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hi megan--

glad to see you here. how are you feeling? glad to hear little bryce is doing well. how is his jaundice? my dd andi had the abo blood thing and she had to be under the bili lights. hopefully you two can avoid that and go home, where i'm sure you want to be.

my girlfriend's son has a blocked tear duct. she just keeps wiping it with a clean warm cloth.
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At his last check his bili level was 11.1 They weren't concerned about it. We are supposed to go in tomorrow for a check-up. This ped practice follows breastfed babes close. I guess to make sure they gain enough weight. We will probably just go to tomorrow's visit and thats it. We jsut want to make sure the jaundice situation gets better.

I sat in the sun for about 2 hours with him today (he was all undressed) and I took lots of pics of him smiling in the sun!

I LOVE this little boy! My dh is a lot more into Bryce than he was into Tracy. I catch him holding and playing with him when no one is looking....

I hear a fussy babe....bbl!!

Oh, I get my fleece pouch this week!!!! YAY for MILs!!!
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Eden is doing well. Eating well (as well as she can from a beach ball!)
I am so with you on that one. I laughed so hard when I read that.

Looks like this thread is really picking up. I guess we're not the only ones who have dealt with the sickies. I'm sending out wellness vibes to all.

Jess- sorry to hear about this being your last pregnancy. At least you have your little blessings. Savor each moment. I'm sure that's tough news anyway.

Dd had the eye funk when she was born too. I did a combo of tear duct massage and bm shot into the eye. My aim wasn't that good at the time so I would pump a little into a bottle and drop it in (that was the only use our bottles got.) It took a while, but it did clear up. Warm compresses were the most effective though.

I took ds to the dr. Fri. I had to get dr. proof that he is here so I can get a birth certificate. Since he's had a snotty nose, she was concerned (to the tune of $400.) She ordered a chest x-ray, CDC count and blood culture. I didn't want her to think we were neglectful parents so I had the tests run and they all came back good. She still prescribed amoxicillin for him. This particular Dr. is known for being conservative for antibiotic prescriptions. She does cranial sacral therapy for ear infections and respiratory infections, but I think she was suspicious of GBS since ours was a UC homebirth. I'm supposed to bring him back in tomorrow for a follow up check up, but I haven't filled the amox. prescription because I still can't figure out why it's necessary. I should have called back right away because the longer I wait the harder it is to make that call. I just don't want her to think I'm challenging her judgement (even though I am.) She's the most AP friendly dr. our city has so I don't want to pi$$ her off. I also still need her to sign off on the birth certificate.

I sound like such a complainer now that ds is born. I don't want to be like that. I'm ready to manifest some positive energy from here on out. I'm glad to hear about everyone else's great beginnings. I'm absolutely in love with my little guy. He looks just like his daddy. His daddy is more wrapped up in him than he was with dd too, IOF. I think it's easier the second time around for dads. They don't have as much shock to get over. Dd is also in love. My mother arrived last night and that is the first I noticed of dd competing with ds for attention. She's doing really well though. I'm glad my mom is here for a week. It will be nice to have a helper.

Imonion- I would love to see a pic of those chubby cheeks. I can't wait till we get some chunky creases too. Ds has already gained 1lb and 3oz.

Jen- I meant to tell you I love the name Camilla. It sounds like she is doing great!

I have to go for now. Have a great day!
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my dh and i were talking yesterday about how strong elias's neck is already but then decided that it was more neck fat and multiple chins that held him up then muscle:LOL :LOL
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mothernature, sorry you are going through that with the doctor. Sounds like a tough situation, but sounds like she is waaaayyy off on the prescription.

Hero is getting much better. She is learning not to hug Eden's face : finally. She is definately used to me holding Eden but if daddy holds her she gets upset, so we still have some work to do. Serra is a real champ. She loves being the biggest sister and is so proud of all she can do as a big kid.

I feel 100% normal, btw. This has been my fastest "recovery" so far.

Oh, the really great thing. During this pregnancy I found dh sooo unattractive. I was worried for awhile that I would never like him in that special way again and we would have to settle for a sexless marriage. Well, the passion is back and he looks great to me again. I actually can hardly wait to get back into action. Sorry if that was TMI I am just so happy that I like dh again.

Hugs and kisses to all the babies and mamas and siblings.
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mother, i am sorry about the pedi. and the antibiotics and tests. kind of a slap in the face after your great uc birth, huh? it's a tough call for sure.

