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April IUI

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April IUI

May April showers bring May flowers!

Good Luck everyone!

Waiting for O
tomanygirls-3-2 HCG, 3-4 Ist IUI,

Waiting to know-2WW


Waiting to be ready

Needle in the Hay


by-the-lake -6th IUI
blueyezz-3rd IUI
Masel-Clomid 3rd IUI
Faye0- IUI #7-no meds
DM360-TTC 2 years, IUI#3 injectibles

If any of this info is not correct please mark in bold in your post and I will change it!
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Aha!! The april iui thread! Thank you LACI!!!!!

I am only a few days in now....I am on day 4 and had my second injection of menopur today!!
I'm really excited about this IUI!

I still need a little advice/insight/comments. I have went from 100mg Clomid with (2) 75iu Bravelle----With ONLY ONE follie to.....

(10) 75iu Menopur!!! Is this too much? I hope I'm not going to make more than maybe 4 mature follies with this stuff.

Does anyone have any advice on this med, especially with this amount/quantity??? Has my RE lost his mind or is this a pretty good dosage for someone with poor response?

If you have used this med, how many follicles did you make??

Thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!
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Okay so I have never been on menopur however when I started injectables I started at 75 iu of Gonal so I think that is the standard dose to start with. I am now on 125 of Gonal. I know there are some women that have been on it so I think they may be able to help you with this question.
Since this is your first cycle of injectables there is no way of knowing how you will respond. I believe that the RE started you out on a low dose.
Hope this helps.
I have added you on the list!
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I'm here.

Can I be moved to waiting to know?
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Hi Ladies, thanks for making the April thread Laci!!!

afm - 6 dpiui - super sore breasts, but other than that, no symptoms.....I'm not feeling very optimistic this month due to hubby's sperm wash, but I guess we'll see when I go for my blood test on the 9th!
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Hi ladies! I am currently 6dpiui and not feeling much of anything. I have a little crampiness, but have had that a lot of cycles after ovulation with no pregnancy, so don't think it is a sign of anything. Sigh. This was my first IUI and I was really hoping to get lucky!
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quick post ( at work) AF is here! Baseline on Thursday!
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Hi all - just a quick question - This is going to sound a little gross, however, I am currently now 7dpiui and am having a ton of yellow, thick discharge - is that normal??? It's a light yellow - but def. way more discharge than normal. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi, just wanted to say you can take me off the list. I think we're going to save up for IVF. Good luck to everybody! I'll be lurking and thinking good thoughts for you all.

tami - yeah, I think I've had that. I've heard it correlates with taking vitamins, you know how vitamins can make your pee bright yellow sometimes? If it is an infection, usually it will smell really strong or different than normal. I think I actually gave myself an infection once from checking my cervix 800 times a day.
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Court mosey on over to the Spring IVF thread and keep us posted!
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I just wanted to wish everyone lots of luck this month as I sit this one out. We'll go to our appt. later this month and I plan to make it known that I'd like to try IUI again. Well, I guess my DH and will discuss this a bit before the appt as the other day he sounded interested in IVF and actually said that cost isn't the issue. So we'll see, and we'll see what my dr. has to say as well, but I think it's likely we'll try at least one more IUI first.

BEST OF LUCK to all of you--let's have lots of April graduates!!!
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court- Best wishes for IVF.

Needle- You will be missed around here!

laci- WOOT! Good luck at your baseline appt!

So I mentioned this on the one thread but thought I would ask here too. Has anyone else had Progesterone make them sick? I am feeling really bad and am thinking that it is the progesterone.
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Tami I think I remember having the same thing.

Needle - I hope we end up on the same cycle again

Court - Good luck keep us posted

afm - two cysts on right side 6cm and 3cm. Back on BCP for 2 weeks. Gonna call and make an accupunture appt today. DH and I did second appt for counseling last night and it went well. I finally convinced him to go along with the next cycle but then I had 2 cysts. Next session we will talk about him giving a commitment and not being so wishy washy!

Happy April Fools Day
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Test and day 2 u/s this morning. Test was BFN, which I already knew. U/S showed residual follicles and a cyst. So now I have to go on BCPs for 10 days. Can anyone tell me how that works? What happens after those 10 days? Will I get another period? Will I be able to start right away? I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back and meanwhile my head is swimming.
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In my experience you have to wait for you next cycle so you esentually take a month off. This is what I just had to do. My period came 28 days after the last one. Hope this helps!
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DaisyMae & Becky - crossing my fingers the bcp gets rid of those cysts.

Court - good luck with ivf - I'll be there too if my next IUI doesn't work.

afm - AF arrived today !!!! which I thought was kind of odd, although that would explain the sore boobs and cramps......guess the IUI didn't work. On a good note though - this is my first real period since last year!! We're going to try clomid one last time, starting day 3 to 7, 100mg. My fingers are crossed it just works!!!!

Laci - Can you please move me to waiting to ovulate
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Daisy- Wow, ten days is really short. Most docs go with a 21 day BCP cycle. Then you go in and get a scan, and if its gone, thats CD1 and you stop BCP's. You end up bleeding anywhere from CD1-on, or you may not. I would be afraid with only 10 days of supression, you will still have cysts. Cysts suck!!! I have spent many a day in cyst land!!! Sorry for your BFN

Nummies- Progesterone made me sick too!!! Sorry you have to take it. What DPO are you?
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Hmmm...21? I guess 10 does sound short. But I talked to the nurse and it's really just 10 days. Then I call when I get day 1 after the BCPs and they'll start me on the follistim the next day. No follow up u/s. I already told my acupuncturist, so I'm heading to her on Monday which I think will help too. Listening to your stories, I'm worried that the cyst will still be there....and if it is, what happens if we just carry on?
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daisy- Sorry about the cyst.

by-the-lake- I am 9 DPO today. And I am feeling awful. It sucks. I want to be done with this stuff.
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Had first U/S today since BFP. Heartbeat 120bpm at 6wk2days.

Bythelake-how did your U/S go?

Daisey/Becky---good luck with those cysts...OUCH!:

Tami- congrats on a normal AF!
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