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I'll post them on the tp today

baths....bryce's cord fell off yesterday so his first bath is today! With T we gave a bath maybe every other week. Well, he got wiped down a couple times a week but no real "baths" that often. B will probably have more because I don't seem to have baby blues this time around. But that might change once my mom goes home.

I'm already starting to mentally prepare for doing this on my own. I'm trying to come up with ways to make things easier.

gotta go--Tracy is being a punk this morning!
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turns out i hasve mastitis. thought i was going to die last night, but antibiotics are kicking in now, thank heavens. dominic doesn't mind nursing on the infected breast, thank goodness.

sling--he hates the cradle hold, so i put him belly to belly w/ sling holding him, suppporting neck. this works great for the grocery store.

i agree, the twin mamas rock, i can't imagine it.

analisa, meant to mention my dd did montessori, and it was wonderful for her. how does meg like it so far? hope little catherine has passed that nasty barium.
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on the mastitis. I've never had it and hope to avoid it again. I noticed this morning I have one sore spot that is red and a streak. So, when I showered I rubbed it hard for about 3 minutes under pretty hot water. That seemed to take care of that kind of thing before so I hope it does again.

I cannot wait for my sling to get here....I wonder when it will??
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Elias just had his 1 month appointment and is about 121/2 #
He is huge
The doctor thinks that his rash and throw-up episodes are from a dairy allergy soooo that means that I get to be vegan now. I will miss my yogurt, the soy stuff just isn't the same. Oh well, I hope he gets better soon.
I have bunches of covers and diapers, I will have to check out the TP unless anyone is interested in newborn and small prowraps and dipes?
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slinging mamas, how long do your babies spend in the sling each day? I swear my ds goes right to sleep and stays asleep as long as he's in there, and since I prefer he sleep during naptime and at night, I don't do much sling time at home. anyone else have that kind of sling-sleeping babe?
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Way to grow Elias :0)

Camilla gets a bath about once a week.

Jess, Camilla spends almost the entire day in the sling (or the baby bundler) She sleeps almost all day whether she's in there or not (and sleeps really well at night too) All my kids slept through most of their first 3 months ;0)

Anyone else's baby do evening (or any other time I suppose!) fussy time every night/day? Camilla fusses for a couple hours each evening. Bean did the same from 2-8 weeks, Asher fussed from 2-4 weeks at which time we figured out he was sensitive to rice--I cut it out of my diet, and his fussy times ended. It ends up that Bean is very sensitive to soy tho we didn't figure that out till she was 4 years old :0( So, we're going to bring Camilla in to our ND for muscle testing for food sensitivities (both my kids have multiple sensitivities so that was inevitable anyway!). But then I also wonder how much of NB fussing is stress-release crying (anyone read Aletha Solter's books, the Parent's Leadership Institute lit, or the article in the most recent Mothering about crying in arms?) I know I'm not being very coherent, I'm kind of rambling, but I'm wondering if anyone else has an evening fusser and what your thoughts might be about it :0)
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I just figured out the the tummy to tummy hold w/ the sling last night, and I love it!!! That's how we spend most of our days anyway, so now I can actually use my arms! There's another hold that I love w/ the rings on your hip and it makes it like a pouch sling, and baby is resting closer to shoulder than you can with rings up there. I'll have to take a pic. Anyway, I don't like it when she's awake b/c she can't see and is all tucked in. anyway, the kangaroo-type hold is like using a front pack, except the legs aren't all spread apart. Oh, and we just figured all this out, so she hasn't spent much time here yet, but she's in my arms almost all day long (and night!). Erik's all "we have to wean her from sleeping w/ you all the time", and I told him, "Well, she's slept with me for the past 10 months!" That kind of clicked so hopefully he'll let me do as I please w/o much hassle. I mean, he never hassles me about anything, but this is so much different from how we raised James as an infant. It's hard for him to understand and get used to, I guess.

And James was definitely a fussy evening baby, and so is almost every baby I know! What do they call it..."the witching hour"??? Like from 4-7 or something like that James would just be abnormally fussy--it's also a stressful time of day w/ daddy coming home, making dinner, bed times, etc. Anyway, he didn't start it right off, maybe a month or two old. It's no fun! But maybe it's also a food sensitivity, so that would help. And I haven't read anything that you're referring to...what are the titles so I can check them out!?

