
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