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Internal organs bulging out of vaginal opening?!?

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The other day I went to wash my genitals when I noticed something bulging out. I assumed it was a hemorrhoid. I had it once while I was pregnant with my youngest dd and heard once you have hemorrhoids they never go away. I took a mirror and saw something bulging out.

I went to the gyno and she said it was just my uterus and/or bladder has shifted downward. Since I am not in any pain and I don't have incontinence, that surgery or "supports" to keep it up there is not really an option.

I have NEVER heard about this problem but after doing some research it seems it only happens in older women. I am only 27! I did have two children back-to-back (not intentional) but she said that childbearing was not the cause probably genetic.

Please tell me someone has heard about this and what course of action you took.

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My mom had this happen to her. She was in her early 50's at the time though. She had a hysterectomy in her early forties which left a little nerve damage down there. She was doing some lifting and didn't feel when she went to far with it and had this happen. Her doc went ahead and did the surgery to put everything back in place though. She has a little incontenance now because of the surgery, but otherwise leads a normal life.
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I had a prolapsed vaginal wall after the birth of my 3rd - I just kept up with my kegals and it eventually went back to normal - occasionally I get a really heavy feeling down there - especially at AF and I'm NOT sure what's going to happen with this baby, but so far no problems.
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Tamika, was there anything protruding out a bit....basically how did you know you had a prolapsed vaginal wall? Is it the same thing I'm describing? If so, you give me sooooo much hope. Also, do you exercise and if so does it make it worse?
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It was really weird - almost like there was this golfball shaped thing in my vagina - if I used my fingers and pushed against it, I could make it 'go back' and then my vagina looked normal. I could hold it in place, but as soon as I let go, it bulged back into my vagina.
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oops - forgot to answer the exercise question - I do exercise and have never had any problems with it. In fact, I don't even see it much now unless I have a very heavy period.
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I'm having the same issue myself. The muscle wall started to break down during my last (my 2nd) pregnancy and only worsened after having ds 4 months ago. i called a physical therapist (there are physical therapist that deal solely in this issue btw) I had been seeing while pregnant and she said that if it has gotten this bad to only do 2 sets of 10 kegels ONCE per day. No more than that or it may overwork the muscles and make them worse off! She also said to do them while laying down on my side. That way there is the least amount of weight pushing down.

Luckily dh and I are done having kiddos (unless we have an oops) because my doc and physical therapist suggested that I not get pregnant again if I wanted to avoid a total vaginal prolapse. Unfortunatly, after 4 months my level of prolapse has only gotten worse and I have had some bladder incontinence. Twice since having ds my bladder leaked slowly and constantly for 24 hours straight. I do have a bladder condition (interstitial cystitus) on top of the prolapse issue which makes it worse so I don't know how much of the bladder symptoms are due to the prolapse and how much is from the IC. My prolapse is both on the top and bottom wall of my vagina but prodominatly on the bottom (giving me hope my bladder and uterous is still up close to where it's supposed to be).

I lost all of my medical insurance so I'm just crossing my fingers at this point.

btw, I'm only 24.
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The only and save way to get it back into shape is to get yourself some Kegel balls (sorry, I don't know the read definition) and use them EVERY SINGE DAY until you notice results.
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My mom had it happen after she had her last baby. She was 26ish. She had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, she would have been 50.
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There are physical therapists that specialize in pelvic floor therapy. I have a friend that does this and she sees patients of all ages - so don't feel like you're the only one!
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This website is a great resource for pelvic organ prolapse.


There is also a big thread in Birth and Beyond. I had a mild bladder prolapse after dd was born and it took about 18 months for it to get totally better. I was 26 then and I had spent several years abusing my body doing landscape work.
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I encourage you to take a look at this website called the "Whole Woman Center."

The founder of the center, Christine, is a wonderful woman, mother & grandmother. She has researched and developed excerises to help with uterine prolapse. I believe that she has also written the first book about the subject too. They are working on a dvd for home excersises as well. But, if you have questions and don't know where to start, I sure she can help.

(I'm not affliated with the center or anything ).


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Thank you everyone!!!!! I was frightened beyond belief the past couple of days and a little (ok a lot) depressed. I take care of myself and felt like I still have another 60+ years to live and I don't want to live with this forever. But the support you offered is awesome.
Thanks mamas! You rock!!!
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