And a great article about Vit. D was in Mothering last year. Also, the Womanly Art is pretty specific about BF babies not needing vitamins if everything is normal.
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mamas, make sure you get your rest. i think i got run down and susceptible to the mastitis. i had another horrible night w/ vety high fever and aches, dizziness, sore boobs...no fun at all. i'm doing nothing until this is gone.

so far dominic is not an evening fusser. ds anthony was, though. oddly, the vacuum helped.

we sling some at home, not all day. if he is in the sling, it does put him to sleep instantly.

going to go...bye!
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Oh, Kim, I'm sorry!!! You are so good to catch it now and rest up. Hope you feel better soon.

does anyone else get a bit dizzy after a nursing?? It only happens occasionally, but it's weird!! I know I have to up my water (super dark pee today...TMI!) but I don't think that's it. Just kind of weird.

Good night!
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Originally posted by jess7396
BTW- it dawned on me big time at 3 am today- you twin mamas really rock! I have no idea how you are doing it
I have no idea how I'm doing it either.
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I am so sorry about the mastitis, I had it a few times with ds, and am so hoping to avoid it this time. I almost always got it after pumping, my body just does not do well with pumping, somehow the pump works areas that the babe doesn't, so I get a clogged duct, and that often turns into mastitis for me, unless I get right on top of it, and take my zinc, and get the rest I need.

I am finding getting the rest I need substantially harder this time, and again, I really can't imagine how the twin mamas do it, b/c I have one babe who keeps me up when I really just want to sleep, so sometimes, he does sleep when I am trying- if there were another one here- I'd never sleep I don't think. OK< last night was rough- I admit it- I am moody right now I actually resorted to trying gas drops last night- which if possible seemed to make him more uncomfortable- so I guess gas is not the problem. Of course he is perfectly content right now, but the other 2 are not about to sit quitely while mama naps: TG it's Friday and I can make dh do nightime duty (except nursing of course) and not feel guilty that he has to get up for work. Although- if it's a rough night- he'll(dh) be moody tomorrow, and if someone has to be moody, I prefer it be me:LOL

No evening fussy time here- yet- but maybe it will start in a while: It seems that he can always be comforted by the breast-maybe that explains the 2 pounds in 2 weeks weight gain:LOL

OK- he's ready to nurse again- off I go!
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There's so much to respond to. Ds spends much of the day in the sling because it really helps with the evening fussies. I don't know how many of you have read The Continuum Concept , but they explain in that book that babies who are carried in a sling all day will sleep in the sling, but they will also release stress through your movement. If the baby sleeps alone they will have a longer fussy time to release stress on their own. I made a tube sling when dd was two and used it for hip-holding her hands free. It seems to work great for a newborn too. I used hemp t-shirt material so it has more give to it. I also have a ring sling I made that I like ok, I just wish I'd used different fabric.

I can't remember who asked about the LTK soaker pattern. I did not buy the yarn from LTK. I couldn't wait to get started so I bought merino wool from a knitting store nearby. I would love to try some of her yarn and the longies pattern, but I'm not finding time for that right now. I'm lucky if I get the dishes finished after supper.

I had mastitis with dd and it is not fun. I really thought I might die from the pain. Now if I think I'm getting a plugged duct I employ dd for the plumbing job. She thinks it's funny to get to nurse and "help Mommy." I'm not willing to go through that again. You probably did over do it. I think that's how I got mine too. Really rest and drink lots of fluids and use hot compresses on your lymph nodes (just below your collar bone.) Hot showers help too if you feel like getting up. I think massaging the lump was helpful too. The best thing of all though was nursing. Don't stop because of the pain, it will only get worse.

To the twin mamas. I feel sleep deprived as it is. I can't imagine the amount of grouchiness I would send out with twins. Koodos to you.
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Oh, Kim, I feel for you with the mastitis. I had it with dd#1. Yesterday, I woke up at 5am with intense abdominal and back pain, it felt like labour all over again Anyway, I ended up in the ER at 6:30am and it turns out that I have some sort of nasty uterine/pelvic infection. I'm on antibiotics and painkillers...yuck. I spent all of yesterday in bed and am feeling mostly better today.

