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Jan./Feb. 2004 Mamas Part I

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Hoping someone will be joining me here soon! I had my b/g twins Dec. 24 around 11 pm. They were 4-1/2 pounds each. They came home with me on Day 4 and now we are struggling to teach them to breastfeed. They are so wonderful and so beautiful and I can't wait to hear about the rest of your babies! You can see all my beauties at the links in my sig! Congrats to we new mamas!
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hey Megs Mom...just saying hey to keep you company even though my due date is not until Feb 16th. Hope all is starting to go better in the breastfeeding arena. I have a friend from prenatal yoga who had her first baby on Tuesday morning..she was induced and hemmorrhaged etc....but managed a vaginal delivery....8lbs 9oz at 39 weeks! She was induced for very complicated reasons..but I was happy to hear that her babe was that healthy of a birthweight.

Happy baby days...hope to be over here to join you in the next month or so...

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more later
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Welcome, Kim, great to see you here!
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More than happy to join you!

I haven't posted much since Xander's arrival. He was born Fri. Jan. 16 and the following Mon. I got a massive kidney infection. I had to take antibiotics because they weren't sure if it was my kidneys or a hot appendix and they needed to find out quickly. Now we're dealing with thrush from the stupid antibiotics and Xander has a pretty snotty nose. I tell you, it's been one thing after another. I'm ready to get this little family healthy again and get on with our lives. I'm going to try to get him in for his first Dr. appointment this morning because we can't get a birth certificate until he's been seen by a dr. He was born U/C at home so dh and I are the only witnesses. I guess they have to be careful about people filing for fraudulant birth certificates.: He looks so much like his daddy that it's almost spooky. I'm so pleased that he had lots of dark hair. Dd has my fine blonde hair and for a boy that would be such a drag. I still haven't posted any pictures to our website. To be quite honest, his first pictures are a bit rough. He looks like he's been sparring with Holyfield for a few rounds. Why is it that they look absolutely beautiful in person, but try to capture that on camera and you get a mess? I'm going to spend some time trying to capture the sweetness so I can post pics later.

I'm glad to hear that nursing twins is going a little smoother for you these days. I'm more than impressed with you twin mommies. Is Meg still the proud big sister? Zen is really living up to her new role. I heard her talking to him the other day saying, "Don't you worry Shigogi, (her name for him) big sister is here." She just can't wait until he's big enough to actually play with her.

Have you braved it out of the house much with the trio? I'm still a little cautious about getting out with the two of mine. We did go to gymnastics Tuesday, but that's as far as I've gotten without dragging dh along for the support. I think with two the best way to do the shopping is to sling the baby and put the toddler in the cart. How on earth do you arrange three?

Are you getting any sleep yet? I tell you, Xander would sleep great if he didn't have such a stuffy nose. Dh and I can't stand to hear him snuffle so I've been up about every hour for the past two nights with the bulb syringe. Dh brought home a suction cathater from the hospital so he can do a more thorough job. What's ironic is that dh and I almost never get sick and since Thanksgiving I've had the flu, dd has had the flu, dh had a virus, I gave birth and got a kidney infection, dd caught a cold/virus?, ds caught said cold/virus and now we have thrush to surmount. I think we've made up for all the times I've bragged that we never get sick. Now maybe we've gotten all the illness out of the way for 2004 and we can go back to being healthy. I hope your crew has fared better than us.

I can't wait until we've all had our babes and moved to this forum. I guess IOF is having her C/S this morning. We should be hearing from her soon 2much2love had her girl U/C and USAmma had her baby too. This thread should be hoppin'. Oh, well -- in time. Have a great day!
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I am here.

Things are going really good, but I have a lot to get done today: , I'll check back soon though
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Hi, mamas. I am so happy to be graduated to this group.

What a wonderful job you are doing Meg'smom. I cannot imagine twins. Glad you are all doing so well.

Sorry you have so much illness, mothernature. I absolutely hate it when everyone is sick. Hero, my two year old, had a cold the day the baby was born and now Eden has it. No fever at least, just stuffy and sneezy. I hope you guys all get better soon. It is no fun at all.

