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About the scale....I have been on it I've got about 15 lbs left to lose (gained 60 total) but I really need to tone up! I started exercising this week, mostly for energy and toning but hopefully the last of the weight will come off, too!
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We are five in a bed too. So far dh pretty much takes care of the older two in the night. Eden almost got stepped on only once so far, when Hero wanted me and dh sent her over and Eden was on the inside. But I was right there awake in an instant. I haven't actually worried too much about her getting hurt because I am a light sleeper and wake when anyone stirs. It is working out so far.

Eden is stuffy all the time too. She's so cute when she snorts like a little piggy. But it is annoying. I am always sucking her nose out with the sucky thing so she can nurse. No ideas, sorry. I use eucaliptus oil for myself and the older girls when we get stuffy but I have been afraid to use it on her. You just spray it on some tissue and hold it under your nose. Do you think it would be ok for a baby?

I have read the womanly art a little bit too just to tackle me breastfeeding questions. I really would love to read a book about motherhood in general and how special and important it is. Sort of a praise of mother book. ANyone know any?
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We are using the kissaluvs 0s and proraps (now that the cord is off). He soaks through them in no time though: so I ordered another 12 today, at least I know I can sell them for almost what I paid when he is done with them. Then I have the size 1s, and then I think we'll move into all wonderoos which I love

So, now I am not feeling so guilty about the tummy to tummy sleeping, it seems to me that would be perfectly safe, but I never can understand SIDS anyway, I just know I don't want to experience it, and live a life of regret for not sleeping the "right" way, YK?

Right now ds and I are sleeping on the couch. We started when I first came home b/c I couldn't get myself up in bed (c-section pain), now I am just enjoying watching tv when ds nurses at night (thank goodness for "nick at nite" so I don't have to watch infomercials with Ron Popiel and his food dehydrator). Also, dh needs to take the wheels off of the bed frame, cause when I try to sit back and nurse in bed (Gotta get that laying down nursing going)- the bed rolls from the wall: My dd sleeps in her own bed all night, and my older ds sleeps half the night in his bed, then comes to join dh. When babe and I get to moving upstairs he will be on the side of me, in the sidecarred crib with the snuggle nest in it, and inevidably (Sp?) will end up on my chest, while older ds will be between dh and I, as he usually is. Yeah for king size beds!!!

I don't have any book recommendations, sorry

I have no real blues this time, at least not aimed at baby (which it has been in the past-mainly due to nursing problems I think). I am pretty blue about not being able to have more children- it keeps hitting me everyday- I never expected this at 26 years old, but I am very thankful for what I do have(3 beautiful babes). As if not being able to have more kids were not enough- I am having a struggle, b/c health-wise it would be best for one of us to be sterilized at this point (and it is what we feel is best/safest)- but the Church does not allow for that, so I am having a spiritual struggle here big time. Good thing sex is not of interest now anyway:
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There's so much to respond to here. We are also doing cloth diapers. I knitted several LTK soakers but I'm still not using them. I have some borrowed biobottoms and nikki's wraps that I reach for first. I've been using the newborn prefolds and some cuddlebuns newborn size and some assorted dipes I made. I think I like the ones I made almost as well as the cuddlebuns for fit, but the prefolds are the most absorbant. I had forgotten how frequently newborns soil their dipes.

The family bed here is just a queen so we've done a little creative rearranging. My mother just left today after a week's visit. While she was here she slept on the sofa with dd while dh and I slept in the bed with ds. That seemed to work ok. Before that I was nursing ds to sleep in the bed while dh did the tooth brushing etc. with dd and then we would switch and I would read stories with dd and lay down with her until she fell asleep. Then dh would come get me when ds woke to nurse again and I would sleep the rest of the night in my own bed with ds and dh. That is until about 5 AM when dd would wake up and want in with us. Then we put ds in the middle and dd on the outside next to me. I've convinced dd that she wants her own bunk bed so we're working out a progress chart for her to earn one. She has to sleep in her own bed for a month before she can get one. Tonight is the first night of charting, so wish us luck. She's in there right now with dh and ds.