2much, anthony at first preferred daddy not hold the baby, too, but now he is doing much better at sharing. my body feels much better now, too. it's hard to remember i was pg not that long ago. i still have some occasional spotting, but hopefully that will end soon so dh and I can get reacquainted.

iof--bili of 11 is good, are you going home today? or are you home already?

today is the first day w/ just me and the boys. we have nasty winter weather again today, so we'llhave to keep occupied indoors. i will be so glad for spring this year. maybe i should spend some time getting my seeds started in the basement.

k gonna run. have diapers to fold!!
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Hi all,
Congratulations to all of you! I don't know if you all remember me, I posted periodically to the pregnancy list. Anyway, my daughter, Katja Juliana, was born at home on January 10th at 11:56 PM after 3 hours of labour and 1.5 hours of pushing. She was 6lb. 13oz. and 19" long at birth. She was 9 days "early".
Although she was born at home, I did hemorrhage, and ended up going to the hospital, and although the experience itself was not unpleasant, I'm still coming to terms with the fact that my body did not work the way it was "supposed to".
Katja is a very easy baby - we usually only wake up once during the night, and because she sleeps in bed with us, I don't even have to get up (unless I need to pee or get a drink of water-Nursing is very thirsty work! I've always been a big water drinker, but I cannot believe how much I'm drinking now!) She really enjoys being babyworn (is that the correct term?), and I really enjoy having her with me most of the time.
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Mherle- I PMed you. Congrats on your new one. My son was born the 16th 10 days "early." I think this January crew was in a hurry to arrive. Several of us went "early." The rest were waiting to be Aquarians.

I found out why the ped wanted ds to take antibiotics. She suspects he is septic (a systemic bacterial infection.) The blood culture was clean the first day, but it has to grow out for 3-4 days before they can rule that out and in the mean time they want to start antibiotics as a precaution. Usually they start IV antibiotics for septic newborns. I'm going to call back tomorrow to find out the test results and if he is positive for systemic bacteria I will fill the script. He seems to be feeling better than he was on Fri. so pray we don't have to start the antibiotic cycle at this tender age. His nose is a little sore from being suctioned, but we aren't having to do that as often so it should start to heal up soon. I'm glad I didn't actually speak to the Dr. because on her message she said they wanted to know if he was actually taking the meds. I'm not sure whether I would have been competely honest with her or not. She wants to see him in two weeks for a follow up appt. Until then we're going to hit the cool mist vaporizer and nebulizer hard and focus on the rib raising and lymphatic pump OMT.

I hope those of you who are couped up indoors see warmer days soon. We get a little stir crazy when we can't get outside to play.

Baby needs me. Gotta go.
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I am so happy to see this thread becoming as active as our pregnancy thread, soon we will all be here

So, let me just say- YEAH for Breastmilk in the eyes I admit I was a little reluctant, not that I thought it would be a bad thing, but I thought it wouldn't really work. So, I tried it, cause, I just did not want to call and go to the pediatrician, and WHAM- so much clearer- amazing! It is/was definietly an infection and not a clogged duct- as it got yellowish/greenish yesterday and spread to the other eye, now both eyes are much clearer- I started by using expressed milk on a soft cloth, then last night he was hemming and hawing when my milk was letting down, so instead of letting it drip all over the pillow, I dripped it into his eyes, and I really think it is doing the trick My MIL (who is pretty grossed out by BFing although she at least tries to hide it) was here, and she is amazed and very impressed at just one more good thing about breastmilk.

OK, now a nursing question- LC always say "get to the baby before they are too hungry" (ie- offer the breast at the first sign of hunger) , but then they say, "Don't let the baby latch on until the mouth is open nice and wide", well for my baby (and my son was the same way), as newborns, they just will not open wide until they are a little upset. Can't really strike a balance on that yet. I have to say though, this is my easiest nursing experience, although it hurts a bit at first, and I have to adjust his latch (pull out his lips), my nipples haven't bleed or cracked at all It's the simple things in life that make me happy.

I also have not had any baby blues (yet- I am sure it could still happen), and I think that is b/c I know this is my last babe , and I am just not about to miss this time, YK?

Mothernature, I am hoping your babe's tests come back ok, and that you won't have to start antibiotics, I know I would dread that right now too.
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OK, now a nursing question- LC always say "get to the baby before they are too hungry" (ie- offer the breast at the first sign of hunger) , but then they say, "Don't let the baby latch on until the mouth is open nice and wide", well for my baby (and my son was the same way), as newborns, they just will not open wide until they are a little upset. Can't really strike a balance on that yet. I have to say though, this is my easiest nursing experience, although it hurts a bit at first, and I have to adjust his latch (pull out his lips), my nipples haven't bleed or cracked at all It's the simple things in life that make me happy.>>

I have to remind Dominic to open wide, too. He gets a little ticked but I help him by pulling on his chin while he's latching. It helps a lot, otherwise he makes weird noises when he's nursing. They say it helps if you show them how to open wide by opening your mouth as he latches, too. It can't hurt, I guess.

Glad the eye gunk is getting better--I know you were getting worried.

Mother, how are things for you?

Welcome and congrats to Mandy.
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Wow! First of all I want to say Eden is beautiful. I'm sure you think so too. Xander is wearing his born at home shirt right now. Next is a question. How did you post a picture like that? Most impressive.