We are doing pretty well here. My breasts are soooo HUGE and rock hard. I had a pretty uncomfortable night. I hope they calm down soon.

Eden is doing well. Eating well (as well as she can from a beach ball!) Hero is adjusting and doing alot better than at first. Serra has done great from the start and just loves Eden. Dh is glowing as much as me in the after glow of birth. I feel really great, almost back to normal. I was thinking of getting out of the house today but since Eden started sneezing and stuffing last night I might put it off a few more days. It is cold here and I'd hate for her to catch a chill.

Dh is home from work for 2 weeks and will go back to school full time next week so I am sooo happy to have him around for so long. He is doing a great job being a "mom" and houskeeper. :LOL

Anyway, can't wait to see more mamas here.
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Wow, mothernature, what a rough time you've been having! I'm really sorry to hear that! Yes, Meg is still a wonderful big sister, she just adores our babies!

Have only ventured out with all three to church, and only with three adults (my mom included). When I do it on my own, like for shopping, I figure I'll do a baby in a sling, a baby in a bucket on the shopping cart, and Meg either in the back of the cart or walking...or maybe in one of those race-car shopping carts if available. I also have a twin carrier to wear both babies, so in that case Meg could be in the front of the grocery cart.
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I don't get much chance to post, but how exciting to get to join in this thread! My partner gave birth to our first baby on January 2. He's wonderful, of course

My partner is home with him during the day and going a bit stir crazy. It is so cold here (15 below today) we've been trying not to take him out more often than necessary, especially since he's already got a stuffy nose. The plan was for them to come have lunch with me at work at least once a week, but it will have to warm up first. So, she is very ready for spring - or even above zero temps!

I can't believe he's already almost one month old. Time went so incredibly slowly during the pregnancy, and now it is flying by!

I look forward to reading about others' experiences - even if I don't get to post much, I'll be checking in!
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Hello everyone,
Elias is 3 weeks today We went to the midwife yesterday and he is 11 pounds, up one since birth. He doesn't look like a 3 weeks old-he is sooooo big!
Isn't it amazing how much you have to plan just to go on a simple errand like the grocery store?
We only have one appointment with the midwife left and I am so sad. I think I'll just set up watch in the corner at the birth center and watch all the beautiful pregnant mama's go by
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glad to see some more mamas here!

mothernature, it sure sounds like your household has had its fair share of illness. :-/ hopefully you're done now and will have smooth sailing until warmer weather.

dh has been off work for 3 weeks and had changed his mind about taking 6 weeks and reduced it to 3 weeks. which means that starting monday, it's me and the boys during the day. i've ventured to the grocery store and target with the baby in the sling and dh along. we should have some interesting adjustments as we go along...

dominic is a dream baby so far. he nurses nd sleeps well. i wake up about ecery 2-3 hours at night and nurse him in bed. sometimes he makes it back to the bassinette, others not. he rarely cries and is quite content most of the time.

i continue to be amazed at how wet he can soak his dipes. prefolds and kissaluvs can easily get soaked through in a short amount of time. i bought some fuzzibunz for night which are helping keep his bottom drier. i have some fleece topped doublers on order, too. the cloth at least don't leak like the disposables were, though. on a side note, my dryer pooped out today, dh is trying to fix it. hopefully it is a simple thing like he tells me it is.

my dd loves the baby to pieces and would hold him constantly, if she could. anthony is still trying to convince us his name is anthony2 and not dominic. he had a hard couple of days when we came home, but is doing much better now. he actually loves his brother and is good about being gentle and waiting extra minutes when he wants something if i'm in themiddle of a d iaperchange or something.

i am going stir crazy, with the cold weather and not wanting the baby to get sick. hopefully soon we can get bnack to some activities.

I'm feeling wonderful, now that my swelling is finally gone and my backache when away. 2much, I had horrible engorgement, too, the first 2-3 days my milk was in. Hopefully you'll feel better soon, it's a horrible feeling! I was desperately waking the baby up to get himto nurse a few minutes.
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Hey guys :0)

Sorry about the sickies Mothernature. Hopefully it'll all be over soon!