I do think it's ok to have an infant sleep chest to chest. You would know if something was wrong. Ds had that stuffy nose (you remember, the one that cost us $400) and I always woke up when I needed to suction him. By the way, eucalyptus oil is fine for an infant. He does spend much of the night tucked into the crook of my arm though. It's easier to nurse lying down that way. I usually support his head just below my shoulder (about parallel to my breast) and pull him in close to me to nurse. When he's finished he uses the breast as a pillow. I'm usually small breasted, but with a new milk supply I get pretty busty (I went from barely a B to busting out of a D.) With a toddler it works just fine with small breasts for me, but I guess I wouldn't know with a newborn.

I'm looking for some inspiring reading material too. I need something for those mid-night feedings.

It sounds like the sleep experiment is going awry so I better go for now.
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So sorry for your struggles, jess. What a tough situation. I hope you can find a solution soon.

I spent waaayyyy too much on cloth diapers this time (income tax return ) but I am really enjoying them. I reach for fireflys first with a soaker (I have a baabaa bottoms, a righteous baby, and a fern and faerie bum fuzzy and two wolly bumbums) and I just got a small sugarpeas today so I will be using that some too I am sure. I have some tots bots, some fern and fearie some cuddlebuns and SOS that fit a little bulkier than the fireflys so I reach for them or infant prefolds when I run out of fireflys. Then I have several pocket diapers which I always use if we are going out because they are so easy in the diaper bag. This is so off topic, sorry. I just all my new diapers.

Good luck with all of us trying to stay on top of our emotions. Yesterday I kind of snapped out of my funk a bit. I don't know if my hormones leveled out or what, but life started looking more normal. I was worried there for a few days about the way I was feeling but I am feeling better now and hoping it sticks. Still want some good books though if anyone has any.
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hugs to jess. my girlfriend just had a c-birth on the 28th, her 3rd. anyway, she was told no more babies as well. it would be something to mourn, for sure. i hope you can find a solution re: birth control.

i am loving all the diaper talk! the fuzzibunz w/ the prefold and the doubler worked pretty well last night. we got through without any clothing changes. i have been trying to avoid buying fitteds until he's a bit bigger, but may have to break down.

i cannot think of a good mothering book, 2much. sounds like you need to write one! i'm glad you're feeling better.

glad dominic isn't the only snurgly babe. we've been running the vaporizer and the pedi. recommended some kind of nose drops, but i haven't tried those yet. He doesn't have anything to suck though. Weird.

OK, gotta go feed my clan. Have a great day, mamas!
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hi yall,joys 18 days today.shes been sleeping through the night tucked in my arm this week.i've just really been enjoying hanging out and being with her.Can't say I've really gotten much done just the bare minimum of school and housework.I've had ayucky cold and cough last two days.the older kids had it first,just hope joy doesn't get it.She's already got a nasty rash that the midwife thinks is yeast so were trying out an antifungal ointment she reccomended.nothing else is working.I did make my first honeyboy diaper yesterday.it came out pretty good.can anybody tell me if the fleece really stays dry or will they still soak their clothes when they wet in an aio?Sorry to sound ignorant but I always just used prefolds.
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i just havre a sec, wanted to post a link to dominic's site:


mothernature, i just bought the pattern for the ltk soaker, did you buy her wool yarn, too?
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Lots to respond about but not a lot of time

We are NOT cloth diapering. I was going to but have decided I'm not all that into it. So, I'm getting ready to sell everything I bought. i bought on our tp here and a couple things on ebay.

My sling should be here this week and I'm very glad to be getting it!

We are having a "forced" family bed. Tracy doesn't sleep through the night and makes his way to our bed by about 6am. It is not my idea of fun! I think his jealousy issues are coming out at night.