About slinging, I wear one or both babies in the sling most of the day. They're getting too heavy to wear together, though - my shoulder and back are killing me

Analisa - hugs to you, sounds like you might need one
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Hello - can I join in? New to posting around here...I read a little of the pregnancy threads but never posted.

Are there any other first-time mamas here? Seems like most of you have other babes. I'm staying afloat with my boy but just barely while learning how to be a mom!

Kieran is just over 2 weeks old, and had gained 1lb over his birthweight @ his 2wk dr appt, so I think we're doing okay with breastfeeding. He started getting regularly fussy after nighttime feedings just a few days ago, his worst time is around midnight. The doctor recommended the trying the gas drops, but I'm not too excited about the idea...

We currently have a sidecar crib set-up, but I still feel he's too far away from me and would love to bring him in the bed! We have a down comforter though & I'm paranoid about smothering him - how do you all position your babes in bed with you if you're not holding them chest-to-chest?

We're cloth diapering and I'm finally figuring out how to minimize leaks with prefolds, thank goodness. He's almost grown out of the size 0 Kissaluvs, which I love! I was hoping to get a little longer use out of them. I have a new native sling, and Kieran does okay once in it (HATES being put in), but it makes my neck & shoulders sore to wear it for long. DH likes using the baby bjorn we got secondhand from a friend. I know some people don't like those, but Kieran seems to like the tummy to tummy contact.
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This is the first chance I've really had to post. My partner posted the birth announcement and the pictures. I haven't been allowed to sit up! Not at all at first, and then for just a few minutes a day. I had a small tear, and I didn't have it stitched.

Alexander is 11 days old today, and is 8 lbs. 6 ozs. (he was 8 lbs. 1 oz. at birth). Here are the more recent pictures:


Hmm. What else? Not sure what else to say. I'll be back later. I have so much catching up to do on-line!
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Sure there are alot of us mamas with more than one, but you are more than welcome!!!
Congratulations on your little one
I think that it is great that you have joined in all the merriment here at MDC. It is a terrific resource to have.
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nakkin, as usual.

ty for all the hugs and commiseration. i feel on the mend today, whee! i'm trying to behave and not overdo things so i stay well. in case you haven't figured it out yet, i have a hard time being inactive.

milkface, how are you feeling? that sounds horrible rest up, if you can.

welcome vb mama, congrats on your little guy. there's nothing like the first baby.

it was me asking about the ltk soaker...i'm going to try the pattern out on some yarn from my local knit store that is cheaper than theresa's. if it turns out ok, i'll probably order some from her to msake more. they look adorable.

devrock, glad to hear from you. alexanmder is adorable. how is your tear healing?

we have baby acne here right now. it's pretty mild, and looks to be clearing up. dominic is gaining at a pretty fast clip, i won't be surprised if he's about 9 lbs. (started at 6lbs. 5 ozs.)

hugs to megs mom, hope things get better soon.
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Originally posted by Imonion2
how is your tear healing?
The midwife was just here and she looked at it and said it has healed beautifully, so I'm allowed to sit up now -- YAY!
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man....I have NO time to post anymore! It isn't that I'm that busy I just have no energy! T is sleeping horrible so he is keeping me up most nights. While B just sleeps away : I figured that B wold sleep better than T so I'm not all that surprised by it.

I also don't have a lot of time to catch up with everyone Maybe sometime soon I will be able to.

Took Bryce for his 2wk well baby check yesterday. He has gained 2 pounds since bringing him home and grown 1 1/4 inch!!! He is getting so big and observant!

The ped is also ok with our not vaxing. Which is a relief since I really like him.

I'm working on getting pics up but I have to send them to dh at work to edit them down to size....

Oh and I got my hair all cut off and colored Ahhhhh...I feel so much better!

I've also dropped 30 of my 40 pounds!!!!
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IOF, congrats on your weight loss! AND your baby's gain!

Did you get my PM about the covers?? I know you're super busy--um, tired!!--, but I'm just curious. Thanks! If you don't think you'll be able to get around to selling them for a few weeks, then let me know. My friend is a bit ansy for some med proraps!

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