We're having very cold weather lately here too, so I can commiserate with the rest of you cold folks ;0) We've had days and days of below zero weather and I feel like I couldn't take Camilla out if I wanted to half the time...

My dh went back to work yesterday, we survived ;0) It's going to be quite an adventure tho when we finally decide to venture out just me and the kids!

Camilla is a nursing pro, had her 2 week appt today and she's up to 7lbs 6oz (from 6 14). Big bro and sis are still doing really well, they both love her to bits and are being really patient with ME too :0)

Carrots, I know an Elias IRL and he was born at almost 10lbs and is the chunkiest baby, it's funny that your Elias is a little chunker too :0)

Oh, it's funny to hear all the stuffy nose woes. Camilla has a stuffy nose all the time too. I really don't think she's sick, I think it's the combination of a)tiny nostrils, teeheehee, and b) wood heat. She does better if we hang wet towels for extra humidity, but my best friend (and her worst enemy) is the bulb syringe... Poor little tiny nosed thing ;0)

Thanks for motivating the thread Meg's mom :0)

Talk soon :0)
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Things are going so good here, Sean is the best baby ever, I swear! I think it is partly just that he's great, and partly that we found out post-surgery that I cannot safely have more children (which we had hoped to have), so knowing that this is the last newborn I will have, the last baby I will nurse, etc. I didn't expect this at 26 years old, YK? But, I am treasuring every minute with him.

My older kids love, love love him so much and are adjusting really well (ds is sad that I cannot pick him up, but I am trying to remedy that with lots of floor time). I cannot believe how big my kids are now, Danny was my baby a week ago, and now- he's so BIG- he's clearly a toddler, and I just hadn't noticed:

Question- Sean's left eye seems to have a fair amount of "funk", I always wipe it out when I see it, so it's not crusty or anything, but could it be a problem? I don't want to have to take him to the Dr., so I'm hoping it's normal.

Can I just say how nice it is to have a place for all of us to continue what we started while pregnant? It is really nice

Oh- and Sean and I are both LOVING the kangaroo korner fleece pouch Thanks again to whomever recommended it to me months ago
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Patrick gets eye funk and his is clogged tear ducts. Use a warm compress several times a day and gently massage upward from next to the bottom of his nose to the inner corner of his eye.
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just writing to say my little man is getting the cutest little saggy cheeks and another chin!! i love watching my babies grow chubby on my milk. )

and jess-- big hugs to you. i'm so sorry about not being able to carry more babies.
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Finally getting a chance to post on this thread!

Hope all the sickies are feeling better! Sadie has a really stuffed up little nose, too

Oh, dear, both babes fussing - more later
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Well, I can finally join you!!!

I guess Bryce is the youngest... as of now. I hope the rest of the gals are joining us soon!

We are doing well. Bryce was in special care for about 30 hours but is finally being weaned off his iv. So, hopefully after his vital check he'll come back to me wihout the iv!

He seems to be a good sleeper. We aren't sure how much of that is from the iv though. Since his blood suar is elevated from the iv he never really gets hungry so he has no need to wake. But, when he is awake he is very very aler.

I can't wait to be able to post some pics of him. He has dark brown hair and has a very hairy back! They knicked his head as they were cutting through my uterus. There wasn't a lot of fluid around his head and even thouh she was going really really slow it still happened. It has just about healed though.

I can't wait to take him home.

I haven't cauht up reading because I don't have a lot of time and the tv is far away and hard to read. But I should get to check in tomorrow.

Later ladies!!
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Congrats IOF! It's nice to "see" you in here. Hoping it's soon you get to take home your lil bundle :0)

Hey, those with baby eye funk, squirt some breastmilk in their eyes (mine have never minded this at all although it *sounds* rude ;0) it looks pretty funny for a few minutes, teehee, but it works WONDERS on whatever funk ails them... I promise, try it :0)

((((((((((Jess)))))))))) on finding out that you won't be able to carry a pregnancy again. It sounds like you're dealing with it alright, I'm glad you got such a sweet one :0)
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I was putting BM in Patrick's eye but it didn't help since the problem was a blocked duct rather than something bacterial!
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