Is eating the only thing they do at this stage? I can't really remember with t. But every time b wakes up he wants to eat. If he is awake he wants to be latched on! How long will this last. He isn't on any sort of feeding schedule at all...at least nothing predictable.

Oh yeah...I've lost 26 pounds!!! I gained 41 so I have some baby weight left and a LOT of extra after that!
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IOF- what do you have for cloth diapers, I want first dibs

Yes, cloth diapering is something you have to be "into" to do it
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We use UBCPF's w/pins here (have for all three kiddos) and wool covers (biobottoms, nikky's, Ruskovilla's--my FAVS, Bumpy's, and assorted wahm's). We put Asher in 'sposies for the past 3 weeks, but tonight begins my two-in-cloth adventure :0) I've always loved my prefolds pins and wool, I don't think I'll ever do it any other way. :0) Asher needed doublers for awhile but Camilla seems a lighter wetter than he was...

Add me to the 5-in-the-bed club :0) Camilla and I sleep chest to chest most of the night. (it was the same with my other two for the first few months) It really feels like the safest way for me, but I think everybody needs to choose what feels right for them... She ends up tucked in next to me, us facing eachother on our sides, after nursing. Asher (2yo) is a bed-wanderer and sometimes he ends up thwacking her, but nothing bad, and I'm also a light enough sleeper that I wake up whenever he begins to prowl... :0) I think I'm going to try putting Asher on the outside on my side cause I think he'll get bothered less thus prowl less :0) Bean (who's 5) has started telling us she wants to sleep in her own bed, we're not pushing it at all but the bed is getting crowded (we have a king with no room for expansion) We might end up trying her on her own mattress at the foot of the bed...
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Hi, everyone! Wanted to *quickly* chime in and say hello. James is staying with my parents this week, so I actually get a chance to get online and (gasp) actually POST! I'm actually catching up on emails, so that's nice too. Lily only wants to be held, so that's different. I'm not using my sling like I should--just nursing and staring at my baby most of the day! Those relaxing hormones from nursing are really kicking in here! Anyway, it's nice to know my baby isn't the only one with a stuffy nose. It's finally getting better today. Saline solution up the nose has been super effective, making bulb sucking much more effective.

Oh and she's sleeping with me, wherever that ends up being! Either on my chest in bed or the couch or b/n me and dh in bed. I think some safe sleeping rules can be fudged when co sleeping b/c you're closer and can respond faster. SIDS is such a mystery still, and sleep positions is just a small part of it. One big connection is the really deep sleep that babies fall into after having a long, hard cry. Thus, not letting baby CIO lessens that chance. Anyway, there's so much that can go into it, I don't stress too much. But I don't feel comfortable leaving Lily on tummy by herself in a room. But if I'm around, it's ok. I guess we all have our different standards and rules. But this is all new territory for me, b/c with James, we let him CIO from the beginning, set feeding schedule, the whole bit. And SO paranoid about co sleeping. I'm so glad to do things differently this time. So much less stress.

Can't wait to get my fleece pouch! I think it'll come this week.

Talk to you all later. Lily's actually sleeping on her back in a chair right now! What a shocker!
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I'll have to see what I have jess....

So, this is what I'm going to do....as I shrink out of my clothes I'm going to sell them. Then I have no reason to need them! We aren't planning any more kids and I'm not planning on being this heavy and I need the closet space! I'm going to see about joining Curves in a couple months if we can afford it!
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ugh--sick today. fever and aches. hope baby doesn't get it!
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Kim, , hope you get better really soon, and hope the babe doesn't get it.