Xander's culture results came back clear- no growth- so we won't be giving him antibiotics. He's already feeling better anyway. I guess I learned an expensive lesson. It kinda goes along the same lines as Mherle's doubting her body's ability to give birth the way it was made to. I think I must have felt like we got away with something by having such a beautiful UC birth. We still spent less than we would have on a midwife even after our Dr. appointments, tests and drugs.

Bfing is going well here too although Xander does have to be coaxed to open wide too. He also won't nurse if he's about to poop, even if he's really hungry. It just makes him mad.

Well, dd's napping so I better nap too or it will be a long night. Have a great day.
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I just had to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying "lurking" here...obviously I am still over on the pregnancy forum, but its getting a bit lonely!

hopefully I'll have a birth story to post soon.
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hi everybody!,glad to see were all catching up just a different thread.joy seems to have her days and nights mixed up so i'm not getting alot of sleep.shes been really gasey too and I haven't yet figured out what im eating thats contributing to it,so im alternating between mylicon drops and fennel seed tea.she was christened sunday which was pretty nice but crazy as my olderson had amild seizure right after the alleluia,which sent dh running back and forth about 3 times to the bathroom with him since it always upsets his tummy.Afterwards weall went to pizza hut for lunch.16 of us! dh was laid off from his telecom job friday so hes going full time with his constuction co. he and a partner started3 years ago when he was laid off the first time.guess hes over corporate america.Ijust hope and pray theres enough work.joys butts so skinny my cloth dipes dont fit yet.midwife said she was 8.6 last week so shes gaining and getting chubby cheeks.my backs a mess,keeps going into spasms when i sit.im waiting for my spotting to stop before i start back with yoga,its the only thing that seems to help.went for the birth certificate last week.i called first and the lady said all weneeded was a photo id?everyone else ive known who had a home birth had to bring medical records a letter from their preist etc.etc.it was so quick and simple i was pinching myself!
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Mothernature, glad to hear Xander is just fine. Your instincts were correct.

I want to know how Eden's gorgeous face was posted like that, too!! She is just beautiful, 2much.

saintmom--good luck with your dh's change in careers. I'm sorry about your son's seizure--talk about timing, huh? Does he have them often?

Megsmom--I have been meanign to ask you but keep forgetting--which babe has GERD? Both? Is the pedi thinking they'll outgrow it? How are they doing ?

I have a question--trapped gas in a baby. Occasionally Dominic will swallow so much air while nursing because the letdown is so strong. And then he falls asleep without getting it all out and wakes frequently crying and doing the stiff leg thing. Any solutions? Should I just take him off the breast when the letdown begins and wait for a second?

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hi!about the seizures,he hasn't had one since last april.the two he had last year were also on sunday.the first was tonic clonic and the second was more mild -like last sunday less than a min.he had the first at three after vacs.of course the neurologist hasn't ever said the cause was the vaccinations,the eeg has only shown a general abnormality not the classic signs of epilepsy.so far we haven't had to use anti seizure meds.if they increase in frequency it will definately be a new row to hoe.from what i've read the meds have their own lovely list of side effects. ijust wish i new what the trigger was so wed know to look for it.sundays are usually nuts anyhow so im thinking the change in routine probably contributes.i guess this is more than you wanted to know but i thought i'd share.i haven't met anyone else having to deal with this kind of thing.needless to say joy isn't getting any vaxes!
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I know what you mean, mothernature, about all the medical mess. After my last dd's homebirth with a midwife I freaked out on her third day of life and took her to the emergency room. She had been sleeping all day and hardly nursed...I thought. It turned into a 3 day NICU nightmare and they never found anything wrong...I truly don't think anything was ever wrong, just me paranoid and scared. I have really focused on staying calm this time...which is good because Eden sleeps all the time!

I don't know how the pictures posted like that. I did it like normal but they showed up on the thread.

We are doing fine here. She loves to sleep. SHe is her daddy's girl.
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eden is absolutely gorgeous
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Hi gals!

I'ms till not in the loop with everything. I'm soo glad my mom is here to help out. Tracy is being a handful at times. He is jsut a little confused on everything and a lot tempermental. I'm hoping it passes soon!

Bryce is such a different baby than Tracy. Bryce naps during the day and basically only cries when hungry. Tracy cried all the time and never napped. Tracy also insisted on being held constantly. Bryce will let me put him in his chair or swing so i can play with Tracy.

Last night he slept for 4.5 hours! I kept waking up going...shouldn't he wake up now? It was nice though.

So, far bedtime and mornings are the roughest on us. Tracy just isn't all that cooperative.

I'm doing good. I overdid it 2 different days this week. Between going to the dr and such thins were hectice monday and tuesday. Today has been nice and calm though. I feel like I'm healing good and my breasts have started to remember hw to regulate milk production.

Sorry this is one sided. i still have to catch up with everyone!
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