IOF- is everything you have newborn(re:cloth diapers)? Cause, Sean is already outgrowing newborn stuff: He had his 2 week check today (it's 2 1/2 weeks, but whatever ), and he has gained 2 pounds and 3 inches since birth I guess the nursing really is going very well I am not at all prepared, and he's going to be in sposies until I can get my hands on some size small wraps, the newborn wraps are actually cutting off circulation

His eye funk is back a bit, in the one eye, and the Dr. said since the eye is not reddened to just keep going with the BM (couldn't hurt, although she had never heard of doing such a thing- I think it freaked her out a little ), and she said she'd rather not do any kind of drops (unless his eye gets red), as the drops tend to cause clogged ducts (much like the antibiotic eye ointment in the hospital, which they still give to even c-birth babies: )

Today was my first venture out and about with all 3 of the kids, and all I can say is, I am really going to be using this sling .

Well, it's naptime here, so I better partake in it myself.

BTW- it dawned on me big time at 3 am today- you twin mamas really rock! I have no idea how you are doing it
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BTW- it dawned on me big time at 3 am today- you twin mamas really rock! I have no idea how you are doing it
I totally agree. You twin mama are awesome
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jess--I have very little in the newborn size (if any)

We have our 2 week visit on friday. I'm curious ho much this kid has gained! The stuff that is 3 month size seems to fit pretty good. Except Bryce has no legs and is all torso, just like his mama :LOL

Oh, and his cord fell off today. I'm pretty sure he is going to have an outie.

Plus he has eye funk. It is yellow. His eyes aren't red or anything but they are always runny....
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ok, I have...

1 nb prorap
2 md prorap (13-25lbs)
4 lg prorap (24-35lbs) one is white with zoo animals

1 S bumkins (I think its an AIO..I'm not too good on the lingo : ) It is blue with little bugs...very cute
1 S (hand made) soaker...its is blue

1 S vinyl pant that snaps on the side
2 M vinyl pant
2 Lg vinyl pant

Thats all I have. I stopped buying them months ago. I was buying several different types to try out to see what I liked.

If you are interested just let me know. i'm selling them cheap (+ shipping)! I just want them out of my house!

So, I anyone wants them...not even wanting to use them but resell them even...just let me know!
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Just wanted to say I'm surprised your doc was shocked at the idea of using BM for healing the eye. BM has many healing properties, so I hope that at your next appt she'll see how beneficial it can be so shecan recommend it to her other patients! James had "goopy eyes" as we called it, for *months*. Warm compresses and massage really helped (didn't need the milk since it was a plugged duct). Doing this kind of "stretch" of the tear duct (one thumb on top, one on bottom, gently pulling apart) *really* helped--hard to explain! Also did chiro.

I'm missing James tonight . He's having a ball with his cousins and grandparents though, actually getting the attention he doesn't get around here the past few weeks. Hopefully Lily and I will get nursing down better, and I won't feel like lying on the couch all day. Since she sleeps so well *on* me, I just kind of sit around all day! I really need to get the hang of the sling, but I just don't like how she's all tucked in and can't see anything! Any ideas on NB positions where baby can see out?

So how often do you bathe your NBs? I'm curious! Are there any rules??

Patty, I can't believe how much your baby has grown in two weeks!!! I thought Lily's 12oz in one week was huge, but I think she's leveled off since. I guess we'll see in a few weeks.
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IOF, thanks for the list, I am really just in need of small covers, so, I can't help you out, but you should list them on the TP

I too was surprised that the pediatrician hadn't heard about BM for the eyes (since everyone here seemed to know about it ), but she's not our regular Dr., I think she's really new (our Dr. is out having a babe of her own). She gave me a prescription for vitamins (vitamin D) for Sean, so I listened to her yammer, took the script and didn't fill it. Our regular pediatrician does not recommend vitamins for BF babies. I want to get together some info. to send to the Dr. we saw about vitamins for BF babies- anyone know a good source?

The 2 pound weight gain in 2 weeks shocked me too, did I mention he also grew 3 inches since birth? Some of that must be measuring error somewhere.

I bathe my newborns around 2-3 times a week-anytime there is a massive poop blowout

OK, off I go babe is unusually cranky this morning (must have some poop ready to explode)
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